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Número de artículo: 141957074
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Hydraulic frame press from Polzer with a clamping dimension of 3000 x 2250mm For pressing window elements and frames. Special version with 2200mm press height Hydraulic unit 1.1 kW Maximum press size: approx. 3000 x 2250mm Minimum pressing size: approx. 700 x 0mm Pressure beams on ball bearings easily movable Hole grid 50mm Vertical cylinders with quick adjustment and weight compensation Side pressure device on ball bearings easily movable and lockable Compressive force per cylinder 2000kp (20000N) C ...
Número de artículo: 141956042
Manufacturer: Finn Power Model: A5-25 Built: 2004 Control: Siemens 840 D Machine type: Punch Machine location: EXTERN general: Sheet size (max): 2,530 x 1,270 mm Sheet weight (max):200 kg Material thickness (max.): 8 mm Punching force: 230 kN Punching -- a (max.): 89 mm Tool stations: 20 Travel in X/Y axis: 2.584/1.317 mm Rapid speed in X/Y axis: 90/60 m/min
Número de artículo: 141956034
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Craggy span lementapprox approx. 900 kg edge pressure per element, ball bearings guided, sideways movable clamping elements, switchable individually or in groups or all together, for simultaneous parallel work of different workpiece widths and pressing times, height-adjustable plate holder and chassis, swivel, technical data: edge pressure per element: 900 kg, lengths 1.2 - 6 m, edge thickness max. 80 mm, heating rail 2400 mm, operating pressure 6 bar, best condition
Número de artículo: 141909684
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country-de DE
Max pressing force: 500 kN Stroke triggering via foot switch
Número de artículo: 141864797
OVERVIEW Brand: Trumpf Model: Trumatic 120R Application Type: Punching Machine Type: Punching machines Availability: Immediately Production Year: 1992 Location: Croatia Origin Country: Germany Production Hours: 32000 GENERAL DATA Measurements width: 3800 mm Measurements depth: 3500 mm Measurements height: 2000 mm Machine weight: 4300 kg CONTROL UNIT Brand: BOSCH Model: 220 CNC main language: English CNC language customizable: Yes MAIN DRIVE Punching force: 150 kN MOVEMENT X-Ax ...
Número de artículo: 141864732
Hot press SERGIANI model GS 6/90 with: - electronic control SIEMENS TOUCH SCREEN - platens soft closing managed by electronic control - assembled planes 3000x1300mm - planes covering by mylard - 1 daylight - 6 hydraulic pistons - exclusion of 2 side pistons - total pressure 90 tonn - oil electric boiler Machine at CE norms
Número de artículo: 141820010
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Tool change trolley for presses 40 to
Número de artículo: 141661910
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In this offer we would like to propose you Greenbank SC3000 EPS Compactor Used machine, checked and tested – everything works fine Price: 17 000 euro’s (net price) Technical details: Capacity: 180-250 kg/h (depends on the EPS density) EPS block: 37 x 37 cm (length can be regulated) Volume reduction: 40:1 Motor: 15 kW Power supply: 3 x 415 V, 45 A Machine dimensions: 4965 x 1415 x 2405 mm Machine weight : 1250 kg Inlet size: 1780 x 1240 mm 3 months warranty! If you have further quest ...
