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NEW Surplus 23 MW GE Thermodyn Condensing Steam Turbine New never used (23 MW) 23,610 KW GE Thermodyn steam turbine generator, condensing, 50 HZ. Still in shipping crates and stores at warehouse. Available from a cancelled project. Contact us for complete details.
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750 KW Pure Cycle ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) Plant - Zero Fuel Input Cost Complete plant, zero fuel input cost - hot fluid, Low temp resource (91º C -149º C) 3 x Pure Cycle 280 ORC Turbine Generators Module Scalable Design,50 HZ, Only 200 hours of operation. Hot water flow of 220 mt/h at 101 C geothermal brine. The plant was tested on low temperature geothermal resource but can also be used for any kind of waste heat source around 100 degrees celsius temperature. This Special Plant is being sold below the cost  ...
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1 STERLING STERLCO used diathermic oil boiler with electric heating type S-9026-J0 serial nr. 95E5517 Dual zone Heating Capacity Zone 1: 18 KW Heating Capacity Zone 2: 36 KW Total Heating Capacity: 54 KW Pump Motor (Zone 1): 1.5 KW / 2 HP Pump Motor (Zone 2): 1.5 KW / 2 HP complete with circulation pumps and high accurency temperature controlers 1" oil circulation pipes (up to 110 L/min) 1" vent pipes (up to 110 L/min)
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