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2 MÜLLER label looms MÜGRIP 2 type MBJ2 1/1000 year 1993 and 1991 Tafeta jacquard SEC3 640 repeat 9 x 90 mm 8 colours MÜDATA 3 KAST 897 warp tension controller the 2 looms are supplied with: total label take-up roller total 60 thermal cutters total 14 working weft feeders
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1 vertical sample warper made HERGETH type MS 6/180, 180 cm working width, minimum warp length 6 m, maximum warp length (always multiple of 6 m) depending on the density and the count of the yarn to be warped, with 10 colour creel, with beaming machine with expanding reed
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1 GENKINGER dobby changing trolley type FDCT, year 2002 carrying capacity 400 Kg
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8 batch winders SIMAT, type AT 2 winding diameter up to 1.200 mm, batcher were working with SULZER P7100 153 (3900 mm) machines
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