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Connection value 380V, 2.2kW Pressing height 1500 mm Pressing length 2500 mm Total dimensions: height 2600 mm, length 3800 mm, width 1800 mm
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Stand - Eccentric press Offer number: 19453 Make: MÃ?LLER Type: EXPa 150 R Machine no: 2421266 Built: 1966 Technical data: - Compressive force 150 t - Extension 350 mm - Table size approx. 1000 x 680 mm - Through hole in the table mm - largest installation height approx. 460 mm - Pestle surface 350 x 280 mm - with lateral proclifiator left + right 125 x 200 mm - Cone hole in the pestle 50 mm - Bump adjustment 75 mm - Stroke adjustment 20 - 140 mm - Stroke nu ...
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Printing: 40 To. Table size: 630 x 630 mm Extension: 360 mm Total power requirement: 2.2 KW / 380 V Machine weight: approx. 3000 kg Equipment / Accessories: incl. cut-out tool 110 x 110 mm incl. stop table adjustable on both sides by 500 mm Table total length: 2500 mm Foot switch pneumatic All technical data have been prepared to the best of our knowledge and existing documents; error expressly reserved. Any interested person can test the press under electricity before purchasing it at our plant.  ...
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BRIQUETTE PRESS Description Enquiries Specifications: Brikettierpresse RUF RB 440 Press performance for wood pressing: 440 kg/hr Material moisture: 15% Engine power: 30 kW Press pressure: (N/cm2)min 14200 Briquette size: 150 x 60, adjustable thickness 40 - 110 mm Dimensions without silo: 1680 x 1800 x 2000 mm Weight: 3000 kg
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DATA ON THE MACHINE Machine type: Punching machine Manufacturer: MABU Model: 50 VP Condition: ready for use (used) Location Warstein , Germany Reference M-MAB-1119 Description We offer you a used punching machine from the manufacturer MABU 50t power incl. pliers and reel. Continue data and images to follow. Machine available from early Dec. Our offer is aimed at persons who are covered within the meaning of the Trade Code in accordance with Section 14 GewO. The offer is subject to  ...
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Gr. Printing: 35 To. Table size: 560 x 560 mm Extension: 320 mm Stroke number / min.: approx. 100 Total power requirement: 2.2 / 2.65 KW / 380 V Machine weight: approx. 2500 kg Equipment / Accessories: Footswitch sep. Panel Not - Off - Switch All technical data have been compiled to the best of our knowledge and existing documentation; error expressly reserved. Any interested person can test the machine in advance under electricity.
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Technical data Manufacturer: Otto Schröder Stroke: 160mm hand adjustable Distance between the stand: 800mm Pass: 250mm Support table: 800mm, with 4 grooves subcircle of 400mm groove dimension 25x75mm Bore: table center of 70mm Table height: 835mm Dimensions: LxWxH 110x900x2200mm
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Force: 25 t Stroke: 500 mm Power: 8,75 kW Weight: 2,2t Height:1700mm Width:2800mm Length:1000mm
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Max. pressure: 100 tons Year of production: 1996 Unit pressure: 121,2 tons/m² Number of strappings: 4 - fold vertical, Cross-section of the channel: 750 x 1100 mm Filling inlet: 1020 x 2000 mm Bale weight: 550-750 kg Weight: ca 36 tons Supply: 400 V/ 2 x45 kW Bale tying: automatic, wire Efficiency on idle: max 780 m³/ hour Efficiency under load: max 370 m³ / hour Theoretical efficiency with material in density 35 kg/m³ 13 tons/hour Theoretical efficiency with materia ...
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hydraulic 500 t press Manufacturer: Schleifenbaum & Steinmetz Type: VMB 4422 Y.O.M.: 1991 further data can be found in the data sheets in the appendix. Contact Mr. Mueller Check out our other offers. (change and errors in the technical data, information prices and intermediate sale!)
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Hydraulic press Brand: Beautiful Type: MTE / C Maschnr. 2139 Y.O.M.: 1978 Pressure force: 7 kn Engine power: 1.5 kw Table dimensions: 450 X 300 mm Follow-up route: 12 mm, max Extension: 170 mm Stroke: 100 mm Installation height: 200 mm Clamping plate thickness: 40 mm Pushing surface diameter: 110 mm Table height above hallway: 1,000 mm Dimensions: 1250 X 850 X 2430 mm Weight: 900 kilo approx. With Sick LVU 200 light cabinet: Protective height: approx. 200 mm Protective distance: approx.  ...
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Hydraulic press Brand: Beautiful Type: SH / C B Maschnr. 2167 Y.O.M.: 1978 Pressure force: 12 kn Engine power: 3 kw Follow-up route: 12 mm, max Stroke stroke: 100 mm Dimensions: 1500 X 1100 X 2250 mm Weight: 1700 kilo approx. With Sick LVU 200 light cabinet: Protective height: approx. 200 mm Protective distance: approx. 1000 mm The machine was not seen under power.
