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Item: Marel IPM3 X300 Slicer and Portion Cutter Category: Cutter / Slicer Manufacturer: Marel Model: IPM3 x300 Year: 2004 Description: Used Marel IPM3 X300 Slicer and Portion Cutter with: • Stainless steel slicer and portion cutter machine • Rotating blade • Complete w/ laser eye weigher • Volume scanner m. INW3 x 400 • M Series 3000 controls Final verification by Marel This is an ideal machine to cut fish r meat in portions according to a pre-defined weight and dimension  ...
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Marca: Wolfzking Modelo: Mixer Año de fabricación: 2000 Voltios: 400 Material: A.inox Capacidad de producción: 1.500 kg Ancho: 1600 cm Alto: 1000 cm Largo: 1500 cm Mezclador WOLFKING de acero inoxidable con doble cinta mezcladora. Capacidad de 1500 l Control: 2 motores y reductores. 6.8 / 8 kw - 9.2 / 11 hp - 400 voltios Dimensión del tanque: Ancho 1600 mm longitud 1500 mm Altura 1000 mm aproximadamente Acero inoxidable. Capacidad total 1200 litros. Dimensión del tanque: Ancho  ...
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Marel’s Compact Grader is designed to fulfill the needs of smaller operators and larger ones when requiring an excess capacity to handle temporary or seasonal overflows. It consists of an infeed section, dynamic weighing and discharge with optional grading and batching processes for catch-weight and fixed-weight batching. The Compact Grader will handle many poultry products, fresh or frozen: whole grillers, front halves, saddles, butterflies, split breasts, whole legs, thighs, drums, whole wings, breast fil ...
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Vacuum bell. Brand: Frimaq. Model: V-110. Year: 2005 Maximum power: 3.6 Kw Vacuum pump 100m3/h Welding in L. Welding bar: 900mm long, 550mm wide. Maximum product height: 300mm. Total dimensions: 1200mm long, 840mm wide, 1100mm high.
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Vacuum meat kneader. Brand: Tecmaq, S.A. Model: Alpha 150. Year: 1996. T-blade system and tipper. Bucket dimensions: 480mm wide, 600mm long, 610mm high. Total dimensions: 700mm wide, 1260mm long, 1630mm high.
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COMPACT GRADER CG60 The Compact Grader CG60 grades pieces into a maximum of 6 different grades. With a capacity of up to 120 pieces per minute, depending on product type, the grader is a robust, user-friendly workhorse that significantly improves efficiency and profitability. The grader is a 'plug and play' unit: installation is simple and then it is basically ready to run. speed: 120 Units/m
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CUTTING URSCHEL RA-A YEAR 2002 Model: RA-a Year: 2002 No. series: 2441 Dimensions: width 1000mm, 1000mm length 2000mm high.
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COOKER ELECTRIC FISH WITH RESISTORS Brand: MICATEL 36Kw 380V Year: 2013 Interior dimensions: width 800mm, 2000mm length 1380mm high. Exterior dimensions: width 900mm, 2500mm length, 1530mm high.
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Stainless steel centrifuge. 3kW. 400V Dimensions: inner ø 540mm, height 400 mm. Overall dimensions: 1000mm length, 9500mm height.
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Applications: meat and derivatives. Capacity: 20 l. ø 570mm, 100mm depth. Three-phase. Equipped with 3 blades in stainless steel. Dimensions: 800mm length, width 800mm, 1200mm high.
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Meat cutter with outfeed conveyor and elevator cars. Number of series: 0040 Format: 20 x 20 mm/25x25mm/15x15mm. Cutting area dimensions: 120mm, 500mm length, 120mm high. Overall dimensions: 1360mm width, 1560mm length 1360mm high.
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STAINLESS STEEL CLEAVER Three-phase. Overall dimensions: 470mm width of roll, width 780mm, 800mm length, 920mm high.
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AUTOCLAVE HORIZONTAL VIP with 4 baskets Autoclave horizontal cylindrical and fixed, is earmarked for the sterilization of food products, the appliance is built completely in stainless steel AISI-304 Brand: vip industrial, s.a. Type: ae-7800 Year of manufacture: 2002 Maximum working pressure: 2 bars Design pressure: 2 bars Ring pressure: 2 bars Hydraulic test pressure: 3 bars Maximum service temperature: 110 ° c Design temperature: 150 ° c Elastic limit to design temperature: 140 n/mm2 Volume: 7.8 m3 Contained f ...
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Hand tying machine automatic of SAUSAGES CAME AHC 105 tying thread of continuous with speed Variator. FEATURES: • Fully controlled electronically. You need minimal maintenance. • Its operation allows to obtain high performance and quality of the product. The drive allows you to adapt to the production that you want. • The softness in the drag-portioning prevents breakage of the gut. • Huge economy to perform a large number of tied of inlay in a few minutes. • Includes 4 sizes of automatic portio ...
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OptiCut The Marel Opticut volumetric portioning machine is designed to cut boneless meat into fixed weight portions with uniform shape. The product is placed into a mould where it is formed before being accurately portioned. Capable of delivering shingled products The OptiCut can deliver either single portions for direct packing or e.g. for a marinating process – or portions can be shingled into fixed weight batches for manual or automatic tray packing
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Treif cuttet in excelent running condition.
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Scanvaegt 4700 Grading and Batching Machine: Used Scanvaegt 4700 Grading and Batching Machine. Photos and Video available. Machine can be seen in operation. Application: sorts food products for size and weight 12 gate sorting sections + 4 manual gates for bahs or boxes Capacity: up to 180 pieces per minute 12 baskets (one side) This grader of the CheckBin type is designed for high-precision weight grading. The reliable machine is able to provide intelligent batching to produce batches of accurate pre- ...
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Item: Marel IPM3 X400 Slicer and Portion Cutter with scale conveyor Category: Cutter / Slicer Manufacturer: Marel Model: IPM3 x400 Year: 2004 Description: Used Marel IPM3 X400 Slicer and Portion Cutter with: • Stainless steel slicer and portion cutter machine • Rotating blade • Complete w/ laser eye weigher • Volume scanner m. INW3 x 400 • M Series 3000 controls Final verification by Marel Video available
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Maja dereading machine The ESM 3550 is the ideal solution for the manual derinding of round meat pieces. With the version ESM 3550 / 1 ham and shoulder can be defatted in the same operation: The additional installation (without tools) of the twin blade-holder allows separation of skin from fat and fat from meat - easy processing and increased yield!
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The Marvel TVM 4000 is a reputable Portion Cutter that is ideal for butcher shops, small goods production, supermarket contracts, cheese making facilities and other food industries requiring an easy to clean and operate machine. The machine is ideal for cutting fixed weight portions and is capable of performing up to 60 cuts per minute. The Portion Cutter is suitable for the following products: pork, beef, lamb, poultry. Can cut stakes or cubes.
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Meat, meat rolls, chops,Bacon, roasts, sausages,Meats, cheeses, fish. Exact slice thikness thanks to to a constant speed and anti-friction surface. Up to 300 -400 slices/minute Short cycles due to automatic return limiter Start and search device Automatic flap start after closing the flap Sprng gripper With or without outer belt ( + 1500€)
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