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item-No.: 160400408
press force max. 2200 kN, stroke max. 350 mm, pressing bar length 3220 mm, passage between the machine bases 2700 mm, including pallet with tools
item-No.: 160400398
press force max. 800 kN, stroke max. 200 mm, bending length approx. 2500 mm, power consumption 9 kVA
item-No.: 158066719
item-No.: 159942368
2500TON TRANSFER PRESS KOMATSU Model: E4T2500.07.70-MF.D Year: 1990 TRANSFER PRESS 2500TON CAPACITY: 2500ton Point pressure capacity: Upper 1600t Down 900ton Slide stroke: 650mm Slide adjustment: 225mm Slide stroke number: continue 9 ~ 25spm Die-height: 1250mm Slid size (LxR, FxB): 5400x2400mm Bolster size (LxR, FxB, T): 5200x2300x200mm Balance capacity: 30ton Main motor: DC 355kw Feed back (bolster upper side): 700,780mm Feed back stroke: 550,700,1000mm Cramp stroke: 0-250mm Lift stroke: 0  ...
item-No.: 158066720
item-No.: 159774790
Hot Forging press Ajax 4000 tons Video available
item-No.: 159693449
Hot forging press Kurimoto C2F-1600 Year: 2002 Capacity: 1600 ton Stroke: 200 mm Stroke per minute: 60 Die height: 707 mm Bolster area: 1265x890 mm Adapter area: 930x1065 mm Main motor: 75kW, 480V
item-No.: 158066722
item-No.: 159693448
(2) Asahi THP500-6 horizontal forging press (heading machine) Year: 2008 First stroke: 24 mm Second stroke: 50 mm Kickout power: 150 kN Open height: 625 mm Closed height: 425 mm Die (WxL): 500x490 mm Punch (WxL): 250x350 mm Ram stroke: 200 mm Forging force: 5000 kN Cycling time: 6.5 sec Crank speed: 60 RPM Machine weight: 28 t
item-No.: 159091585
Reducer Rolls NATIONAL Year: 70’s Max. stock diameter: 76mm Max. length of rolled section: 610mm Forge roll diameter: 300mm Forge roll width: 310mm Roll revolution: 65 RPM Roll holder axle diameter: 190mm Distance between center axles: 305mm Distance adjustment between axles: 2mm Work table dimensions: 375Lx315W mm Flywheel diameter: 1680mm Flywheel width: 345mm Drive power: 25HP, 1100 RPM Voltage: 440V Weight: 8t
item-No.: 159079910
Forging Press Line: 4000t National Forging press Year: 1961/1992 Force: 4000t Stroke: 15”(381mm) Stroke per minute: 46 Hydraulic ejector Brand new bolster available 2000t Ajax Forging (preform) press Year: 1944/1992 Force: 2000t Stroke: 12”(305mm) Stroke per minute: 48 400t Bliss trim press Year: 1952/1992 Force: 400t Stroke: 12”(305mm) Stroke per minute: 18 1000t Clearing coin press Year: 1961/1992 Force: 1000t Stroke: 12”(305mm) Stroke per minute: 26 American induction  ...
item-No.: 158550090
IHI Transfer Press Model SL4-1600-450-220. With NC Feeder, Transfer System including Robots. New : 1984 Capacity : 1600 ton Stroke : 850mm Die height :1400mm Slide Adjustment : 500mm No. of Stroke : 16R.P.M Bolster Area : 4500 x 2200mm Clutch working Air Pressure : 4.5kg/cm2
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