Número de artículo: 141595499
Mechanical Press in excelent condition. Can be inspected in operating. Location Northern Italy near Turin Power 400 tons Strokes per minute 18 Shut height 1000 mm Fixed slide stroke 320 mm Press plan dimension 2500 x 1500 mm Slide table dimension 2500 x 1500 mm Front light uprights 2520 mm Lateral light uprights 480 mm Slide adjustment no Extraction rod stroke 200 mm Number of lower cushions 2 Max extraction of upper cams 170 mm
Número de artículo: 141593822
Machine in excellent condition. Located in Northern Italy near Turin. Can be inspected. Nominal Power 200 tonn Height closed die 900 mm Fixed stroke slide 700 mm Dimension table 1300 x 1000 mm Dimension ram 1300 x 1000 mm Light between uprights 1350 mm Max distance table – ram (PMS) 1000 mm Bottom cushion 1 Stroke rod extraction 250 mm Max extraction top cammes 190 mm Overall dimension 2400 x 1500 x 5000 h
Número de artículo: 141583862
Machine in excellent condition. Can be inspected in operating location Northern Italy near Turin Mod: S2 400 - 108 - 60 Power: 400 tons Cushions characteristics Press table dimension: 2743x1524 mm Number of cushions: 2 Cushions dimensions: 1143 x 990 mm Number of openings in the bench: 2 Cushions pressure: 70 tons (at 5kg / cm3 _air press.) Cushions Stroke: 203 mm Cylinder diameter: 914.4 mm
Número de artículo: 141526755
PNEUMATIC CLAMPER for frame and cabinet door - STROMAB STA 2500 year of manufacturing 1999 CE standard working area 2500x1200 mm vertical motorized bar No. 2 horizontal cylinders
Número de artículo: 141526754
ROTATING PNEUMATIC CLAMPER for panels - STROMAB ST 3000 year of manufacturing 1999 CE standard working area 3000x1200 mm No. 3 working stations with manual rotation No. 9 pneumatic frontal pressers (No. 3 for each working station) No. 18 pneumatic vertical pressers (No. 6 for each working station)
Número de artículo: 141526645
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Hydraulic corner connection press with retractable abutment and support arms Profile width: max. 140 mm Punchstroke: max. 15 mm Punching hoe: max. 112 mm Weight: approx. 520 kg
Número de artículo: 141525873
12.000 CHF
country-ch CH
Machine type: BOA Continette II Theoretical volume capacity approx. 120m3/h Practical volume capacity approx. 72m3/h Cycle time idle Approx. 12 sec Filling opening L x W Approx. 800 x 700 mm Bale size H x W ( L = variable ) Approx. 800 x 800 mm Number of horizontal binding wires 4 Pressing force main press 43 to Specific pressure 65N/cm2 Drive 1 x 35 kW / 400/50Hz Machine weight approx. 7 to Colour Blue Built in 2006 Masch. No. Price position: from place as seen, intermediate sale reserved, Availab ...
Número de artículo: 141481107
Non ferrous and light iron baler Overhauled with new ram seals and liners Excellent condition
Número de artículo: 141480958
ECCENTRICPRESS WITH PNEUM. CLUTCH St. no. : 7893 Make : Goiti Type : NBR-63 New : 1975 Machine no. : 75/469 Capacity : 63 Ton Table dimensions : 800 x 515 mm Ram dimensions : 440 x 280 mm Shut height max. : 350 mm Dimensions bolster plate : 785 x 505 mm Thickness of the bolster plate : 80 mm Throat depth : 280 mm Clearance hole in the table : 240 mm Clearance hole in bolster plate : 110 mm Stroke : 8 - 110 mm Distance between the columns : 300 mm Ram adjustment : 65 mm Strokes an minute  ...
Número de artículo: 141480112
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country-de DE
Essa Type PLA 30, No. 55710, BJ 80, Weight 2,010 kg, Pressing force 30 t., up to approx. 900 beats / min. Recording of the pestle 40mm Width distance between columns approx. 450 mm, incl. soundproofing cabin approx. 2x2.5x1.6 m, Machine weight approx. 1,350 kg, Sale from location. You will receive an invoice with VAT on purchase The machine is sold exclusively as seen and without any assurance of certain properties. The buyer must take a picture of the machine for himself. The machine can be inspected ...
