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Bulk Bottle unscrambler POSIMAT N15 ACCESS Brand: POSIMAT Model: N15 SERIES: ACCESS Stainless steel Current format: 200ml ( We adapt the format depending on the client s needs) Capable of speeds up to 200 bpm depending on application. It has 4 inches dia container accumulation disc, with (14) horizontal polyethylene quick change container pockets and (14) vertical S/S 24 inches L Quick change container funnels 12inches L x 3 1/inches W Left - right Vacuum assist product discharge conveyer, e-stop,  ...
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Can be used outside or inside. For more than 1 machine depending of the power. Recently used outside for a 10 colors Schiavi Patriot Press. Eurovent Performances : -Net Cooling Capacity (kW): 50.7 -Total Power input in cooling (kW) : 19.1 -Water pressure drop (kPa) : 29 Units Amps : Nominal (A) : 47 Start-up Amps (A) : 148 Short circuit unit capacity (kA) : 10 Max supply cable size (mm2) : 16 Min supply cable size (mm2) : 10 Compressor : Number : 2 Type : Scroll Model : (10T+10T) Rated A ...
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2 Motor driven conveying systems (Vibration) - 1400 mm x 1000 mm each. Each unit is driven by 2 motors
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