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Straightening Press GALDABINI type RPRS 25 25 Ton Table 1000 x 200 mm Ram travel 150 mm Power 5,5 kW
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Schüco base press with bottom table Condition like NEW
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Brikettier press Manufacturer: Briklis Type: HLS 25 Built: 1999 Container capacity: 250 litres El. Power: 3.4 kW Rated power: 25 +- 10% kg/h Pressed briquette: 65 mm diameter Max working time without oil cooler: 6 h Processed material: planing shavings and sawdust. Max dust content: 20% Shipping possible Price net plus VAT
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Offer No. 4811: 1 bum. 2 - Chamber Press / Multi-station Press Fabr. VIEHBAHN / BOYKE, type DHG 60, construction 1991 with heating plate 250 x 300 mm Arb.-Ber.: Table 280 x 280 mm, Other: Space requirement approx. 2.2 x 1.8 x 3.10 m Weight approx. 4.5 to
Número do item: 143244947
Vertical press for the compaction of recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper and plastics Technical data: Drive power 3kW Pressing force 10to Throughput up to 800kg/h Chamber size approx. 1000x700x500mm Bale weight approx. 50-120kg depending on the material Machine in stock and immediately available Price and further information on request
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country-pt PT
Plana Chevalier FSG-1224AD Rectifier Hydraulics and Electrical With digital on the Z axis and automatic incrementing Table measurements: 600mm x 300mm Courses: X: 650 mm Y: 400 mm Z: 300 mm With automatic pass and incrementing Machine in good condition
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Número do item: 143157520
Automatic solid wood gluing system , Maximum plate size 1350 mm X 6300 mm, Maximum plate thickness 200mm, The system has automatic loading and stacking. The glue application device is from Oest, and was newly delivered 5 years ago.
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Horizontal baling press - channel press - channel baler BOA 80-1 complete with foerder band. Main engine 37kW, other motors: 11kW, 3kW and 1.1kW. Dismantled
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YAMADA BOBBY high speed press MXM-60 year `2010 -Location : Korea -Condition : Very good
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Code: 0729 Brand: SORMEC-ITALIA Model: T 90 - CE standard Hydraulic hot press - CE standard Platen size mm 3000 x 1300 Total pressure ton 90 N° 6 pistons Opening mm 650 Motor power Hp 3 Equipped with boiler Weight kg 3900
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24.000 €
country-it IT
Code: 0727 Brand: ITALPRESSE Model: PS / 65 Special hydraulic hot press characterized by a closed ring main structure Solid single ring structure Solid steel platens mm 3300x1400 Mylar tops coating N° 8 pistons Specific pressure up to 15 dN/cm2
Número do item: 142938439
country-it IT
Code: 0725 Brand: LICON - ITALIA Model: PM 25 Hydraulic cold press Platens mm 2500 x 1300 coated in aluminium N°2 pistons diameter mm 190 Thrust tonn 70 Overall dimensions: mm 2500 x 1600 x 1800 h Weight kg 2300
Número do item: 142893938
1 used Dieffenbacher 6 - floor press HPUG 3500, refurbished approx. 1000h working hours after overhaul, still in operation 6-floor press: Bfsgtihjb7 Beschickaluminium sheets: in pairs Mass: Length 6949mm, of which usable 6800mm Width 3130mm, of which usable 3100mm Thickness 5-6mm Chemically etched matte effect Press plates (changed in 2003, by Dieffenbacher) Mass: Length 6800mm Width 3260mm Thickness 70mm Free stroke without aluminium sheets 135..145mm Lifting basket equipped with 2 x 6 pairs of ...
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Hydraulic upper pressure press/ four-column press Manufacturer: Luigart Type: DRPy 300 So Built: 1982 further data can be found in the data sheet in the appendix. Machine is still connected and can be tested. Contact Mr. Mueller Check out our more than 200 other offers. (change and errors in the technical data, information prices and intermediate sale!)
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Rotary clamp STROMAB model ST3000 - for glueing of solid wood panels - with 3 working planes, manual rotation - useful sizes 3000x1200mm each plane - 6 pneumatic pistons each plane - 3 holding bars each plane At CE norms
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Hydr.- Stand press Offer number: 19419 Make: ZEULENRODA Type: PYE 160 S1 Machine number: 043-010-22 Built: 1988 Technical data: - max. pressing force 160 t - max. peststroke stroke approx. 500 mm - average working speed approx. 92 mm/s - Return speed 125 mm/s - Installation height approx. 800 mm - Extension to mid pestle 360 mm - Impact-laying pins 40 mm - Table size 900 x 630 mm - Table bore / breakthrough 220 mm - Tabl ...
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Número do item: 142804612
Mechanical DORST TPA 45 completely retrofitted with warranty
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NC -Hydraulic press brake, little used NC hydraulic press brake, little used Built: 1993 Model: HPT 36 230 Max press force / max. force: 230 t Max pressure / max pressure: 300 bar Control/ control: ATL 500    Edge/working length: 3660 mm Distance between stands / distance b/n columns: 3150 mm Stroke stroke: 200 mm Stroke adjustment of the   Depth stop/ vertical adjustment ment of back stop: 200 mm Distance between the table and the  ...
