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item-No.: 143542794
The OMRON SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Inverter was dismantled from a system that went well until the end. In the unlikely event that the OMRON SYSDRIVE 3G3MV Inverter is no longer functional, it can of course be returned within 30 days. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee or guarantee any more after this period. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Information about technical data, etc. can be found in the photos or on the manufacturer's page. Technical dat ...
item-No.: 143542783
Chiper plant WURSTER&DIETZ incl. paul erm, Board sorting, complete mechanization and disposal, maximum wood diameter: 55 cm.
item-No.: 143542780
Make: Landis Model: CHW Condition: Used Machine type: Other Location of machine: United Kingdom Machine Details Landis 48” x 72” Universal Cylindrical Grinder Heidenhain DRO Fully Guarded
item-No.: 143542779
Roundwood sorting site HOLTEC incl. debarking machine, Root reducer, Surveying Metal detector 60 boxes.
item-No.: 143542776
Geka Hydracrop 80S Steelworker 2016 Model with lots of accessories
item-No.: 143542758
390 €
country-de DE
3 steel rollers, Minimum workpiece size approx.: 200 mm, LWH approx.: 1,100 x 600 x 800 mm.
item-No.: 143542738
available Equipment for TBR - Hot Retreading 2 Machines available YOM 2008 and YOM 2003 Descriptions attached!
item-No.: 143542713
ON Price
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Technical data Filter area m2 36 Volume flow m3/h 10000 Vacuum Pa 2800 Vacuum system Yes Further technical data Number of fans 1 Filter hose diameter 130 Length filter hose mm 1300 Main motor kW 11 Full cladding Yes Extinguishing line Yes Filter cleaning automatically jet cleaning CE mark Yes Space requirement LxWxH mm 3400x1150x2440 Operational readiness Basic functions can be presented Condition good
item-No.: 143542711
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country-de DE
Technical data Return length total mm 10600 Workpiece rotation Yes For left machines Yes Driven track mm 8500 Conveyor length Cross buffer mm 2500 Suitable for machine length 9000 Application area Plate material Technical version conveyor belt CE mark Yes Weight approx. kg 1050 Operational readiness dismantled/stored
item-No.: 143542707
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country-de DE
Technical data Volume flow m3/h 10000 Diameter suction nozzle 350 Speed R/min 2944 Vacuum Pa 5111 Suitable for chip extraction Further technical data Main motor kW 30 Metal impeller Yes CE mark Yes Weight approx. kg 510 Operational readiness dismantled/stored
item-No.: 143542650
Thorn tube bending machine Manufacturer: Schwarze Wirtz Type: CNC 25 MR Y.O.M.: 1996 Feed 4 m The thorn holder can be shifted from 4 m to 6 m. Control is defective, possibly the card or the controller has to be completely replaced. Complete with control cabinet and control as visible on the pictures. Machine documentation/operating instructions are available. Contact Mr. Mueller Check out our other offers. (change and errors in the technical data, information prices and intermed ...
item-No.: 143542644
Debarking diameter 100-680 mm The VK8000 are designed for the use of the Air Seal rotors 5068. Air-Seal Technology Thanks to the Air-Seal technology, it is possible to change the knife pressure during the debarking process. The compressed air coming from the external compressed air supply network is routed through an air seal to the air cylinders inside the rotor. If there is no trunk in the machine, the knife arms are just applied with so much compressed air that they remain closed (so-called holding pressure ...
item-No.: 143542638
Specifications VK-32 minute Log length 3000 mm min./max. trunk 150-760 mm min./max. Feed 16 to 25 m / min. Rotor diameter 810 mm Rotor speed 150 rev / min. Feed motors 1x 11 + 1x 4 kW Number of knives 4 + 4 Engine 50 kW Feeding tray 3,000 x 1,200 mm Total weight 9,500 kg
item-No.: 143542632
General: Built in 2001 Control Heidenhain TNC426 Travel X 1020 mm Y 610 mm Z 600 mm Desk: Clamping area 1,150 x 580 mm Working spindle: Spindle speed 40 - 10,000 rpm Tool holder SK40 Tool changer 30-fold Dimensions and weight: Dimensions 2,900 mm x 2,900 mm x 2,750 mm Weight approx. 4,400 kg Other equipment and accessories included: Preparation of radio workpiece probes from MH Tool button on table 4 - 5 axis meca 9 KZ tool interior cooling Conveyor
item-No.: 143540993
Aluminium outer silos Content: 75 cbm per silo Height: 12,600 mm Diameter: 3,000 mm Outflow: 45° standing on frame, entrance door, ladder, full detector for sale Price on request Tel.
