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item-No.: 158621423
Plus version Size 32 x 46 cm Perfecting 2/2 Alcohol dampening with cooling device Powder spray Antistatic Numbering and Perforating unit
item-No.: 158584040
HEIDELBERG FOUR COLOUR PRESS Model: CD102-4+L Age: c.1994 Serial Number: 536606 Circa 206 million impressions Equipped With:- CP tronic CPC 1-03 Alcolor Diagonal register Chrome impression and plate cylinders Stream feeder Electronic 2 sheet control Technotrans refrigeration Prog. roller/blanket/imp cyl. wash via CP Tronic Autoplate Roller wash-up device Grafix IR 3/6 -L dryer Coating device Non stop delivery Grafix Exactronic plus powder spray Preset in feeder
item-No.: 158584038
HEIDELBERG FOUR COLOUR PRESS Model: XL105-4 Age: c.2006 Serial Number: FS000475 Circa 263 million impressions Equipped With:- CP 2000 Alcolor with Vario Damping Preset Plus on Feeder & delivery Autoplate Intercom Electronic sidelays Eltex Ionised air in feeder Antistatic Compact Ultrasonic two sheet detection Heidelberg Powderstar AP500 spray Technotrans beta C combined refrig/ink temp Alcosmart AZR Steel plate in Feeder and Delivery Heidelberg Cleanstar Heidelberg Airs ...
item-No.: 151372699
4 Colors. Straight RCI ALCOHOL DAMPENING with cooling, BACHER register clamps High pile delivery. Powder spray IR DRIER
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