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item-No.: 145765938
Automatic laminating machine A540 Max size: 540 x 780 mm Min size: 210 x 290 mm Paper thickness: 105 -500 grms Speed: 0-30 mts/min Weight: 1400 kg Dimensions: 3200 x 1250 x 1620 mm Flat Pile feeder with suction head Hydraulic pressure Automatic overlap Touch screen Air shaft expandable Large Diameter Induction Heated Cylinder Automatic separator Delivery with vibration
item-No.: 145752871
Flute laminating machine CA1300 Side register heel. The bottom feed stack can be adjusted for suction intensity from the touch screen, including an automatic cleaning system. The input pile has a non-stop system Monitoring by PLC with alarm in case of power supply error. Automatic gluing system that regulates not only the flow but also the recirculation. Features: · Max sheet size: 1300 X 1250 mm · Min sheet size: 400 X 400 mm · Thickness of the upper sheet: 175-600gsm / 145 - 450gsm Kraft · Botto ...
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