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item-No.: 137942115
HEIDELBERG SM102-2P(72 x 102cm), Age c.2000, serial no.543061, circa 58 million, 13,000 SPH, CP2000, Alcolor, Autoplate, Preset, De-ionised air blast at feeder, Simco anti static in feeder and delivery, Electronic sidelays, Baldwin refrigeration, Grafix G5 IR Dryer, Programmable roller /blanket wash via CP2000, Graphic Exatronic 3000 powder spray, Steel plate in feed and delivery, Non stop feeder and delivery, available immediately
item-No.: 136406316
12.000 s/h Year 1988 Conventional dampening Heidelberg stream feeder Perfecting 1/1,2/0 Bacher register clamps Powder spray WEKO + Version Available immediately
item-No.: 136406311
Straight machine KOMPAC III dampening + Version Weko powder spray Bacher register clamps Free of damages
item-No.: 135577270
2 Colors DDS Continuos dampening Front console with controls Powder spray Straight Cooling device Easy plate loader with quick action plate clamps Electronic doble sheet detector Segment blades with vertical ink regulators Very good conditions Available immediately
item-No.: 133409572
Max size 52 x 72 cm SPC Automatic plate charger Olivermatic dampening Segmented knifes Automatic washers Automatic register High pile delivery
item-No.: 133373364
Size 52 x 72 cms Perfecting 1/1,2/0 Year 1983 ALCOHOL dampening with MEG cooling device Sheet decurler BACHER register clamps Blanket wash up device Chromed impression cylinders Anti static WEKO powder spray Superblue at delivery Electronical pull lay control Free of damage or repairs on cylinders Very well maintain, immaculate conditions. In production.
item-No.: 133373333
ALCOLOR CP TRONIC PRESET AUTOPLATE Plus Version CHROMED CYLINDERS INK REGULATIONS Podwer spray Mediprint GS Sheet decurler All washers device (rollers, impression and blanket cylinders) Free of damages on cylinders or gears Cleaned and checked
item-No.: 133154978
ROLANDMATIC JAWS quick registration Bacher Device powders Marker MABEG
item-No.: 133116588
2 colors Wet water alcohol + Version Device powders Weko system register Bacher team numbering and perforation without damage Clean and revised
item-No.: 133115615
2 colors Online Wet KOMPAC III + Version Device powders Weko system register Bacher without damage Clean and revised
item-No.: 130814528
Year: 1990 Conventional dampening
item-No.: 126650669
Two colours Perfector: 1/1 Year: 1989 29 Millions of impressions The machine is already dismantled..
item-No.: 126650579
year 1996 Rolandmatic 7 millions of impressions
item-No.: 125726249
Excellent Equipment Kompac II damping N + P Envelope feeder with delivery
item-No.: 125663371
Straight Year: 1998 CP TRONIC 32 Millions of the impressions Alcolor baldiwn Autoplate All washers No damages on cylinders and gears
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