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item-No.: 127113408
Filling machine in glass jars for fruit, jam, honey, sauces Output: from 500 up to 700 jars/hour, from 0 cl up to 1000 cl
item-No.: 124071518
Raft with coil to heat water. Overall dimensions: 800mm width 1550mm length, 1000mm high.
item-No.: 122812490
Tank in stainless steel. 250l stainless steel with manhole base. Faucet outlet samples. Display of capacity. Bed dimensions: width 620mm, 610mm length 900mm high. Overall dimensions: ø 600mm, height 1100mm (+ 900mm beam).
item-No.: 36013054
HOT JUICE FILLING LINE For 1.5 and 2.0 litres Packaging Filler. Screw Capper Packer
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