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Technical data: -Manufacturer: Binmak Type MR1050x75 -Country of origin: Turkey -BJ. approximately 2016 Work area approx. 1000x2mm -with foot pedal -Electric Weight approx. 300 kg -Roll diameter: 75 mm
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Salam , We sale a Shirink wrapper machine (film and pad) kister year 1991 in good condition , at 35 pack/min fomat 0.33 litre 3x4 , 1.5litre 3x2 , 1 litre 3x2.
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Salam We sale a Twinpack HANDLE APPLICATOR INN VERRY GOOD CONDITION Characteristics: Handle applicator machine for easy speed of up to 45 packages per minute, Automatic machine for the application of self-adhesive handles in a variety of grouped products.
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Technical data: -Manufacturer. Binmak -Type: IKM 1.2 Country of origin Turkey -with foot pedal -Electric Geared motor 0, 75kw Power Weight approx. 300 kg Plates up to 1, 2mm Rack approximately 250mm / 140mm -with roller set
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SICAR 2000 combined planer and Thicknesser Planing width 500 mm, 3 - drum Technical data: Sicar 2000 planing width 500 mm 3-meter wave Length 2050 mm overall Motor power up to 3 kw / 4 HP maximum advance width forward 200 mm Weight 740 kg A VAT invoice is created for you.
Número de artículo: 132381949
TRUMPF TRUMATIC L3050 5kW Laser cutting machine (2002): In excellent maintenance and working condition. With Loadmaster automatic loader Machine working hours: 43.039 Working area: 3000 x 1500 x 100 mm Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840 D Max. melt steal.: 25 mm Max. stainless.: 20 mm Max. aluminimum.: 12 mm Laser: TLF 5000 LxWxH: 11.100 mm x 4.600 mm. x 2.400 mm Weight: 12.000 kg.
Número de artículo: 132377292
Bread slicer Make: TREIF Model: Discus SMART -ROUND KNIFE Deposit: 300 mm -Mobile -used, obsolete -with warranty Payment terms: By appointment Delivery: within Germany, House free with own vehicle
Número de artículo: 132376445
Batch-off compact, cool field length 5,5 m, flow rate 800-1300 kg / h
Número de artículo: 132376440
hydraylischer Kautschukspalter, cut width 600 mm, thickness 350 mm, cutting force 10 tons, two-hand operating unit, conveyor band
Número de artículo: 132376432
Brand: Angel 33/80 HLS Year of construction: 1996 Weight: 4900 kg Special equipment. 1 core pulling Machine is in very good condition. Ready to use. A new lock was built 5 years ago. 3 years ago a new hydraulic pump and proportional valves.
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autonomous double wig-wag offshoot for strips up to 120 mm in two Euro pallets
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Flake ice machine / shard ice machine MAJA Type: SA 70 3.9 A, 230 V / 50 Hz / 0.53 kW Performance: approx. 70 kg / 24 h CFC-free refrigerant: R 404a Year of construction: 2002 Total size: H124 x T66 x B60, 5 cm Function the machine ready, tested, ready to use! State see original pictures. Accessories see pictures.
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Air table Clipper TIPPER TIE Type: TCNV 200A for calibres up to 90 mm made of stainless steel suitable for natural casings including casings, ring casings or greasy, casings from collagen, cellulose or PVDC and bag made of polyester, polyethylene or linen Air pressure: 6 bar Clip types: flat clips T175 & T200 inclusive clip see Figure Dimensions of unit: L25 x B22 x H86, 5 cm Weight: 10kg Year of constr.: 2016 all-inclusive original operating instructions  ...
Número de artículo: 132350002
Edge grinder Rehnen-new- Type: Junior R 1 Engine power 2,2 kW speed 22 m / s belt size 2280 x 150 mm with band oscillating abrasive belt rear 850 x 150 mm swivelled 90 - 180 °-table size 750 x 350 mm with plate on the deflection roller top with heavy cast iron with built-in Three-phase motor 380 V, 2.2 kW 2850 rpm the engine is equipped with built-in switch / plug combination; Motor protection switch and main switch according to VDE decaled dimensions of the rear wall of the sanding belt 850 x 150 mm which is ...
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Linearer Füller für dick und funkelnden Produkte, Waschmittel mit einem Fassungsvermögen von 1 l können mit 12 oder mit 6 pistons.Current Format 1 L arbeiten.