Número de artículo: 141340846
OVERVIEW Brand: Murata Wiedemann Model: M3048 TG Application Type: Punching Machine Type: Punching machines Availability: Immediately Production Year: 2015 Location: United Kingdom Origin Country: Japan Production Hours: 1239 GENERAL DATA Measurements width: 1250 mm Measurements depth: 2500 mm Machine weight: 14600 kg CONTROL UNIT Brand: Fanuc MAIN DRIVE Punching force: 300 kN See full technical specifications of this machine at: http://bit.ly/2noyAJu
Número de artículo: 141288073
Swan neck hydraulic press GALFER type ME 30/2 Pressure 30 Ton Table 900 x 520 mm Ram travel 400 mm Max distance between table/ram 600 mm Power 7 kW Weight 3000 Kg
Número de artículo: 141287482
Electric-hydraulic veneer press OTT CO 13-25 Y.O.M. 2009 Machine is in very good condition, almost as good as new. -Gold anodized heating press plates. Plate size 1300 x 2500 mm Opening width approx. 350 mm -4 hydraulic cylinders 85 mm diameter Total press pressure 80 To -Automatic pressure adjustment via pressure adjustment device, whereby the setting pressure is determined from a clearly readable pressure table. -Separate temperature control devices for upper and lower heating plate with SO ...
Número de artículo: 141241467
Número de artículo: 141194924
Max Bed Size: 131.5" x 113" (3340 mm x 2870 mm), Upper Tool Weight: 40-Ton, Max Stroke: 26.4" (670 mm), Max Approach Speed: 15.7 IPS (400 mm/s); Max Pressing Speed: 0.5 IPS, (13 mm/s); Max Raising Speed: 11 IPS (280 mm/s), with T-Slotted Ram & Bolster Plate, Electrical Controls, 250-HP Main Pump Drive Motor, Top Mounted Hydraulic Power Unit, PanelMate Control Panel, Dual Palm Button Operation, Operator Control Console, and All Associated Components & Accessories (IMPORTANT NOTE: Press is Disassembled and In Storag ...
Número de artículo: 141194902
8 x Schuler 800 TM mechanical presses, single action Table 2800 X 1500 MM (can be modified into 2800 x 2000 mm), Stroke 850 mm, Slide adjustment 500 MM
Número de artículo: 141191692
POR line composed by: Wood grinder POR model MAGNUM: - knives rotor, motor HP 25 - hydraulic unit HP 2 - box opening 870 x 730mm - indicative production from 250 to 350 kg/h - overall dimensions 1700x1300xh=1750 - weight kg 1500 about Dust extraction filter ALFARIMINI at 4 bags with connection pipes from the machines Briquetting press POR model OSCAR: - briquette diameter D=70mm - briquette length from 80 to 300mm - hydraulic unit HP 12,5 - cooling unit for the hydraulic circuit - indicative producti ...
Número de artículo: 141146878
- Frame and edge press 1-sided/stationary - Usable dimension in mm as frame press 2630 x 1610 (with option QCL 02) - Usable dimension in mm as edge press 3000 x 1610 - External dimensions in mm 3200 x 2090 x 730 - stable frame weld construction made of strong-walled profile tubes and laser-processed sheet steel parts stand for a torsion-free and dimensional press base frames (no screwed frame parts!) - 3 rolling, vertical pressure beams type SK made of strong-walled Profile tube galvanic galvanized with h ...
