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Stephan UMB25 universal machine second-hand two-speed 1410/2850 R/min incl. Blade Assembly Machine tilt for the removal of the processed medium Bowl made of stainless steel, 25 liters for batches of up to 18 litres Machine must be thoroughly cleaned prior to use. full run Viedo on test run and more pictures available
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GENERAL Project No.: 905001 Number: 1 PCs. Manufacturer: Gildemeister Type: CTV 250 Control: Siemens 840 D SlimLine Year of constr.: 2017 State of preservation: second-hand machine Machine a (hours): 7,600 Spindle a (hours): 4,900 DESCRIPTION TURNING Axes X/Y/Z/C Maximum turning length 200 mm Maximum swing over bed cover 350 mm Maximum Chuck diameter 250 mm Max speed main spindle 5000 1/min Maximum performance main spindle in ED 10-40 / 100% 25 kW Maximum torque of main spindle in ED 10-40 ...
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GENERAL Project No.: 905002 Number: 1 PCs. Manufacturer: Gildemeister Type: CTV 250 Control: Siemens 840 D SlimLine Year of constr.: 2017 State of preservation: second-hand machine Machine a (hours): 6,300 Spindle a (hours): 4,400 DESCRIPTION TURNING Axes X/Z/C Maximum turning length 200 mm Maximum swing over bed cover 350 mm Maximum Chuck diameter 250 mm Max speed main spindle 5000 1/min Maximum performance main spindle in ED 10-40 / 100% 25 kW Maximum torque of main spindle in ED 10-40 / ...
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n very good technical condition. Built in 2007. Control: HEIDENHAIN CNC PILOT 4290. Maximum turning diameter: 445 mm, length 1000 mm, maximum diameter 380 mm, clamping feed 3000 mm. 12 tools of which 6 x drive. Working hours: 7855 Machine weight: 9.000 kg
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Jahr 12/2000 Install in 2001 Max Bahnbreite: 48"(1219,2 mm) Impression Zylinderumfang: 69" (1752,6 mm) Product Größe: 219 x 304,8 mm 21 Millionen Eindrücke Equipped: 2 MEG Auto-Pasten Two Web Führungseinheit mit doppelten Timson in der Tat Gerät. 2 Einheiten Decke, Decke drucken Einheiten Timpson Pinsel Dämpfung System Technotrans Kühlsystem Geräte 1 Ordnertyp M3C/4-2D Stitching System Streamliner 2000 Ink Rührwerke Ink Fernbedienung mit der Konsole Grafikontrol System Plate Bender Stacker Gämmerler KL 25 ...
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Year 12/2000 Install in 2001 Max Web width: 48” (1219,2 mm) Impression cylinder circumference: 69” (1752,6 mm) Product size: 219 x 304,8 mm 21 million impressions Equipped : 2 MEG auto-pastes Two Web guide unit with double Timson indeed unit. 2 Units blanket to blanket print units Timpson brush dampening system Technotrans cooling devices 1 Folder Type M3C/4-2D Stitching system streamliner 2000 Ink agitators Ink remote control system with console Grafikontrol system Plate bende ...
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Manufacturer MAZAK Year 2017 Mazatrol smart control system Maximum swing diameter of 580 mm Chuck size 8" Bar passage 51 mm Centering spindle axis 1 020 mm MAIN SPINDLE Max speed 4000 U / min Motor power 11.0 kW Maximum torque 131 NM Number of stations on the drum revolver 8 Driver 25 mm Bohrstangenschaftdurchmesser max 32 mm Indexing time (a step) 0.20 s Rapid traverse (x) 30 m / min Rapid traverse (Z axis) 30 m / min Range (X-axis) 140 mm Range (Z axis) 305 mm Content of the cooling contai ...
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Manufacturer: MAZAK Year of construction: 2018 Machine control: Mazatrol SmoothC CNC Bed 250 mm (universal) Maximum spindle rotation speed 4000 min-1 Main spindle power 11 kW Main spindle feed 8 "by Chuck B 218A0615 (51 mm round) Standard accessories: Transformer type SD memory interface (1 port) + (1 port) USB interface setting tool Tool holder set (6) Coasters for anchoring 8-position drum head (bolt type)
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Control HEIDENHAIN... TNC 620 Clamping table surface... 1800 x 700mm X axis... 1600mm Y axis... 750mm Z axis... 900mm Maximum table load... 3000kg ISO 50 Spindle speed... 0-4000 RPM Power of main engine... 20/30kW Magazine places... 24 Feed... 10000mm / min Rapid traverse axis X... 16m / min Rapid traverse axis Y... 16m / min Rapid traverse axis Z... 12m / min The weight of the machine... 13000kg In very good condition, possible to try out under power.