item-No.: 143521692
Kiener Straffbanderolier Auto Skinetta 450 with slinging chain strap and shrink tunnel with bar chain strap and hot air blower sideways and from above. Siemens Control Film width 40-450 mm
item-No.: 143520957
Shredder type EZ 6/1 / 18.5 kW 1 Feeding opening: 600 x 800 mm Funnel capacity: 0.6 m3 Rotor system: D2. Destroyer Rotor diameter: 252 mm Rotor working width: 600 mm Rotor speed: 60 - 100 rpm Cutting system: 28 knives 40 x 40 mm concave Siebloung: 15/20 mm Control: electronic via PLC Control cabinet: fully wired, incl. 5 m cable Engine power: 18.5 kW Connection value: 400 V +/- 5% / 50 Hz Suction nozzle: 160 mm Painting: standard Total dimensi ...
item-No.: 143520836
- 5 aluminium silos with attachment filter incl. discharge screw with slide made of V2A - 4 aluminium silos for manual filling with discharge screws - 3 dosing scales - Optional with dust filter
item-No.: 143520826
Commissioning: 2009 Electrical power: 170 kW Number of cylinders: 6 Fuel type: sewage gas Generator: Leroy Somer
item-No.: 143520819
Manufacturer: Palamides Model: Alpha 700 with integrated navigator interface Price: on request
item-No.: 143520812
used well-preserved, functional Chamber tape machine SUPERVAC GR 501 with biactive welding with water-cooled vacuum pump with new replacement seal strips Price on request
item-No.: 143520810
- 120°C mixing temperature; 45°C cooling temperature - 130 kW mixing motor; 100 kW cooling motor - Heating tank 630 l capacity, cooling tank 1600 l capacity - Spare parts for mixers: mixing tools
item-No.: 143520798
22.000 €
country-pl PL
UVPX 207 60 Hz OR 50 Hz -Set of gravity disc -Set of tools (4pcs) -Set of vibration dampers Capacity, Max. 5.750 litres/hour Centrifuge in regeneration. Centrifuge after regeneration. After rehearsals, ready to work.
item-No.: 143520797
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country-de DE
There are three KAESER AS 35 available, year of construction machine 1/ 2/ 3: 1985/ 1989/ 1991.
item-No.: 143520796
item-No.: 143519700
15.000 €
country-uk UK
Complete refrigeration plant with 2 x 75 kW NH3 ammonia compressors, 1 x condenser, 2 x oil coolers and other details in attached photoes and flow chart mentioned Year 1999 previously used for cooling margarine crystallization process and kombinators.
item-No.: 143517734
No. 4798: 1 used Horizontal flat grinding machine Make ELB, Type Perfect 5 PLC, Bauj. 1999 with ELB PLC control Working area: Magnet 500 x 300 mm, Accessories: Wet grinding device with paper strip filter Separate hydraulic unit Separately standing control cabinet Other: Space requirement approx. 3 x 4 x 2.8 m Weight approx. 4.5 to
item-No.: 143517565
No. 4797: 1 used Universal Milling and Drilling Machine 5 - Axles Make DECKEL MAHO, type DMU 125 P, year of construction 2000 with Heidenhain TNC 430 Working area: 1250 x 880 x 800 mm, drive power: 15 kW Accessories: NC round table of 1250 x 1000 mm Table load 2000 kg Universal milling head with controlled B-axis Electronic handwheel External coolant supply Documentation Other: Spindle SK 40 Speed range up to 12,000 rpm Space requirement approx. 6 x 3 x 3 m Weight approx. 12.5 to
item-No.: 143517201
No. 4796: 1 used Universal Machining Center 5 - Axles Make HERMLE, Type C 40 U - Dynamics, Construction 2006 with iTNC 530 Working area: 850 x 700 x 500 mm, Accessories: NC swivel round table ICZ - Appendix 80 bar Conveyor El. Handwheel IR - Probe Documentation Other: Spindle SK 40 Speed range up to 18,000 rpm Rapid speed 60 m/min Connection power 43 kVA Space requirement approx. 4.5 x 5 x 3.10 m Weight approx. 11 to
item-No.: 143517119
Manufacturer: Roland Model: Lec-300 automatic winder + white + gloss-vanish + 6x new ink cartridges in reserve Year: September 17, 2009 Print Quantity: good Defects/ Condition: Good condition, last service 27.06.2019. Availability: approx. December 9 - 10 Price: on request
