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Número do item: 126650669
Two colours Perfector: 1/1 Year: 1989 29 Millions of impressions The machine is already dismantled..
Número do item: 126650579
year 1996 Rolandmatic 7 millions of impressions
Número do item: 125726249
Excellent Equipment Kompac II damping N + P Envelope feeder with delivery
Número do item: 125663371
Straight Year: 1998 CP TRONIC 32 Millions of the impressions Alcolor baldiwn Autoplate All washers No damages on cylinders and gears
Número do item: 78066253
Olivermatic damping S-APC automatic plate change UV rollers UV dryer NAT Graph (2009) with 2 UV lamps and Chiller serial equipment
Número do item: 78066229
perfecting 1/1, 2/0 CP2000 Center with Remote Control of Ink Zones, Ink Fountain Roller as well lateral, circumferential and diagonal Register, with Light Pen, Job Memory Card and Touch Screen ALCOLOR damping with circulation and refrigeration Ink Temperature Control AUTOPLATE semi-automatic plate change PRESET automatic size adjustment automatic ink roller wash-up device automatic blanket wash-up device powder sprayer high pile delivery serial equipment
Número do item: 74193281
10.500 €
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56 mill. impressions Format 52x72
Número do item: 74193275
27.500 €
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60 mill. impressions
Número do item: 74193268
Número do item: 73054713
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Autoplate Alcolor Preset CPtronic Ink Segment Automatic roller washer Automatic blanket washer Automatic impression cylinder washer
Número do item: 73054709
6.800 €
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Conventional dampening Quick action clamps
Número do item: 72341935
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Autoplate Preset All automatic washers Version Plus Cp Tronic Alcolor dampening Ink segment
Número do item: 71719066
39.000 €
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Heidelberg Printmaster 52-2 Year 2006, Only 6 million impressions Excellent condition Easy plate Automatic rollers washer Automatic blanket washer
Número do item: 71532691
Roland 202 RCI console Quick action clamps Pneumatic feeder
Número do item: 71478292
30.000 €
country-es ES
Speedmaster 52-2. Year 2000
Número do item: 49104312
GTO Z 52 with CPC and Alcolor year 1991 nº 704476 Alcolor with Baldwin CPC 1.02. With caset Aprox 43 mill impres Plus version with N +P Quick clamps Price 19500 € load
Número do item: 38140316
Plus Version CP-Tronic digital machine control Heidelberg laser-slitted fountain blades and lever regulation ALCOLOR damping with circulation and refrigeration AUTOPLATE semi-automatic plate change automatic ink roller wash-up device automatic blanket and impression cylinder wash-up device powder sprayer low pile delivery serial equipment overhauled in 01/2016
Número do item: 20503748
2-colour Kompac II damping N + P Envelope feeder with delivery
Número do item: 66206
size 37 x 52 cmHEIDELBERG SM 52-2 1997 AUTOPLATE CP-TRONIC ALL WHASERS 25 MILL IMPRES Cleaned and checked Photos by mail
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