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Manufacturer: DMG type: CTX 450 eco V3 Year of constr.: 2014 control: Siemens 840 D swing above bed: 650 mm travel plan: 267 mm Longitudinal travel: 600 mm Speed range from - until:-4000 RPM Approximate weight: 5,800 kg equipment Axles: 3 driven tools: 12 hollow clamping device: Yes tailstock: Yes Quill stroke automatic: Yes Chip conveyor: Yes Accessories: Rod package + interface Workpiece pick-up facility Connecting rod loader Bar passage diameter. 65 Subject to error and sale.
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Control Siemens... 802 D si Turning diameter... 1600mm Turning length... 12000mm Spindle bore... 110mm Power of main engine... 99, 5kW In very good condition, possible to try out under power.
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Pneum. for drilling in 2 levels in one set-up, all types of framework plugging, such as longitudinal and transverse Friesen, mitred frame, easy transition to recesses,. Lifting and lowering 0-100 mm. Bohrtife 150 mm, 12 mm grid rail, precision. Chuck, sämtl. Attacks, drilling motor 1,5 kW - 400 v-
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Planing width 510 mm, maximum cut 16 mm, motor 5.5 kW - 400 v, hydr. Adjustment, length 3000 mm, digital display chip removal, heavy iron stand for smooth operation - made in Germany
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VERTICAL - ROTARY TABLE -. FLAT GRINDING MACHINE LODI DORMAC RV 600-14-10-073 Shipping time: immediately Number: 14-10-073 Manufacturer: Lodi Dormac Type: RV 600 MACHINE DATA Year of construction: approx. 2001 L x W x h: approx. 1700 x 1500 x 1900 mm Weight: 1800 kg Very good condition TECHNICAL DATA Control: conventional Loop scope: Grinding diameter: approx. Ã? 600 mm Grinding height: approx. 350 mm Grinding spindle: Grinding wheel dimensions: approx. Ã? 325 mm P ...
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START HOLE EDM MACHINE EXERON SD 100A 06-01-010 Shipping time: immediately Number: 06-01-010 Manufacturer: Exeron Type: SD 100a MACHINE DATA Year of construction: approx. 1990 L x W x h: approx. 1100 x 900 x 2100 mm Weight: 800 kg Very good condition TECHNICAL DATA Digital display: 2 - axis Electrodes Ã?: approx. Ã? 0,3-3,0 mm Procedures: X - axis: approx. 450 mm Y - axis: 180 mm Electrode length 400 mm Maximum workpiece weight: 200 kg Travel - EDM head: approx.  ...
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TOS Machine Name : Gear Hobbing Manufacturer : TOS Model : FO-10 Location : Transit Technical Specification: Max wheel diameter: 1000 mm Max modul: 10 Width of work-piece: 400 mm Table diameter: 850 mm Max gear diameter without tailstock: 1200 mm Milling diameter: 170 mm Milling speed: 20-125 U/min Hole in table: 100 mm Main motor: 7.5 kW Machine dimension: 3120x1870x2525 mm
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Cugir Machine Name : Gear Hobbing Manufacturer : Cugir Model : FD 1250 Location : Mumbai Technical Specification: Max. Working Diameter With Tailstock=1250 Mm Without Tailstock=1500 Mm Module=16 Axial Travel Of Milling Head=600 Mm Main Motor Power=15 Kw Overall Dimensions.L X L X H.47
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ROD TIP MACHINE ON 22-99-004 Shipping time: immediately ID: 22-99-004 Manufacturer: Contour Type: 667P/A MACHINE DATA Construction year: CA 1989 L x W x H: CA. 1300 x 900 x 1300 mm Weight: 300 kg Very good condition TECHNICAL DATA Control: conventional Rods Ã? (work area) approx. Ã? 6-67 mm Operating voltage: 380 v Other accessories on request Price and other specifications on request
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Forte Machine Name : Bandsaw Machine Manufacturer : Forte Location : Mumbai Year Of Manufacturing : Technical Specification: Make: Forte Capacity: 500mm Capacity 90 Approximately 420 Mm Flat 500 X 250 Mm Flat Mitered At 45 300 Mm 300 X 380 Mm Max. Opening Width Of Vise Mm - Saw-Band 4870 X 25 X 0.9 Mm 4 Cutting Speeds 20 - 30 - 40 - 60 M / Min
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Miter bandsaw BEHRINGER HBP 263 G-type Year of manufacture 2004 Cutting diameter: 260 mm Blade length: 4640 mm Cutting width: 400 x 260 mm Material height: 800 mm Band saw blade dimensions: 4640 x 34 x 1,1 mm Miter cuts / + degree :-30 + 60 ° c Cutting speed: 20-140 m / min Power: 4,0 kW Microschmiereinrichtung Machine weight approx.: 1.5 t mechanical length stop with roller conveyor 4 m Feed roller 6 m The offer is aimed exclusively at professionals in the sense of &Acir ...