Número de artículo: 132349794
Linear filler for thick and sparkling products, detergents with a capacity of 1 l, can work with 12 or with 6 pistons. Current format 1L
Número de artículo: 132341247
AYEL-TECH RING BENDING MACHINE TYPE PK 35 -Asdiameter 50 mm -Digital uitlezing -Draait right en linksom -Horizon eel/verticaal te sump -Voetbediening -Noodstop -Documentatie -400V DUTCHMACH Metal working machinery ENSCHEDE - NETHERLANDS (3 km from the German border)
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Salam , We sale a Shirink wrapper machine Dimac year 1998 in good condition , at 40 pack/min fomat 2 litre 3x2 , 1.5litre 3x2 , 1 litre 3x2.
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Year of manufacture 2004 Control Siemens 840 d Traverse paths x 400 mm Z 400 mm Hours of operation 17.427 h Main spindle: Spindle speed 8,000 rpm Spindle head 100 mm Bee3obzuh9 Spindle bore 32 mm Counter spindle: Spindle speed 8,000 rpm Spindle head 100 mm spindle bore 32 mm Switching revolver: Number stations 16 x Powered 8 Tool holder VDI16 Dimensions and weight: 2,645 mm x 1,730 mm x 1.715 mm Weight approx. 2500 kg
Número de artículo: 132332770
Edge sanding machine Wegoma Type TB 319 Year of construction 1989 Engine power 3 kW Sanding belt width 150 mm
Número de artículo: 132332741
Technical data: Brand: Mitsubishi Type: FX 20 K Year: 1998 Procedures in the X, Y, Z axes: 500 x 350 x 300 mm Procedures in the U, V-axis: +-32 mm Maximum workpiece size: 1050 x 800 x 295 mm Maximum workpiece weight: 800 kg Table dimensions: 780 x 630 mm Rest: See data sheets.
Número de artículo: 132332727
Fold sheet press with strapping Heidelberg HSB 34; good condition; cleaned and checked. Format max. 34x23cm,. 14x8cm. Staple length max. 55 cm, min. 17 cm; Wide packing tape 12 mm; Compressed air required (6 bar).
Número de artículo: 132332718
4 ZKGs, je 717 hl Brutto- / 560 hl Nettoinhalt, max. 0,9 bar, unbenutzt, kühlbar über 3 Glykolkühlzonen im Mantel und 1 im Konus, isoliert 150mm, Trapezblech-verkleidet, Domdeckel mit Armaturen, Spritzkopf, PT-100, Probenehmer, Aufstellung auf Standzarge, H: 11.730 mm, Außen-Ø: 3.850 mm, Innen-Ø: 3.500 mm. Preis VB 4 ZKGs, Fje 348 hl Bruttoinhalt, max. 0,9 bar, unbenutzt, kühlbar über 3 Glykolkühlzonen im Mantel und 1 im Konus, isoliert 150mm, Trapezblech-verkleidet, stehend auf 4 Füßen, mit Armaturen ...
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Wire erosion machine AGIE challenge 2 Inv.-No. 2768 - 2001. Connection: 9kVA 3 x 400V 50 HZ 13,1A Size: 2,20 x 2.2 x 2,40 m Weight 3600 kg Control: Agievision Hours: 95.516 Defect: The machine is no longer to ride high.
Número de artículo: 132332707
Machine 2 Vertical lathe CTV 160 design left Beerxbaiya Control Siemens 840 d Year 2013 In operation taken 2014
Número de artículo: 132332700
Machine 1 Vertical lathe CTV 160 design right Control Siemens 840 d Year 2013 In operation taken 2014
Número de artículo: 132332664
STOCK NUMBER : 13120 Machine: Rollforming line for profiles Manufacturer : Hebei Yufa Tile Press Equipment Co. Ltd Location : Greece Condition : NEW MACHINE NEVER WORKED WARRANTY IS VALID Secification Raw material Type : GI Steel Thickness : 0.6MM Yield strength: 240Mpa TO 350Mpa De-coilerOperation Manual Weight capacity 6tons Main body Roller station 15roller stations Diameter of shaft 55mm Material of shaft 45#steel with 0.05mm chrome Material of rollers 45#steel with 0.05mm chrome Cha ...
