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We offer you a used post protection here manufacturer BITO (PRO). The stand protectors are designed for a Frame profile width of 80 mm. Included in the scope of delivery are: 01x Post protection, used Material color: yellow f. Stand profile width: approx. 80 mm Total height: approx. 715 mm Total width: approx. 90 mm Inner width: approx. 82 mm Total depth: approx. 70 mm Height designion: approx. 40 mm Material thickness: approx. 4 mm Hole grid: approx. 50 mm Hole ...
item-No.: 139623215
HEIDELBERG CD102-6LX, Age c.2000, Seriennummer 542747, ca. 358 Mio., Post Drupa Modell, CP 2000, Alcolor mit voreingestelltem, Autoplate, Technotrans Beta C Kälte/Tintentemperaturregelung, Alle Zylinder chrom, Stahlplatte in .r'nFeeder/Lieferung, Fernverteiler Rollenverstellung, Heidelberg Airstar Pro, Non-Stop-Feeder, Non-Stop-Lieferung (30'r'ncm), Heidelberg Cleanstar, Grafix Exactronic Duo Plus Pulverspray, Heidelberg Drystar IR-Trockner, verfügbar.
item-No.: 139623214
HEIDELBERG CD102-6LX, Age c.2000, serial no.542747, circa 358 million, Post Drupa Model, CP 2000, Alcolor with Vario, Preset, Autoplate, Technotrans Beta C refrigeration/Ink temperature control, All cylinders chrome, Steel plate in Feeder/Delivery, Remote distributor roller adjustment, Heidelberg Airstar Pro, Non stop feeder, Non stop delivery (30 cm), Heidelberg Cleanstar, Grafix Exactronic Duo Plus powder spray, Heidelberg Drystar IR dryer, available Immediately, location: United States
item-No.: 139622113
Electric corner-cutting machine Bickel ST 105 M; good condition; Knife 11mm; Max. Insertion height 80mm; Table enlargement to 80x60cm; can be removed. Corner rounding machine Bickel ST 105 M; good condition; knife 11mm; max pile hight 80mm; bigger table with size 80x60cm; can also be used without the bigger table.
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used machinery auction RESALE 1.200 €
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ca. 4 Stück, doppeltürig
item-No.: 139568182
Electric corner-cutting machine Bickel ST 105 M; good condition; Knife 28mm; Max. Insertion height 80mm; Table enlargement to 100x65cm; can be removed. Corner rounding machine Bickel ST 105 M; good condition; knife 28mm; max pile hight 80mm; bigger table with size 100x65cm; can also be used without the bigger table.
item-No.: 139568134
Chrometable Program Available: at short term
item-No.: 139546212
Produkt Details Referenz ID PP0191PP Hersteller Post Modell 64CORR Baujahr 1979 Geschwindigkeit 273 m/min. Maximale Größe 1560x1400 mm Standort Europa Produkt Beschreibung • Crash Lock Bottom • 4 corner glueing • Nozzle Glue System1 • Nozzle Glue System 2 • Glue 1 is cold glue • Glue 2 is holtmelt • Spray Counter Stacker • Belt Press Section • Signode Bundler • Manual Control system MPG
item-No.: 139546213
Product Details Reference ID PP0191PP Manufacturer Post Model 64CORR Built in 1979 Speed 273 m/min. Maximum size 1560x1400 mm Location Europe Product Description â?¢ Crash Lock Bottom â?¢ 4 corner glueing â?¢ Nozzle Glue System1 â?¢ Nozzle Glue System 2 â?¢ Glue 1 is cold glue â?¢ Glue 2 is holtmelt â?¢ Spray Counter Stacker â?¢ Belt Press Section â?¢ Signode Bundler â?¢ Manua ...