Número de artículo: 141146876
Hydraulic straightening press JENNY type ERP 25 Pressure 25 Ton Table 2000 ÷ 6400 x 350 mm Ram travel 400 mm Bench extender (right) 2900 x 350 mm - Bench extender (left) 1500 x 350 mm
Número de artículo: 141146873
C-frame press RADAELLI type MEDITERRANEO 4 Pressure 300 Ton Table 2230 x 1150 mm Ram travel 300 mm Slide adjustment 150 mm Strokes por minute 15 ÷ 35 Max distance between table/ram 1000 mm Cushion 60 Ton Stroke of cushion 170 mm Power 18 kW Double connecting rod - Ram surface 2000 x 1100 mm Variable stroke (Colpi/min)
Número de artículo: 141146819
Pressing force 50 t Binding Horizontal, 4 Wire in operation until the end of August, very well maintained machine Transport weight approx. 20 t
Número de artículo: 141056788
Dough part and actuator W&P Rotamat EN Bread press with 3 plates Stand machine 30 in part, Weight range 30-80 g = 900-2400 g, Bread press Rotamat EN from the manufacturer WP is ideal for sharing and circular ingesting Teigen new knife star, newly coated dough ring, with protective visor DGUV V3 tested Connection 400 V, 1kW, 16A-CEE plug, Used machine overhauled with 6 months warranty
Número de artículo: 141056786
Dough part and actuator W&P Rotamat EN Bread press with 3 plates Stand machine 30 in part, Weight range 30-80 g = 900-2400 g, Bread press Rotamat EN from the manufacturer WP is ideal for sharing and circular ingesting Teigen new knife star, newly coated dough ring, with protective visor DGUV V3 tested Connection 400 V, 1kW, 16A-CEE plug, Used machine overhauled with 6 months warranty
Número de artículo: 141008055
OVERVIEW Brand: Trumpf Model: Trumatic 500R Application Type: Punching Machine Type: Punching machines Availability: Immediately Production Year: 1998 Location: Italy Origin Country: Germany Production Hours: 42094 GENERAL DATA Measurements width: 6900 mm Measurements depth: 5800 mm Machine weight: 11050 kg CONTROL UNIT Brand: TRUMAGRAPH Model: CC220S MAIN DRIVE Punching force: 220 kN WORKPIECE Workpiece weight: 150 kg MEDIA Main electronic connection: 400 V 50 Hz See full  ...
Número de artículo: 141007928
BN 2.350 €
country-de DE
Hydropneumatic working method Max pressure: 45 kN Instance height: Max. 93 mm
Número de artículo: 140962987
BN 590 €
country-at AT
- Dimensions WxHxD;approx. 600 x 2550 x 1150 mm - Weight;approx. 1000 kg
Número de artículo: 140957005
Power connection 400V 13kW 2 heating plates of 1200 x 2250 mm Heating plates controlled by 2 thermostats Pressing pressure at 250 bar LxDxH: 2590 x 1330 x 1950 mm Weight approx. 1500 kg Pressing thickness 380 mm
Número de artículo: 140904612
Power 200 tons Shut eight 1000 mm Fixed slide Stroke 670 mm Press plan dimension 1700 x 1000 mm Slide table dimension 1675 x 1000 mm Distance between front uprights 1750 mm Max table-slide distance 1120 mm Number of lower cushions 1 Extraction rod stroke 250 mm Year of construction 1972
Número de artículo: 140904187
Power connection 400V 24A Pressing height 380 mm Press width 1100 mm Pressing length 2550 mm Pressing pressure 4.0 kg/cm2 HxLxW: 1920 x 2800 x 1230 mm Weight approx. 2000 kg Pressure infinitely adjustable
Número de artículo: 140904168
Power 70 tons Strokes per minute 200 Closed die height stroke = 80 = 440 mm Closed die height stroke = 14 = 473 mm Variable Stroke 14 - 80 mm Press plan dimension 1000 x 550 mm Slide table dimension 750 x 550 mm Distance between the lateral uprights 565 mm Max distance table – slide 520 mm Number of lower cushions 1 Year of construction 1967
Número de artículo: 140900516
OVERVIEW Brand: Trumpf Model: Trumatic 240R Application Type: Punching Machine Type: Punching machines Availability: Immediately Production Year: 1991 Location: Spain Origin Country: Germany Production Hours: 23105 GENERAL DATA Machine weight: 9000 kg CONTROL UNIT Brand: Bosch Model: Trumagraph CC300 MAIN DRIVE Punching force: 250 kN Maximum sheet thickness: 6,4 mm MOVEMENT X-Axis Movement: 2000 mm Y-Axis Movement: 1000 mm WORKPIECE Workpiece weight: 100 kg MEDIA Main electr ...