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Machine type CNC turning and milling center brand MAZAK SQT type 10 M year 1997 control type CNC storage France country of origin Japan delivery time upon request freight base from site technical details Turning diameter 350 mm turning length 500 mm control MAZATROL T 32 swing over bed 525 mm swing over slide 300 mm of spindle cone A 2-6 spindle bore 64 mm spindle drive 18.5 kW speed 4000 RPM revolver 12 additional information with driven tools Tool eye Part catcher
Número de artículo: 132332590
Vertical stamping machine with pneumatic sliding table Year of construction: 1991 pressure: 500 Ramp width: 250 mm Heating: 130x150mm height: 260 mm
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Teigausrollmaschien A. Fritsch kg model: 3WK630 roll fix. Band width 610 mm. SER. No.: 3WK630117717867 Dimensions: 1800x1100x1150mm Elek. Voltage: 380V Condition: works. PS: on our homepage, you will find other various gastro devices in range. greeting
Número de artículo: 132332548
Carso & Aaby-staal P40 Portionieren machine Portioning machine, wheels, dimensions 48 x 55 x 11
Número de artículo: 132332527
Kombinierte Mercerizing und Waschen Linie aus: Pozzi 36 Zylinder Mercerizing, Roller breite 1800 mm, Bj 1989. Mit 1 Waschen Einheit BABCOCK 2000 mm gemacht Roller breite YOC 1995 mit Elcetrical Schrank komplett erneuert in 2011 mit Siemens control. Waschen Linie von 3 waschen Einheit Babcock Modell Traflotex mit mittleren Padders Roller breite 2000 mm YOC 1980
Número de artículo: 132332526
Combined Mercerizing and Washing Line made of : Pozzi 36 cylinder Mercerizing, Roller Width 1800 mm, YOC 1989. With 1 Washing Unit BABCOCK 2000 mm Roller Width YOC 1995 with Elcetrical Cabinet completely renewed in 2011 with Siemens control. Washing Line made of 3 Washing Unit Babcock Model Traflotex with intermediate padders , Roller Width 2000 mm YOC 1980
Número de artículo: 132332416
It involves 350-100 an ARBURG 221 KS Machine is currently still in operation. DEFECTS: heating control to not work properly. Installed new control card 2013, for â?¬3.041,57
Número de artículo: 132332410
Lathe CNC TC 600 65 Manufacturer: Spinner YEAR: 2013 Control Siemens... Sinumerik 840 D Turning diameter... 600mm Turning length... 650mm Spindle bore... 65mm X axis... 275mm Z axis... 700mm Spinldedrehzahl... 0-4000 RPM Magazine places... 16 VDi 30 Swing diameter over support... 400mm l x w x h... 2500 x 1600 x 2000 The weight of the machine... 5800kg Power of main engine... 5/10kW In good condition, possible to try out under power.
Número de artículo: 132332400
Merkmale: Automatic Maschine zum füllen, verschließen und Kapselung in Linie von Flaschen in verschiedenen Größen. Die Maschine besteht aus einer Abfüllung Station mit 16 Armaturen und eine Kappe-Station für einen Korken Kork und einer anderen GAP-Station für eine Obturator Stopper aus Kunststoff und Aluminium, mit einem Inertgas-Einspritzsystem vor Schließung und auch eine Spalte Gas Kohlendioxid fo R-Schaumweine. Die Produktion der Monoblock ist 3,000 Flaschen pro Stunde mit elektrischer Regelung von Cont ...
Número de artículo: 132332399
Characteristics: Automatic machine for filling, capping and encapsulation in line of bottles of different sizes. The machine is formed by a bottling station with 16 taps, and a cap station for a cork cork stopper, and another cap station for an obturator stopper made of plastics and aluminum, with an inert gas injection system before closing and also a column gas for carbon dioxide for sparkling wines. The production of the monoblock is 3.000 bottles per hour with electric regulation by control panel, input from l ...
