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Type Of Laminator:Solvent Working Width: 1315 mm Unwinder Diameter: 1000 mm Rewinder Diameter: 1000 mm Web width max: 1330 mm Min. web width : 600 mm
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Rewinder type:Double Web Width max.: 1600 mm Width: 1600 mm. Maximum diameter: 1000 mm
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Rotary compression moulding press Number Of Stations: 48 Output (caps/min): 1100 Type of closure: PCO1881, CSD8
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Double-shaft film slitter-rewinders Working Width: 1200 mm Parent Roll Diameter: 800 mm Final Roll Diameter: 400 mm Speed: 300 m/min All motors and the control part of the machine has been renewed in 2009
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Bottom weld flat bag making machine Welding Width: 1100 mm Bag Length (Max): 3000 mm Bag Length (Min): 100 mm Gusset device : 210 mm x2 Micro & macro perforator
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Type Of Laminator:Solventless Working Width: 1300 mm Unwinder Diameter: 800 mm Rewinder Diameter: 800 mm Max. Web width . 1315 mm
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Solventless Laminator COMEXI NEXUS EVO Working Width: 1300 mm Unwinder Diameter: 1000 mm Rewinder Diameter: 1000 mm Maximum Web width: 1315 mm
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2 lanes Production Welding Width: 900 mm Bag Length (Max): 10000 mm Bag Length (Min): 350 mm Cycles Per Minute: 300 U/min Film Speed: 160 m/min
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High Performance Bag making machine for the production of carrier bags with soft loop handle and side seal Welding Width: 850 mm Bag Length (Max): 740 mm Bag Length (Min): 300 mm Cycles Per Minute: 200 U/min Film Speed: 100 m/min
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T-Shirt bags on the roll Welding Width: 620 mm Bag Length (Max): 800 mm Bag Length (Min): 170 mm Cycles Per Minute: 140 U/min Film Speed: 120 m/min Rolls production: 2x110 Thickness: 00,7-0,025 my Automatic unwinder Sealing width 1 lane max 620 mm Sealing width 2 lanes max 320 mm normal bags Sealing width 2 lanes max 300 mm T-shirt bags Max finished roll diameter 240 mm
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Plastic type bag: Double Patch Handle bag Welding Width: 850 mm Bag Length (Max): 740 mm Bag Length (Min): 300 mm Cycles Per Minute: 250 U/min Film Speed: 125 m/min Materials: HD-PE, LD-PE, LLD-PE
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Sacmi PMV224 Lining Machine with very low hours in excellent condition includes: PMV 224 Lining Machine Inspection system w/telecamera PMV Material feeder Jet Stream air belt Exworks south america 380v 50hz
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For sale TWO (2) complete lines for plastic caps, include: (2 pcs) CCM001 SACMI LINES with moulds for HL3 cap (Coca Cola approved high cap with Liner) Condition: Fair condition. Were Working at moment of disconnection in 2015. Origin Italy. Exworks South America 380volts 50Hz Huge Lot of Sacmi genuine spare parts
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Shredder Output Capacity: 1500 kg/h Rotor Diameter: 800 mm
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Solventless Laminator Working width: 1400 mm
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Bulk Bottle unscrambler POSIMAT N15 ACCESS Brand: POSIMAT Model: N15 SERIES: ACCESS Stainless steel Current format: 200ml ( We adapt the format depending on the client s needs) Capable of speeds up to 200 bpm depending on application. It has 4 inches dia container accumulation disc, with (14) horizontal polyethylene quick change container pockets and (14) vertical S/S 24 inches L Quick change container funnels 12inches L x 3 1/inches W Left - right Vacuum assist product discharge conveyer, e-stop,  ...
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2 Motor driven conveying systems (Vibration) - 1400 mm x 1000 mm each. Each unit is driven by 2 motors
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