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Packing machine for cans Output: 59400 U/h, Format: 0,33. TrayPacker KRONES Type Variopac TFS-60/V-0380 from 2002 Capacity : 59.400 cans / h for 0,33 l in tray of 18 units 59.400 cans / h for 0,50 l in tray of 18 units 79.200 cans / h for 0,33 l in tray of 24 units 79.200 cans / h for 0,50 l in tray of 24 unit 4 Shrink pack unit with maximum of 28.000 cans / h 6 Shrink pack unit with maximum of 43.200 cans / h
item-No.: 136844913
Complete filling lines for carbonated drinks Output: 12 000 U/h Valves-Filling Heads: 72 The line consists of the following machines: Blow Moulder Krones Contiform S8, from 2005 (28 pco 1881 short neck. Moulds for 0,25ml, 1l, 1,5l, 2l, 2,5l. 8 cavity) Filler Corfill, Model: Uniblock 54-72-9, from 2005 Mixer Corfill/CME, from 2005 Labeller, Krones Contiroll, from 2005 Shrink wrapper, Dimac Star F30, from 2005 Palletizer, brand Inka, model: Inpal 100S, from 2014 Pallet stretch wrapper
item-No.: 134823672
Pop Glace (Frozen pop) pleine entière fabrique des batons of glace. Usine d'Occasion entière pour liquide le entièrement rénové. Chaque machine avec 4 ou 5 ou 6 voies jusqu' à l'exigence du client. Piece mécanique rénovée. Partie entièrement rénovée avec électrique the plupart des composants PANASONIC, PLC, écran tactile, photocellule électrique pour Spot. The peut être variable length juste sur l' écran tactile. L'usine est compoused avec 3 machines pour production: 15,000 PCs par heure  ...
item-No.: 133373861
Monobloc rinser filler capper Filler Sidel Selecta C for: CSD, Carbonated water, still water and still products with preservatives Output: 20000 B/H Neck configuration: PCO Corvaglia 28mm Bottle Formats: from 200 ml to 500 ml, but it can fill up to 2 liters
item-No.: 131054777
Krones complete PET filling line for still water from 2013 Blow Moulding Machine: Krones C08, 8 cavity, 18.000 bph capacity Filler: Sefa Makine, Capper Arol, Monoblock, rinser, filler, capper, 24.000 bph capacity, 100m air conveyor Labeller: 24.000 bph capacity 2x roll fed OPP labelling machine Videojet laser coding Shrink Machine: Baumer 2 packs beside, 35 packs/min. (2 x 35= 70 packs/min.) Palletizer: Brand ?HS, double pallet fedding, with ring strech Real line capacity is 17.500 bph Krones machine m ...
item-No.: 131054772
FILLING LINE for Carbonated Soft Drinks & Beer Output 16.000 U/h Bottle Size:from 0.5 to 2.5 L The line in in excellent condition and includes: SIDEL SBO 8/10 Universal Reheat Stretch Blow Moulding machine. PCO1810 and PCO1881 personalization parts. AIR CONVEYOR – 45 metres NATE PETBLOK 48/80/10 Rinser/Filler/Capper GERNEP 12-640 RA labeler for PET bottles
item-No.: 127113392
Microbloc milk filler for PET bottles Format: 1L and 0,5 liter PET bottle Production rates: - 600 bph for 1 liter - 900 bph for half liter Labbelin: cold glue + paper label
item-No.: 126957633
item-No.: 125780319
Monobloc filling wine - liquors 36/8. 36 fill valves 8 heads Arol capping Cork Possibility to fill Max pressure is 1.5 bar Speed Max 10,000 b/h Format 1 litre
item-No.: 125579480
Rinser SOLTER in good conditions the user
item-No.: 125579478
Rinser Perrier 24 valves. And good condition
item-No.: 125579476
Rinser Perrier 24 valves. In good condition
item-No.: 125579472
Rinser Perrier 30 valves. In good condition
item-No.: 121867339
Milk pasteurizing system, year 2008 Including: 1. Pasteurizer FDB ITALY , 3000 working hours (September 2017) Pasteurizing temperature: min. 53 degr. C, max. 96 degr. C Holding time: from 30s to 300s 2. Homogenizer FBF ITALY 3393 working hours (September 2017) Max pressure: 150 Bars One stage 3. Separator Frautech: self-clean 4. Bactofuge Frauctech Eficiency: - Somatic cells entrance 400k -out undetectable - NTG from 10000 -250 CFU - Alfatoxine 15 ...
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Tribloco FIMER, model STR 9-9-1, for non-carbonated wines, Rinser + Filler + Closing station, cork type, N2 injection before filling station and before closing station; several glass formats
item-No.: 99831683
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Automatic Form Fill and Seal machine fully overhauled for the filling of solid products (powders, granules, dry or dehydrated vegetables) for "pillow" type bags (width 150 mm), 40 to 60 units/min depending on the product. Filler with 8 cups, each one 1.025 cc +/- 15%. NEW electric board Guarantee: 1 year Excelent conditions. Ready for delivery
item-No.: 85601979
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Automatic Telescopic filler for vegetables and solid products (volumetric system), includes 2 formats ( 0,5 kg and 1 kg cans )
item-No.: 68757987
Brand: COBERT Model: AMBRA 30 Speed: 10000 bottles/hour Format: 0.75-1 Litre Number: A 90 30 006 Year: 1998 Condition: very good Characteristics: -Gravity filler. -Automatic rising and withdrawing of the machine. -Pipe regulation. -Automatic pistons lubrication system. -Left to right entry. -Vacuum pomp. -It is possible to connect a pilfer cap capper.
item-No.: 68757948
Water Container Filler Brand: GYM Internacional, S.A Model: RTE 4-1 Speed: 400 bottles/ hour 8 L///400 bottles/hour 10L. Number: 25502-2091 Year: 2005 Condition: very good Technical characteristics: - Type dispenser: Endress + Hauser Dosimag A - Types of packaging: cylindrical glass bottle 225x 367 diam. -8L Bottle glass colíndrica 245x394 10L diam- - Voltages: 380 V 50 Hz 24 V 50 Hz - Powers: conveyor belt motor: 0.75 Kw Pump motor power: 1.5 Kw Feeder capsules: 0.5 Kw Control group: 0.2 k ...
item-No.: 41021357
Dairy bottling Line Output: 4000 U/h Bottle Size: 1,5 l Valves-Filling Heads: 24
item-No.: 38279036
Dimensions:770mm X 820mm X 2100mm Condition: in good conditions Characteristics: This is a highly accurate semi-automatic stainless steel single-head weight filling machine capable of filling up to 500 containers per hour. The flexibility of this versatile system allows filling a wide range of liquid products such as oils, paints, agricultural and even adhesives. The system is also capable of filling powders and granules. Air Pressure required: 6 bar. The machine can fill containers from 100g to 11kg  ...
item-No.: 6695325
Used filler for alcoholic beverages and wine. 18 filling valves. Inlet left Speed: 2.500 BPH
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