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item-No.: 151545285
KOMPAC III Dampening + VERSION Extra COMPRESSOR ON FEEDER Perfecting 1/1,2/0 NUMBERING AND PERFORATING UNIT SUPERBLUE on Transfer Drums Fully REFURBISHED by ICD five years ago (incl. new rollers and bearings) Free of any damages on cylinders or gears
item-No.: 151372698
2 Colors Conventional dampening Bacher register clamps HIGH pile Delivery
item-No.: 151320277
2 Colors Max. size 48 x 65 cms Perfecting 1/1,2/0 STREAM Feeder KOMPAC Dampening + Version Speed 11.000 sh Powder spray Bacher register clamps Free of damages or repairs on cylinders In production Available Immediately
item-No.: 150397374
ALCOLOR CP TRONIC PRESET AUTOPLATE Plus Version 15.000 Sh/h 59 mill impressions Powder spray All washers devices In production. Available immediately Free of damages
item-No.: 150397365
2 Colors straight CPTRONIC ALCOLOR with Baldwin PRESET AUTOPLATE 15.000 SH Automatic rollers washing devices. Automatic impression and blanket washing devices GRAFIX powder spray Available immediately
item-No.: 147712441
Size 52 x 74 cm ROLANDMATIC II Mabeg feeder 4 Delivery bars Chromed cylinders 12.000 sh Bacher register clamps Quick action plate clamps Powder spray Free of damages
item-No.: 143859049
Year 1999 Size 37 x 52 cm. ALCOLOR CP TRONIC PRESET AUTOPLATE Plus Version CHROMED CYLINDERS INK REGULATIONS Podwer spray Mediprint GS Sheet decurler All washers device (rollers, impression and blanket cylinders) Free of damages on cylinders or gears Cleaned and checked
item-No.: 143356540
2 Colors + Version Straight machine Conventional dampening Weko powder spray Bacher register clamps
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