Número de artículo: 132332398
MAFAC spritz - flood - washer mod. SF 60-40 / BJ. 95 / filling quantity 305 l / 6 bar / temperature 60° / 15 kW / 600 m³ h. / up 280 L-min. / good condition Fe.gi.Maschinen.SBG.at MAFAC spray - flood - cleaning system model SF 60-40 / year 95 / capacity 305 l / 6 bar / temperature 60° / 15 kW / 600 m³ h. / up to 280 L-min. / good condition Fe.gi.Maschinen.SBG.at
Número de artículo: 132332379
Round pile feeder (RD66.1 Serial number 700581-281053), 1st unit TD66 1.4 - 4 x buckle plates, noise hoods, slit and score shaft (Serial number 700581-281053), 2nd unit TD66 1.4 – 4 x buckle plates, noise hoods, slit and perf shaft Serial number 700581-281053)VSF52 knife unit (Serial number 700243-280013), VSA presser/stacker 86.D MKE.D (Serial number 106836-262535)
Número de artículo: 132327971
ES 200/45 HL Pro Series Screw diameter : 25mm Now is running in factory
Número de artículo: 132327967
VC 330/120 TECH PRO Screw diameter : 30mm Operating hours - 83975h - 5636h - 21860h - 80313h - 14737h Now is running in factory
Número de artículo: 132326818
Guillotine Wohlenberg Model 92 MCS2TV Year 1988 Cutting length 920 mm Details Airtable Large sidetable left + right Photocells Digital Program MCS with monitor Available direct
Número de artículo: 132326816
Folding machine Stahl Model T50 Year 1992 ? Sheet size 500 x 850 mm Buckles 4 Knives 1 knife Details with noise hoods, flat pile feeder, EVZ11 batch counter, belt delivery Available direct
Número de artículo: 132326812
Folding machine (32 pages) Stahl Model TD78/442+K Year 2000 Working width 780 mm Feeder flat pile feeder + Tremat separation head Buckles 4+4+2 buckles + VFZ52 Mobile knife Delivery Lega 55 upright+pressing stacker Details First section 780 mm, second second 660 mm, third section 560 mm, knife section 520 mm Available direct
Número de artículo: 132296497
Professional packaging machine with Verpakungstrasse, scales and tables Manufacturer SOCO system maximum carton size: 45 cm wide and 50 cm high, length unlimited. Through the automatic height and width adjustment T 55 is ideal for packaging lines with different carton sizes At the same time two operators can work on each side of the Packtisches. more data see Google SOCO Denmark
Número de artículo: 132296494
Heidelberg SBGZ-hot foil stamping the year 2016 (1963) size 56 x 77 cm Puricelli system 6 heating zones heated chase very good condition in production
Número de artículo: 132296492
SITMA C-905 line-film wrapping system year 1998 machines: SITMA and 525 SITMA C 905 SITMA and 711 feeders: SITMA 572 BT SITMA and 675 x 2 SITMA and 978-B Promak Gamma label machine the counter about 11.000 pcs cycles about-39.000.000 length about 6.250 mm
Número de artículo: 132296483
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Production line for applying external insulation RK-M Product Data: Cable type: Coax Cores Diameter over insulation: 3 - 20 mm Insulation material: LSOH, PVC ,PE Line Data Line geared for: max. 300 m/min. at barrel diameter: 400 mm Cable passage over floor: 1000 mm Reel data Pay-off stand: AUF 5.16 Flange diameter: 800 1600 mm Width over hubs: 500 - 1500 mm Max. reel weight: 5.000 kg Longitudinal tape pay-off: RBA 1041 Outer diame ...
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Gluing machine OMMA FTF. 1300.2 M 4-roller machine Job width 1300 mm Built in 1987 Face approx. 1200 kg L x W x H: 2.5 x 1.0 x 1.8 m The machine is in good condition, ready to use. Subject to changes, errors, prior sale! Service/spare parts by MATEC CH-4952 Eriswil/DE-79618 Rheinfelden MATEC systems + technology GmbH Mechanical engineering Mill mat 4 CH-4952 Eriswil/Switzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
Número de artículo: 132296468
BN 490 €
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Anchors be glue and loading machine BIESSE SV/J Masch. No. 476/86 L x W x H: 0.8 x 0.8 x 2.3 m Built in 1986 Weight approx. 480 kg The machine is in good condition, ready to use. Subject to changes, errors, prior sale! Service/spare parts by MATEC CH-4952 Eriswil/DE-79618 Rheinfelden MATEC systems + technology GmbH Mechanical engineering Mill mat 4 CH-4952 Eriswil/Switzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
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