item-No.: 143516761
No. 4795: 1 used driving stand processing center Make HEDELIUS, type BC 100 - 2500, year of construction 2004 with iTNC 530 Work area.: 2500 x 1000 x 770 mm, drive power: 50 kW Accessories: 30-fold tool magazine ICZ Plant Conveyor Electronic handwheel IR - Probe Documentation Other: Spindle holder SK 50 DIN 69871 Speed range 20 - 5000 rpm Rapids 30 m/min Connection value 40 kVA Space requirement approx. 6.5 x 4 x 3.7 m Weight approx. 21 to
item-No.: 143516754
8.000 €
country-fr FR
Lagernummer 1105-02785 Maschinenart CNC Drehmaschine - Schrägbettmaschine Fabrikat MORI SEIKI Typ SL 15 Baujahr 1989 Steuerungsart CNC Lagerort FRANKREICH Ursprungsland Japan Lieferzeit Nach Vereinbarung Frachtbasis ab lager HAGUENAU FRANCE Preis Auf Anfrage Technische Details Dimensions: Ø450 x 525 SB: 52 mm Control: Fanuc 10 T Other: 3 JAW CHUCK Verfahrweg - x 230 mm Drehdurchmesser 450 mm Verfahrweg - z1 525 mm Drehlänge 525 mm Steuerung FANUC 10 T Stangendurchla ...
item-No.: 143516755
8.000 €
country-fr FR
Bearing number 1105-02785 Machine type CNC lathe - inclined bed machine Make MORI SEIKI Type SL 15 Built in 1989 Control type CNC Storage location FRANCE Country of origin Japan Delivery time By agreement Cargo base from hagueNAU FRANCE Price on request Technical details Dimensions: .450 x 525 SB: 52 mm Control: Fanuc 10 T Other: 3 JAW CHUCK Travel - x 230 mm Turning diameter 450 mm Travel - z1 525 mm Turning length 525 mm Control FANUC 10 T Rod slet ingess: 42 mm Nu ...
item-No.: 143512341
No. 4780: 1 used Universal tool milling machine Make DECKEL, type FP 42 NC / 2387, with dialog 4 - web control Working area.: 1170 x 500 x 370 mm, drive power: 2 / 4 kW Accessories: Rigid table 1400 x 555 mm Electronic handwheel Spänewanne Coolant device Documentation Other: Spindle SK 40 / DIN 2080 Swivel milling head with 80 mm pinole stroke Speed range 25 - 2,500 rpm Space requirement approx. 4 x 3 m Weight approx. 4,000 kg Refurbished by FPS in 2006
item-No.: 143512339
No. 30002 Complete. Sawmill / gate plant ESTERER, B&Z, VECOPLAN, etc. used, fully functional, in good condition, The system consists of: - Baljer & Zembrod logyard, Y.O.M. 1988 Crane Obelix, 13 M range, 1800 kg, wagon OB / 26V RD with cross-cut table, crosscut saw, earth trunk reducing saw, transport trailer - Roundwood support and cross conveyor - Single and trunk esters - remote-controlled trunk feeder and clamping trolley Esterer - Auxiliary trolley - Operator's cabin with  ...
item-No.: 143498634
Used but little used in very good condition. For the production and closing of standing folds on round sheet metal segments, e.g. production of duct elbows. machine type is similar to the Spiro Gorelocker. Demonstration possible. 46 sheet metal processing machines for the production of angular and round air ducts, e.g. Spiro, Twin Seam, RAS, Prinzing, Tormec, Fasti, Hypertherm, Eisele, Dalex, etc. in our other displays, as well as on request.
item-No.: 143498632
Used but hardly used in very good condition. Fully functional. For the manufacture of longitudinal welds. Useful length 1000 mm. Cooling unit included. 46 sheet metal processing machines for the production of angular and round air ducts, e.g. Spiro, Twin Seam, RAS, Prinzing, Tormec, Fasti, Hypertherm, Eisele, Dalex, etc. in our other displays, as well as on request.
item-No.: 143498630
Suction system suitable for the offered plasma cutting system. New condition. Installation indoors and outdoors possible. Receptacle with quick release. Technical data â?¢ Connection power 11A â?¢ Air capacity 5000 m3/h 46 sheet metal processing machines for the production of angular and round air ducts, e.g. Spiro, Twin Seam, RAS, Prinzing, Tormec, Fasti, Hypertherm, Eisele, Dalex, etc. in our other displays, as well as on request.
