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Completar a KRONES PET água de enchimento LineLine em productionBrand nome: KRONESYear: 2007-2006Capacity é 36, 000bhp Krones 36, 000BPH 2007Key AssetKrones soprando máquina ar conditionerHandheld Termovisor Krones soprando MachineAir CompressorBlowing Máquina CoveyerKRONES 550ML MouldingKRONES600ML MouldingKRONES CoveyerKrones de enchimento MachineKrones Labellerfilm machineWater tratamento linear CompressorWeigh checkingJet SystemCoveyerDryerBeltLiquid de PrinterCIP de tinta nitrogênio de embrulho machineKRO ...
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Monobloc filling wine - liquors 36/8. 36 fill valves 8 heads Arol capping Cork Possibility to fill Max pressure is 1.5 bar Speed Max 10,000 b/h Format 1 litre
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Aseptic carton filler for milk IPI Model: SA 50/2 500 Format: 500ml base Output: 3300 U/h Year 2009 Machine in working condition till the 20-01-18
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Tribloco FIMER, model STR 9-9-1, for non-carbonated wines, Cork closure
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Automatic Telescopic filler for vegetables and solid products (volumetric system), includes 2 formats ( 0,5 kg and 1 kg cans )
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Brand: COBERT Model: AMBRA 30 Speed: 10000 bottles/hour Format: 0.75-1 Litre Number: A 90 30 006 Year: 1998 Condition: very good Characteristics: -Gravity filler. -Automatic rising and withdrawing of the machine. -Pipe regulation. -Automatic pistons lubrication system. -Left to right entry. -Vacuum pomp. -It is possible to connect a pilfer cap capper.
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Water Container Filler Brand: GYM Internacional, S.A Model: RTE 4-1 Speed: 400 bottles/ hour 8 L///400 bottles/hour 10L. Number: 25502-2091 Year: 2005 Condition: very good Technical characteristics: - Type dispenser: Endress + Hauser Dosimag A - Types of packaging: cylindrical glass bottle 225x 367 diam. -8L Bottle glass colíndrica 245x394 10L diam- - Voltages: 380 V 50 Hz 24 V 50 Hz - Powers: conveyor belt motor: 0.75 Kw Pump motor power: 1.5 Kw Feeder capsules: 0.5 Kw Control group: 0.2 k ...
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Dairy bottling Line Output: 4000 U/h Bottle Size: 1,5 l Valves-Filling Heads: 24
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Output: 12000 U/h Bottle Size: 1,5 Closures: PCO 1881 Labels: Rotary type automatic labelling machine Packing: 3 x 2 Palletizing: Europallet
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Dimensions:770mm X 820mm X 2100mm Condition: in good conditions Characteristics: This is a highly accurate semi-automatic stainless steel single-head weight filling machine capable of filling up to 500 containers per hour. The flexibility of this versatile system allows filling a wide range of liquid products such as oils, paints, agricultural and even adhesives. The system is also capable of filling powders and granules. Air Pressure required: 6 bar. The machine can fill containers from 100g to 11kg  ...
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Used filler for alcoholic beverages and wine. 18 filling valves. Inlet left Speed: 2.500 BPH
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