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STRATASYS OBJET30 PRIME V3 3D PRINTING (year 2015) 3D printing of medical implements that require prolonged contact with the skin, such as headsets or surgical guides. Prototypes of joints, connections and sealants. The Objet30 Prime printer offers 12 different materials so you can create accurate prototypes of consumer products with smooth surfaces and flexible components from your desktop. Printing time: 1102 Specifications: layer thickness 28 microns for Tango materials; 16 microns for all other material ...
item-No.: 144662976
Format: Indifferent Condition: Very good Characteristics: Positioner of bottles in very good condition, POSIMAT brand model MASTER 10 for indifferent format.
item-No.: 144662971
Characteristics: Posimat brand bottle positioner for 1liter bottles.
item-No.: 144662966
Characteristics: Posimat brand bottle positioner for 1.5 liter bottles.
item-No.: 144662959
Characteristics:Bottle positioner, Posimat brand in very good condition.
item-No.: 144662929
Condition: GOOD Characteristics: Bottle positionaer Posimat MASTER 20 OC8524 Right-Left 2 formats 16 hoppers
item-No.: 144662893
Speed: 10.000 B/H Format: 1L PET BOTTLES Condition: GOOD CONDITIONS Characteristics: BOTTLE POSITIONER DIMENSIONS: 2350 mm x 2150 (diameter) x 2500 (height) WEIGHT: 3.000 kg
item-No.: 129454294
For sale TWO (2) complete lines for plastic caps, include: (2 pcs) CCM001 SACMI LINES with moulds for HL3 cap (Coca Cola approved high cap with Liner) Condition: Fair condition. Were Working at moment of disconnection in 2015. Origin Italy. Exworks South America 380volts 50Hz Huge Lot of Sacmi genuine spare parts
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country-pt PT
2 Motor driven conveying systems (Vibration) - 1400 mm x 1000 mm each. Each unit is driven by 2 motors
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