item-No.: 143498616
Well preserved, complete and fully functional. For the simultaneous manufacture and closing of a channel fold. 1-man operation. Predecessor of the current model R.A.S. DuctZipper. Technical data: â?¢ Power 1.0 mm. â?¢ Weight 530 kg 46 sheet metal processing machines for the production of angular and round air ducts, e.g. Spiro, Twin Seam, RAS, Prinzing, Tormec, Fasti, Hypertherm, Eisele, Dalex, etc. in our other displays, as well as on request.
item-No.: 143498614
Well preserved and fully functional. Technical data: â?¢ Working width 2540 mm. â?¢ Power 2 mm. â?¢ Weight 1600 kg â?¢ Manually adjustable rear stop. 46 sheet metal processing machines for the production of angular and round air ducts, e.g. Spiro, Twin Seam, RAS, Prinzing, Tormec, Fasti, Hypertherm, Eisele, Dalex, etc. in our other displays, as well as on request.
item-No.: 143498612
Canal road used for the production of angular air ducts, little used in very good condition, fully functional â?¢ Easy loading of new coils â?¢ Fully automatic sheet metal change in the shortest possible time â?¢ gentle processing of sensitive sheets â?¢ flat, burr-free and marking-free cuts â?¢ uniform and shapely stiffening â?¢ Time-optimized processing of customer orders â?¢ cost-effective production of standard channels &aci ...
item-No.: 143498608
Plasma cutting machine used, in good condition. Ideal for the production of angular or round air ducts. Fully functional. Max sheet size: 3000x1500mm Facilities: â?¢ Sectional suction â?¢ Production program "Winklimax" (air duct production) on a separate PC â?¢ Hypertherm power source Suction filter available in separate display. 46 sheet metal processing machines for the production of angular and round air ducts, e.g. Spiro, Twin Seam, RAS, Prinzing, Tor ...
item-No.: 143494473
Test press for single-axial pressure tests from 0 to 10 KN (0 to 1,000 KG) Purpose: Test press for single-axial pressure tests from 0 to 10 KN (0 to 1,000 KG / 10 KN maximum load). Without distance measurement. Manual lifting spindle press - Static pressing force 5 KN (0.5 to) - Portable, stable press frame made of polyamide PA 6G - Manual spindle stroke gearbox with spindle 20 mm, incline 5 mm - With handwheel diameter 120 mm and handle - Gearbox reduction 1: 10, per handwheel revolutio ...
item-No.: 143494448
SES 28 TR/18 ESL with SCA Model TR/18 ESL with SCA (Both lanes) Serial number 65181/50712 Volumes -Carton type 330 – 500 – 1000ml - 70 x 70mm Plus YOM 2000 Running hours 4278 Description Tetra Rex TR/18 ESL is a high capacity, high performance twin lane filling machine for chilled products with best-in-class hygiene. This machine is designed for Tetra Rex gable top carton (Plus) packages ranging from 200 ml to 1150 ml and has a capacity of 14,000 p/h. It is currently set fo ...
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item-No.: 143494436
BN 1.150 €
country-nl NL
CHP 20" Container without engine used Container: approx. 6m x 2.2m x 2.5m Weight: 5 t.
item-No.: 143494430
BN 1.800 €
country-de DE
Used 40" container without motor with control cabinets soundproofed and integrated oil collecting pan in the container including 2 x 1000 litres tank
item-No.: 143476544
13.500 €
country-de DE
Wood copy lathe, wood turning bench Hapfo AP 5000 H with hydraulic copier A video of the running machine can be sent on request. Two speeds, drive motor can be switched 1.4 / 1.8kW Speed 1: 400 - 1000 - 1250 - 1600 rpm Speed 2: 800 - 2000 - 2500 - 3200 rpm Copy feed electrically infinitely adjustable from 0 to 3.5m/min Ring bezel with pre-turn steel and four-jaw bezel Mounting M33, inner cone MK3, tailstock MK2 Peak width approx. 1600mm Peak height approx. 250mm Copy length approx. 1500mm Suction con ...
item-No.: 143476532
1 €
country-de DE
74 pallets with mixed storage boxes / shelf boxes etc. - used - : Construction site price! Price converted only about 60 - 70 cents per box Price per pallet from the location for a high pallet: 99.-â?¬ (net) low pallet: 60.-â?¬ (net) small pallet type 4: 100.-â?¬ (net) Pallet with separators for type 1: 100.-â?¬ (net) The pallets are almost all mixed and we can't tell how many of which type are in the pallets! =>i.e. we can't find individual types o ...
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