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item-No.: 160422141
REF-0 VERTICAL CUTTER-MIXER ROBOT-COUPE R 45 Stainless steel vertical cutter-mixer. Designed for mincing, emulsifying, mixing, grinding and kneading all sorts of products. Equipped with 3 blades. Manufacturer: ROBOT-COUPE Model: R 45 Motor: 10,000 W/ 1,500-3,000 rpm / 400V / 3-phase Self-tipping, detachable mixing bowl Bowl dimensions: diameter 400 mm, height 380 mm Bowl capacity: 45 litres Overall dimensions: width 730 mm, length 550 mm, height 1,400mm Net weight: 138 kg
item-No.: 159776364
REF-0 HORIZONTAL MIXER FOR SOLIDS 6,000KG WITH LOAD CELLS TATOMA MT-13-E Horizontal mixer for solids, especially animal feed Equipped with load cells Manufacturer: TATOMA Type: MT-13-E Serial no.: 1000 Year: 1998 Capacity: 6,000kg Volume: 13m3 ABB motor: 75HP/55kW. 1,500 Rpm Tank dimensions: length 4,450mm, width 1,780mm Unloading height: 700mm Overall dimensions: length 6,500mm, width 2,300mm, height 2,700mm CE marking
item-No.: 157457511
Stephan universal kneader/mixer Model: VM150 Year 1997 Overall dimensions: Width 150 cm, length 100 cm, height 150 cm Power: 2.5 kW Revolutions per minute: 1,400 Mixing bowl dimensions: Diameter 65 cm, height 50 cm
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