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item-No.: 152197466
4.200 €
country-it IT
Various discontinued machinery - RFN2 In the department there are various machinery and equipment, for the most part out of service and not working. • waiting ovens out of service sprue cutters cutters out of service • yellow-red cantilever • transformer oil transfer pumps • fondarex vacuum packing • green shelf, excluding the material From next April 26, 2021, aluminum die-casting and production movable goods will be on sale at the online auction. In total 47 lots will be on sale including: - 6  ...
item-No.: 151762385
4 €
country-it IT
Natural type inert material NATURAL type inert material About 20,350 tons Quantity not verified Tunnel equipment, crushing plants and inert material on sale exclusively at the online auction from 9 April 2021. 17 different lots will be on sale and can be viewed in different places by appointment. The auction will end on April 15 at 3:00 pm, with registration closing at 6:00 pm the day before the end of the auction. To make an appointment or get more information about the goods for sale and auction, contact us  ...
item-No.: 150347539
225.000 €
country-es ES
Autom. Langgutlager bis 6,60m Länge, für bis zu 988 Kassetten, 3 To / Kassette – gebraucht - : Preis ab Standort: 225.000.-€ (netto) zzgl. Demontage etc.! Hersteller: Matter S.R.L. (Italien) Typ: MAGAZZINO AUTOMATICO Baujahr: 2002 Anzahl Kassettenplätze: 988 4 Auslagerstationen Ladeeinheit (U.d.C.) für Metallbehälter. Abmessungen von U.d.C. Typ A, ca.: mm 520 x 6.600 x 320 h. = 912 Stück Typ B ca.: mm. 520 x 6.600 x 450 h. = 76 Stück Maximales Gewicht U.d.C. + Inhalt max. 3.000kg Maxima ...
item-No.: 16380393
7.500 €
country-pt PT
The Marvel TVM 4000 is a reputable Portion Cutter that is ideal for butcher shops, small goods production, supermarket contracts, cheese making facilities and other food industries requiring an easy to clean and operate machine. The machine is ideal for cutting fixed weight portions and is capable of performing up to 60 cuts per minute. The Portion Cutter is suitable for the following products: pork, beef, lamb, poultry. Can cut stakes or cubes.
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