item-No.: 139519035
Steel NSF 36 non-stop feeder For a continuous workflow of steel Ti 36/40/52 Built: 2001 + 2002 2x pieces available
item-No.: 139519033
air-table 1x replacement knife good condition
item-No.: 139519031
Stago PB 1010 - paper drill Built: 2005 - as good as new -
item-No.: 139519025
item-No.: 139519013
item-No.: 139519011
item-No.: 139519009
Horizon ST 20 R Stack lowering table Built: approx. 2002
item-No.: 139519007
Horizon GFB 74 Window fold pocket incl. control and sensor Built: 2007
item-No.: 139518999
HEIDELBERG SM74-5P3+L(52 x 74cm), Age c.1995, serial no.620951, circa 62 million, CPtronic, CPC 1-04, Alcolor, Preset, Autoplate, Programmable roller/bla/imp cyl wash from CP Tronic, Technotrans refrigeration, Heidelberg coater, Grafix alphatronic 200 powder spray, Perfecting 2 / 3, Baldwin IR Dryer, available Immediately, location: United States
item-No.: 139518985
Guillotine Polar 78 ref 2271EU Year – 1997 Computer Air bed
item-No.: 139500466
1 x Polar 115 XT 1 x Spare Knife 1 x Books 1 x Tool
item-No.: 139500464
Polar 92 EMC 1993 Vintage Jogger Air Table Lift
item-No.: 139500462
Polar 115 EMC Line Jogger Ab Forklift Lift Air Tables
item-No.: 139500460
Wohlenberg Cut Tec 115 2 x Side tables with air nozzles 1 x spare knife 1 x toolbox 1 x books
item-No.: 139500458
Format 230 x 365 mm Equipment 3x double stations Muller Martini 1516, total 6 stations stapling station Dreischneider dismantled on pallet in stock
item-No.: 139500456
MBO T79/44 Built: 1988 4 modules for 32 pages Format: Falzung 70/100 Video on request
item-No.: 139498335
Mass 850 x 1370 mm max. opening 1345mm min. opening 620mm stacking weight max.1000 kg air nozzles for good and comprehensive ventilation. very good condition
item-No.: 139497036
Steel KH 78/4 KL inlet width 78 cm, 4 pockets parallel, cross and three-break machine number 122 441 11 27 with pallet feeder PFH-82 noise insulation device machine was demonstrably overhauled in April 2018 for 7,000â?¬. Documentation such as invoice is available
item-No.: 139470387
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ca. 60 tons Kugellager, Wälzlager auf Lager in Hamburg. Div. Posten von 2 bis 28 tons Ware ist von Mo bis Fr von 09:00 bis 15:00 Uhr bei uns zu besichtigen
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Number of compound slides: 2, number of tool revolvers: 3, max. spindle opening: 65mm, turning diameter: 240mm, turning length: 630mm, swing over bed/ sledge: 450/ 320mm, controls: TRAUB TX8D, with main and counter spindle, 24 tools, post processing station on revolver, part extraction system and bar loading magazine.
item-No.: 139470336
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X-travel: 220mm, z-travel: 140mm, number of axis: 4, number of tool revolvers: 3, max. spindle opening: 42mm, turning diameter: 140mm, turning length: 220mm, swing over bed/ sledge: 390/ 150mm, controls: TRAUB TX8D, with main and counter spindle, 28 tools, post processing station on revolver and part extraction system.
item-No.: 139470283
Programs Air table Side tables left & right with air Vibrating table Polar RA-4 (2004) with air-stroke roller Lift LW 1000-4 (2004) Series accessories
item-No.: 139470277
Loader SA-L8800 CTP R8600 Development machine Kodak Stacker work station, Rip
item-No.: 139470275
6 station model 306 1 cover feeder model 1529 1 stitching unit Model 321 1 trimmer model 890 1 stacker Model 310-14
item-No.: 139470273
12 station gathering 3 station manual Normbinder with 20 clamps hot melt premelter cover feeder delivery with transport belts Etc (central air supply)
item-No.: 139470263
item-No.: 139470259
rotary feeder 1st station: TD 78-4 4 pockets 2nd station: TD 66/4 4 pockets 3rd station: TD 56-2 2 pockets Stacker VSA 66 MD Option: - Stahlfolder FS 100 Thread-Sealing Machine - Stahlfolder VFZ-52D Unit
item-No.: 139470257
16 pages Pallet feeder Delivery with SBP 46 (2005)
item-No.: 139469411
Round feeder with TREMAT 4 plates in the first unit 2 knives in the second unit Stacker SBP-M 46.D with pressing rollers Integrated control panel Air compressor
item-No.: 139469410
size 480 mm x 320 mm Speed up to 200 cycles/min Equipped with : 3x double feeders type 1516 1x Cover feeder Type 1528 2x heads with stitching unit type 1509 Three-knife trimmer type 1522 Belt delivery type 1511 Included: 2x compressors, Manuals & tools Machine is in very good running condition.
