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Complet gas turbine GE LM 6000 RMUGG - 04 , low time work
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81 MW GE 6FA Gas Turbine 81 MW GE 6FA Gas Turbine, simple cycle, only 1000 hours of operation since New, Power plant was used for peaking operation, 50 HZ, Year of manufacture 2011, complete turbine package in excellent condition. Priced for immediate sale.
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31 MW GE LM2500+HSPT Gas Turbine Power Plant 31 MW GE LM2500+HSPT Gas Turbine, 11000 V, 50 HZ, Year 2001, Fuel: Natural Gas (NG), Hours run since maintenance HSE: 10,000 hours, Plant has been maintained in accordance with OEM maintenance schedule and is in excellent condition. Gas Turbine Power Plant includes HRSG, electrical system, controls, cooling system, starting system, lubricating system, pumps, auxiliaries, much more. Complete Power Plant Package.
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124 MW GE PG9171E Gas Turbine CHP Power Plant 124 MW GE PG9171E Gas Turbine, 50 HZ, Year: 2009, Major Inspection in 2015, stopped in 2017 heat rate kJ/KWh 10 716 ±1%, Lubricating system, Air Processing Unit, Cooling Water system, Starting means system, Gas fuel system, Fire Protection system, Inlet Bleed heating system, Hydraulic supply system, Ventilation System, Compressor washing system, Inlet and exhaust system, HRSG, HP Evaporator, HP Economizer, Drum, Transformers and associated plant equipment. Complete C ...
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3125 KVA Allison 501KB Gas Turbine Generator 3125 KVA Allison 501KB Gas Turbine Generator, Allison 501KB turbine engine coupled to a Allen Gearbox and Brush Generator, all mounted on a Heavy Duty Steel Base Frame, Natural Gas Fuel, 3125 KVA/2500 KW, 11000 volts, 50 HZ, Only 1500 hours since new. The turbine package was used for standby power at a production facility and is very well maintained. Allison heavy duty turbines are dependable and are known for delivering reliable power to worldwide facilities. The firs ...
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72 MW Westinghouse Gas Turbine Generator Plant Complete 47 MW Westinghouse W251-B11 Gas Turbine with a brush electric generator, 3000 rpm, 50 HZ, 11.5 KV, Natural Gas Fuel, The 72 MW Westinghouse Gas Turbine Generator Plant is being offered with OEM overhaul with zero hrs. of run time. Plant has been well maintained since new. Complete power plant. 1. 25 MW Mitsubishi Steam Turbine, Steam pressure: 86 bar/1260 psi 2. Boiler; Aalborg Keystone HP/LP System 3. Electrical System 4. Exhaust System 5. Starting Syst ...
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GE LM2500 Gas Turbine Parts or Repair 31 MW General Electric LM2500+HSPT 31132 kW, Commissioned in 2004, Natural Gas, Brush Generator rated at 47500 KVA, 50 HZ, 11500V, Turbine package can be put into service or used for spares for an already existing plant. Complete package.
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