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REF-0 REFRIGERATION SYSTEM FOR COLD STORE Composed of: 1) 2 BITZER compressors 2) 2 evaporators (4-fan) 3) 1 condenser (6-fan) Complete with electric panel. 2 BITZER COMPRESSORS Type: 6H-35.2Y-40P Dimensions: width 2,300mm, length 1,400mm, height 1,830mm 2 EVAPORATORS (4 FANS Ø 60CM) Manufacturer: HK REFRIGERATION Model: NKH4X6DB3R/6F-ED18 Power: 1.35kW 1 CONDENSER (6 FANS Ø 90CM) Manufacturer: HK REFRIGERATION Range: NEOSTAR Model: PU06D-P06D3 Dimensions: width 2,300mm, length 6,50 ...
item-No.: 159776357
REF-0 COMPRESSED AIR REFRIGERATION DRYER HIROSS POLAIR NXC 150 Compressed-air refrigeration dryer Manufacturer: HIROSS Brand: POLAIR NXC 150 Model: NXC150H5H1141110130 Serial no.: 1255990002 Year: 1997 Air drying and refrigerating capacity: 18,000m3/h Max. pressure: 16 Bar 400V / 50Hz / 6.7A Auxiliary voltage: 230V Refrigerant type: Freon Freon charge: 3.3kg
item-No.: 159480069
REF – 2172 FRIGOSCANDIA GYROCOMPACT SPIRAL FREEZER FREEZING TUNNEL Manufacturer: Frigoscandia Model: GYRoCOMPACT O-9545 Year: 2005 Refrigeration capacity: 105kW NH3A Overall dimensions: 5,400x2,400x3,600mm Belt effective width: 375mm Product max. height: 45mm 38 spirals
item-No.: 158615086
Complete cooling unit : - compressor koopman 5 motors 240 kw , Freon - Condensors - Evoporators - control cabinet
item-No.: 158429531
Self-stacker belt width 600 mm wide belt, stainless steel Distance 45mm product gap Number of tiers 23 North – south configuration Enclosure dimensions L x W x H: 3910 x 7000 x 3650 mm For ammonia No freezing compressor 500 -700 Kg/hour ( depending of product)
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