item-No.: 139469409
115 cm cutting width Chromed air table 2 large resopal air tables Light barriers Programms
item-No.: 139420165
MBO T800, Age c.2002, serial no.0622356, new blue colour, 1st unit T-800-1-82-4 ( 4 plate folds), 2nd unit T800-2-68 -4 ( 4 plate folds), 3rd unit T800 56-4 ( 4 plate folds), with ASP 66-2ME delivery, available immediately
item-No.: 139420163
POLAR 92 E, Age c.1996, serial no.6611211, Colour TV monitor, Chrome central airbed, Side table Left/Right with air, IR safety barriers, Rear table fully UK guarded, available immediately, location: United Kingdom BP: GBP £ 8,500 (HBA Machinery Ltd) SP: £ 13,500
item-No.: 139420161
HEIDELBERG SM52-4+LX Anicolor(36 x 52cm), Age c.2008, serial no.208283, CP2000, Tower coater, Extended delivery, SAPC, Auto roller and blanket washer, Grafix IR dryer, Powder spray, Ink sentinals, Pre-sets, available immediately, location: United States
item-No.: 139419339
MBO T640 4/4/X, Age c.1992, serial no.Q05/01, Flat Pile Vaculift high speed feeder, MBO MCC control, Electronic batch counter, 4 plate folds 1st Unit type 640-1-64/4, 4 plate folds 2nd Unit type 540-2-54/4, 3rd unit T540-3-Knife unit, MBO AS 640-DC delivery, available August 2019, location: Belgium
item-No.: 139305138
Collator with finisher Theisen & Bonitz Model Flex B316 VP + 304QSM Year 2007 Minimum size 065 x 100 mm Maximum size 350 x 500 mm Stock range 20 - 1000 gsm Stations 16 stations (pile height 30 cm) Speed up to 4.200 cycles per hour Finisher 304 QSM (three knife trimmer) Available Direct
item-No.: 139305136
Collator with finisher MKW Model Rapid 30-UT10/GS/AW/HV Year 2001 Minimum size 100 x 140 mm Maximum size 350 x 500 mm Stock range 20 - 1000 gsm Stations 10 stations Finisher SFT350 stitcher/folder/front trimmer Available Direct
item-No.: 139305134
Mobile knife Stahl Model VFZ52D Year 2000 Size 520 mm Details Can be connected to Stahl TD or Stahl KD series and probably others Available direct
item-No.: 139270437
We are pleased to offer Gammerler ST 106 M Round Cornering Machine Full and complete Available immediately
item-No.: 139270433
We are pleased to offer: Polar Automatic Jogger R2 Year 1999 Half-size: SRA3 up to 52 x 74 cm Component for high-speed cutter: POLAR N 78 and POLAR N 92 Full and complete Inspection welcomed
item-No.: 139270420
Folding machine Foldmaster 400 SA with flat pile feeder + electrical delivery Manufacturer: Multigraf AG, CH-5630 Muri Year: 12th 2006 Stack feeder 45 x 65 cm ST Bias binding A3 4 pockets A3 automatic Pocket control incl. Preset counter Pump, Becker 25 m3 Total: approx. 0.25 million Available now Original price: 24,000 EUR Price: on request
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