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50Hz at 0.8 Power Factor 400V 3-Phase Rated Voltage 1500kW / 1875kVA A factory designed generator set equipped with a standard AC/DC generator control panel. The generator set is ready to be connected to your fuel and power line to start up once the installation is completed. Applicable Definitions Continuous power ratings apply to installations where the generator set serves as a utility. A 10% overload capacity is available for one hour in twelve. Ratings are in accordance with ISO 8528-1, ISO 3046-1, BS 55 ...
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Marine power generator, 74kw Marine type, Cummins unused model 6BT 5.9 M
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Fabricante: CATERPILLAR Modelo: G3516B LE Tipo: Estacionário à Gás Ciclo de Trabalho: 04 tempos arrefecido a água Rotacão Nominal: 1.800 RPM N° de Cilindros: 16 Cilindros, dispostos em V Diâmetro do Pistão --mm: 170 mm Curso do Pistão -mm: 190 mm Volume do Motor: 69 Litros Relação de Compressão: 11.1:1 Aspiração: Turboalimentado, Pós-Arrefecido Sistema de Combustível: Sistema de Ignição Eletrônica Quantidade: 02 unidades
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Available in stock 1 x Used MAN NR34/S022 Turbocharger. Fully serviced at MAN and ready to be installed. The equipment is used but in good working conditions.
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Available for sale 1400 kW MWM TBG 620 V16 K. Equipment in good working conditions.
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Available for sale 1365 kW MWM TBG 620 V16 K. Equipment in good working conditions.
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Available in stock 1 x Complete Containerized Gas Power Plant based on 1 x 725 kW Guascor FGLD 480. The power plant is mounted in a 40 ft container with its corresponding alternator, gas connection with regulation system, electronic control system and rest of auxiliaries (batteries, refrigerators, switches and control cabinets). Manuals and electrical diagrams are also available. The unit is in our warehouse - ready to go. Equipment in good working conditions.
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Available for sale 1 x 3500 kW MWM TBG 632 V16. Equipment in good working conditions.
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Available for sale 1365 kW MWM TBG 620 V16 inside container. Equipment in good working conditions.
item-No.: 159943877
Available for sale 1 x 260 kW Gas genset Guascor SFGLD 180. Unit prepared to work in isle mode. The genset is in our installations and is in great working conditions.
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3 Nos. 12.35 MW each MAN B&W (1999) make HFO fired generator sets, available for sale with IMMEDIATE Delivery. The above generator sets are in excellent condition and can be inspected on foundation. These generator sets have been operated for a total of 35000 hours and for only around 8000-10000 hours after last overhauling.
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Avaliable 1 MAN R8V 16/18 TLS. YOM is 1984 but it only has 600 hours of working. It has been recently checked. It has all the systems integrated so it is completly independent when is working. Fuel: Diesel YOM: 1984 Working hours:600 Brand Generator: FENYA Generator: 650KVA Voltage: 380/220
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MTU 16V 4000 P83 Generator Set for prime power limited 60 Hz Engine model 16V 4000 P83 Rated power max. kW (bhp) 2240 (3003.84) Speed max. rpm 1800 Frequence hz 60 Exhaust emission 3 Dimensions and masses Length (L) mm (in) 3117 (122.7) Width (W) mm (in) 1581 (62.2) Height (H) mm (in) 2060 (81.1) Mass (dry) kg (lbs) 8800 (19401) Engine main data Bore/Stroke mm (in) 170/210 (6.7/8.3) Cylinder displacement l 4.77 Displacement, total l (cu in) 76.3 (4656) Rated power to DIN ISO 3046 ICXN Intake air t ...
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Manufacturer:Deutz Capacity:1350 kW Rating:Prime Voltage:480 V Amps:2030 AMPS Hertz:60 Hz Phase:Three-Phase Location:Brighton, Colorado # of Leads:4 Model #:743RSL4050 Serial # Spec Sheets | Documentation Engine Specs Make:Deutz Year:2000 Hours:307 Fuel:Diesel Model #: TBD620V12 Serial #: Stewart & Stevenson assembly In Contatiner
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CATERPILLAR C280-8 GENERATOR OFFSHORE . Ano: 2011 . Modelo: C280-8 / I-8, 4 tempos-ciclo-Diesel . Velocidade nominal: 900 RPM . Gerador: KATO ENGINEERING INC. . Model: AA28661000 . Potência: 3.142,9 Kwa / 2.200 Kw . 60Hz . 346/600 Volts . 3,024 Ah . 3 Fases . never used With certificate (BV, ABS) available
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Manufactured Year: 2014 Engine Manufacturer: Hyundai Himsen Model Number: 9H 25/33 Alternator Manufacturer: Hyundai ESS Model Number: HRS7 637-8P Condition: New, Not Operated Fuel Type: Diesel/HFO/MDO Power Output: 2100 kWe Engine Speed: 750 rpm Frequency : 50 Hz Voltage Output: 6000 V Sale Includes: Engine and Alternator along with control panel for each generator and engine components ( such as built in pumps, turbo charger and other engine parts and supports)
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45MW 50Hz MITSUBISHI 8 x 18KU30A This power plant had operated 8 diesel engine generators for electricity production, using HFO / DO as fuel. Engine model is MITSUBISHI 18KU30A. Generator model is NISHISIBA NTAKL-SE and its output is 5,600 kWe at 50 Hz. They were produced in 1998 and had been successfully operated until 2018. The running hours of gensets are about 21,000 hours. The power plant stopped running o ...