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Compressive force: 12.5 t Extension: 150 mm Table size: 300 x 490 mm Diarrhoea in the table: Table adjustment: 180 mm Pestle surface: 130 x 170 mm Impact completion: Stroke adjustment: 8 - 60 mm Stroke capacity: 120 /min Drive motor: 380 V kW Space requirement: 1070 x 1000 x 2020/2200 mm Weight: 955 kg
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Número do item: 142579794
Manufactured by Erfurt (Germany) Capacity, ton 1250 Strokes per minute 8 Ram stroke, mm 500 Ram adjustment, mm 215 Shut height, mm 860 Table size, mm 1600 x 1850 Ram size, mm 1300 x 1400 Main motor power, kW 90 Cushion stroke, mm 160 Cushion adjustment, mm 200 Press weight, kg 130000 The press is in nice condition.
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650 €
country-de DE
Used edge press Internal machine number: m2889 Manufacturer Stegherr Type KPp Machine number Built c. 1975 Working length 2,500 mm Workpiece thickness max. 50 mm Solid edge max. 25 mm Weight approx. 260 kg with two heating rails With description Item location: 58730 Fröndenberg/Ruhr Bfreng03dg The machine can be visited and tried out under electricity. We will be happy to send you more photos by e-mail. A forklift/crane for loading is available. An intermediate sale is reserved. I ...
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country-us US
2001 OEC 9800 12in Vascular C-Arm [A-007778] Dual High Resolution 1k x 1k, 16" (41 cm) Square Monitors Touchscreen System Control Tri-Mode 12/9/6 Inch Image Intensifier 400 Image Storage High Resolution 1k x 1k CCD Camera Last Image Hold Edge Enhancement Gamma Correction Digital Windowing MARS-Motion Artifact Reduction Patient Annotation Keyboard DICOM Zoom and roam function Image annotation Measurement software Real-time subtraction Roadmapping Peak opacification Re-registration Variable landma ...
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Maximum pressing force: 70 t Working table length: 1600 mm Work table width: 800 mm Maximum stroke of the ejector: 300 mm Total power requirement: 5.5 kW Machine weight: 4680 kg
Número do item: 142535123
Press caramel 315 to, Installation height max.600 mm - min. 200 mm Cut-stroke damping 15 mm, Table and plug area 1300 x 1000 mm, Main drive 90 kW, Machine weight 40,000 kg Machine dimension:BxDxH 3400x3000x5500mm Operating hours: 900h Weight without oil 40 t Accessories: Roller feeder (type WV-80 / DMS 300 P-N) Hydraulic separating scissors (type TS 75/300 P-N) Reel ( Type-SHA /VM)
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country-hu HU
Force 100t Stroke: 10-125mm Weight: 10,1t
Número do item: 142534599
11.000 €
country-hu HU
Eccentric press Max pressforce: 250 Mp Max forming depth: 63mm Pressforce in the max forming depth : 125t Stroke: 36-126mm Weight: 13,5t
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country-de DE
Veneer press Manufacturer: Joos Type: HP65/1 Built: 2003 Gold anodized heating plates Pressing area: 2,200 x 1,100 mm Pressing pressure: 650 kN Specific pressing pressure: 2.7 kg/cm2 Operating pressure: 325 bar Number of pistons: 4 Circumferential emergency exit Weight approx.: 2.400 kg Super Condition Price net plus VAT
Número do item: 142353658
6.250 €
country-de DE
Veneer press Manufacturer: Joos Type: HP 65/2 Built: 1980 Pressing area: 2,500 x 1,100 mm Pressing pressure: 65 kN Max operating pressure: 325 bar Power: 15.4 kW Pressing surfaces can be used Pressing surfaces Goldelexiert Price net plus VAT
Número do item: 142353654
6.250 €
country-de DE
Veneer press Manufacturer: Joos Type: HP 65/2 Pressing area: 2,500 x 1,100 mm Pressure: 650 kN Max pressure: 325 bar Number of pistons: 4 Circumferential emergency exit Panels can be heated Price net plus VAT
Número do item: 142353640
6.250 €
country-de DE
Veneer press Manufacturer: Frank Kirchfeld Type: PR/120 Built: 1982 Pressing area: 2,550 x 1,350 mm Pressing pressure: 120 to Number of hydraulic cylinders: 6 Plates el. Heated Circtours of emergency services Weight approx.: 4 to technically flawless Price net plus VAT free loading Shipping possible
Número do item: 142353188
Hydraulic steel plate press OTT 300 K 160 - SL Special machine with very high pressing pressure used, good condition Heating with thermal oil Steel heating plates 2200 x 1100 mm Plate thickness 28 mm Pressing surface can be sanded (grain 100) with mylar foil. Total press pressure 160 To. Spez. Pressing pressure with a design of 2000 x 1000 mm: 8 kg/cm2 Opening width 400 mm Heating with thermal oil up to 180 °C 4 hydraulic cylinders, diameter 135 mm Operating pressure 320 bar/atü Insertrollers a ...
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