Número de artículo: 140809610
Functioned, disconnected, year-out undetected, worked until 06/2018 Main PISTON power: 630 t Pridrziavaca Piston Power: 4 x 100 t (total 630 + 4x100 = 1030 tonnes) Head piston Stroke: 1651 mm Stroke of piston mouldings: 850 mm Lightness Pridrziavaca poured: 1829 mm Light under the baroque main piston: 2971 mm Base plate dimensions, table: 1600 x 1727 mm Overall size of the mill: 2520 x 2590 x 9905 mm Vyska press above the floor: 6871 mm Loading of 500 tonovym zeriavom and disassembled not included
Número de artículo: 140668157
300To dppel stand eccentric press: crank press- grating press â?¢ Built in 1971 â?¢ NEW control since 2008 â?¢ Manufacturer Wilkins & Michell S2-300-60-38 â?¢ Pressing force 3,000 kN â?¢ Press table 1524x914 â?¢ Fixed stroke: 203mm â?¢ Lower dead point: 228 - 380mm â?¢ Height: approx. 5.5m + underfloor â?¢ Renewal of all bronze bushings in 2010 â?& ...
Número de artículo: 140668150
Müller 500To Hydraulic double stand press with draw cushion: Pressing force 5,000 kN â?¢ NEW control since 2004 (Bosch Rexroth) â?¢ Press table: 1600x1100 â?¢ Plug size 1140x640 â?¢ Stroke max: 530mm â?¢ Installation H. Stroke top: 800 mm â?¢ Pull cushion force: 0-770kN at 160 bar â?¢ Height: approx. 6m + underfloor 850mm â?¢ Weight: approx. 45To â?¢ Power: ...
Número de artículo: 140668134
OVERVIEW Brand: Trumpf Model: Trumatic 600L Application Type: Punching Machine Type: Punching machines Availability: immediately Production Year: 2000 Location: Latvia Origin Country: Germany Production Hours: 100506 GENERAL DATA Measurements width: 7000 mm Measurements depth: 8000 mm Measurements height: 2500 mm Machine weight: 16000 kg CONTROL UNIT Brand: Siemens Model: Sinumerik 840D PCI/ISA BOX CNC main language: English CNC language customizable: Yes MAIN DRIVE Laser power: 1 ...
Número de artículo: 140620756
KNIEHEBELPRESSE MAY MKN 1-63 Punching force: 63 t Table: 580x365mm Stroke: 60mm max. installation height: 250mm Outload: 200mm
Número de artículo: 140620754
EXCENTERPRESSE DIRINLER CDCS 600 P Punching force: 60 t Table: 750x500mm Stroke: 80mm max. installation height: 360mm Outload: 245mm
Número de artículo: 140620750
External press Smeral Lenr 25 A Built: 1977 Punching force: 25to Table: 530x370 mm
Número de artículo: 140620365
OVERVIEW Brand: Finn-Power Model: A5 SV Application Type: Punching Machine Type: Punching machines Availability: Immediately Production Year: 2004 Location: Germany Origin Country: Finland Production Hours: 41968 GENERAL DATA Machine weight: 13500 kg CONTROL UNIT Brand: SIEMENS Model: Sinumerik 840D MAIN DRIVE Punching force: 230 kN MOVEMENT X-Axis Movement: 2584 mm WORKPIECE Workpiece drm: 1270 mm x 2530 mm TABLE Outer length: 1270 mm Outer width: 2530 mm TOOLS Number o ...
Número de artículo: 140620343
With feed. Technical data: Brand: Kaiser Type: PZ 60 Pressing force: 85 t Stroke adjustment: 8-60 mm Impact completion: 70 mm Stroke / min: 60-180 Rest: See datasheets.
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