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GUASCOR MOD. SE 480 TALO (1306 CV - 1500 RPM). AÑO.: 1999. MOTOR DIESEL.
item-No.: 158987689
GUASCOR MOD.: FNLD 360 (450KW - 1500RPM) AÑO.: 2000.
item-No.: 158979719
MAN MOD.: B&W 6L 40/45 AÑO.: 1998 POT.: 3475 MWe FUEL OIL Incluye: Motor y alternador Leroy Somer Circuito refrigeración / Refrigeration circuit - Bombas de refrigerante /pumps - Aero enfriradores / Cooler - Torre de refrigeración / Tower cooler Circuito lubricación - Bombas Transformador de salida 4500kVA Transformador auxiliar 630kVA Celdas de corte / High Voltage switch breaker Cuadros auxiliares / Auxiliaries cabinets Depósitos de aceite ...
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PERKINS Engine No. DGKM3009V10220T. En Perfecto Estado. Grupo generador eléctrico por motor diésel Perkins de 1MW. Salida 400V en conteiner de 40"". 72 horas de uso. Grupo Electrógeno Modelo.: P1375E3 (2009). Todo en conteiner de 40".
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JENBACHER MOD. J612 GS C02 AÑO: 1998 HORAS: 55000h POTENCIA ELÉCTRICA: 1472 kW - 400V AC 50Hz El equipo está estibado y listo para cargar. ALCANCE DEL SUMINISTRO: Las siguientes son partes integrantes de los generadores y grupos necesarios para su puesta en marcha (entrada de gas, salida de energía): GENSET: Motor JENBACHER J612 GS C02/ 1472 kWe Año 1998, Horas de funcionamiento: 55000h. Alternador STAMFORD / 1840 kVA - 1472 kW- 400V AC 50HZ Generador (alternador, motor y PLC del motor)  ...
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128.000 €
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JENBACHER YEAR: 2013 HOURS: 25000h ELECTRIC POWER: 1860 kWe – 400V AC 50Hz PH 3 Este equipo está correctamente estibado y listo para cargar. ALCANCE DEL SUMINISTRO Las siguientes son partes integrales de los generadores y grupos necesarios para su implementación (entrada de gas, salida de energía): GRUPO ELECTRÓGENO: Jenbacher Modelo: J616 GS C02| 2000 kW| Año 2013, horas totales de funcionamiento: 25000 h (15000 horas después de la revisión completa realizada en 2013). Alternador ST ...
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JENBACHER YEAR: 1997 HOURS: 23000h ELECTRIC POWER: 827 kW – 400V AC 50Hz Los equipos están estibados y listos para cargar. Este motor se ha detenido regularmente en 2011. VOLUMEN DE SUMINISTRO: Son partes integrantes de generadores y grupos necesarios para su ejecución (entrada de gas, energía de salida): GRUPO ELÉCTRICO: Motores JENBACHER 316 GS / 827 kWe Año 1997 , Horas de funcionamiento: 23000h, 2 unidades. Alternador STAMFORD / 1000 kVA -800kW- 400V AC 50HZ Generador (alternador,  ...
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Engine: VOLVO Model: 4016 TAG1A Power: 400 kVA Elec. Power: 320 kW Yom: 2005 Working hours: Very few RPM: 1500rpm Fuel: Diesel Voltage: 400V Frequency: 50Hz Control panel Cooling system Oil system:
item-No.: 158042490
Engine: John Deere Model: T VA Power: 300KVA Elec. Power: 240 KW Yom: 2008 Working hours: 20h RPM: 1500rpm Fuel: Diesel Voltage: 400V Frequency: 50Hz Control panel Cooling system Oil system
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Key Specs Gross Mechanical Output 532-678 kWm Typical Electrical Output 591-750 kVA (473-600 kWe) Emissions EU Stage II/U.S. EPA Tier 2 2806C-E18TAG | Perkins
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Transformer Brand: S.E.A. Type: TEP-D Power A: 2000 kVA Voltage A: 690V / 23000V – 28000V Power B: 1250Kva Voltage B: 400V / 23000V – 28000V YOM: 2004 Frequency: 50Hz Working hours: 1) 18569h 2) 19356h 3) 35299h 4) 38715h 5) 19815h 6) 28231h Available 6 units of Dry type Transformers S.E.A. Year of manufacture of all transformers is 2004. Excellent condition. Switchable power and voltage. 2 working modes. Mode A) Power 2000Kva Voltage 690V/23Kv Mode B) Power 1250Kva, Voltag ...
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530.000 €
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BRAND NEW 1000 work hours, 2056kw@1500rpm
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1.200.000 USD
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Completed power Plant 5 x Cat 16CM32 LFO and HFO 7,6 Kva each genset
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550.000 USD
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Model: 16CM32, Diesel, 7.370ekw @ 720rpm, 11Kv/60Hz, WITH COOLING SISTEM.
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180.000 USD
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CUMMINS GENSET QSK60 2.179 KW @ 1.800RPM , 12.000 WORK/HOURS
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380.000 USD
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6 X New Surplus 2008 EMD 20 710 G7 Electronic Marine Gensets With Kato Synchronous Generator 3900 KW @ 6600 Volt ABS certified. Complete with Accessory Rack
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120.000 USD
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There are 6 complete GENSET RUNING , ready to use and 12 many disassembled motors and new genuine parts. We can sell part or parcel. MTU GENSET 16V4000G83-FO 1.520 KW / 1.900 KVA MOD. 22505XC6DT2
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