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OSTAS ROUND BENDING MACHINE TYPE SBM 1070 x 95 -Capaciteit 1070 x 3 mm -Walsen Conisch -Bovenrol Wegdraaibare -Voetbediening -Noodstop -Documentatie -400V DUTCHMACH Metal working machinery ENSCHEDE - NETHERLANDS (3 km from the German border)
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Solia SWA 75 E compact. YEAR 2002 Vegetable washing machine
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Guillotine Wohlenberg Model 92 MCS2TV Year 1988 Cutting length 920 mm Details Air table Large air tables left + right (2x750x1000mm) Photo cells Digital Program MCS with monitor Available direct
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Folding machine Stahl Model T50/4K Year 1992 Sheet size 500 x 850 mm Buckles 4 Knives 1 knife Details with noisehoods, flatpile feeder, EVZ11 batch counter, belt delivery, pump Available direct
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Jaespa W260 Metal band saw Technical data: Jaespa W260 Power 1 .1kw stepless cutting speed Bevel cuts up to 45 ° Coolant system Slewing ring Weight approx. 400kg A VAT invoice is created for you.
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MITSUBISH full electric 550MEII (550 ton) year `2014~2015 x 4 units for sale. -Clamping force : 550 ton -Manufactured year : 2014~2015 -Quantity : 4 units For more details, contact by email (koma7240@hanmail.net) or whatsapp (+821037187243)
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MITSUBISH full electric 450MEII (450 ton) year `2014~2015 x 7 units for sale. -Clamping force : 450 ton -Manufactured year : 2014~2015 -Quantity : 7 units For more details, contact by email (koma7240@hanmail.net) or whatsapp (+821037187243)
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MITSUBISH full electric 350MEII (350 ton) year `2014~2015 x 9 units for sale. -Clamping force : 350 ton -Manufactured year : 2014~2015 -Quantity : 9 units For more details, contact by email (koma7240@hanmail.net) or whatsapp (+821037187243)
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We can offer you two Astepon bag box filling machine. Here is AST EPOS technical documents and photos. Each machine can be driven separately. The control panel is shared. Star and stop are both on their own. Logic is common. C.A.F.1h/1 "REVIEW + ABF serial No. 687/2004 c.A.F.2H/1 "REVIEW + 2 ABF serial No. 687-716/2004
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AYEL-TECH ROUND BENDING MACHINE TYPE RM 1270 x 90 -Capaciteit 1270 x 2.5 mm -Walsen Conisch -Bovenrol Wegdraaibare -Remmotor -Voetbediening -Noodstop -Documentatie -400V DUTCHMACH Metal working machinery ENSCHEDE - NETHERLANDS (3 km from the German border)
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CNC lathe Goodway GA 300, Fanuc OT, year 2000 Schwingdurchm: 530 mm Drehdurchm. : 500 mm Stangendurchm. : 75 mm Turning length: 740 mm Drive: 22,5 KW Tailstock: Yes Speed: 3000 1/min Rapid traverse: 20 m / min C axis: no Three-jaw Chuck: 305 mm Driven tools, 12 x Japan standard, Weight: 5000 kg
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CNC turning-milling center Goodway GTS 100 MMX, Fanuc 18t, year 2001 Lathe Schwingdurchm: 430 mm Drehdurchm. : 180 mm Stangendurchm. : 42 mm Turning length: 250 mm Drive: 18.5 KW Counter spindle: Yes Speed: 5000 1/min Rapid traverse rate: 30 m / min C axis: 2 Three-jaw Chuck: Collet Driven tools, 2 x 12 BMT 55 x, Weight: 7500 kg With angetr incl. interface, various. Tools and holders Chip conveyor... Magazine Machine was tech. tested
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Cutting Force 180KN Max speed: 100/60/116 m / min Max cutting thickness 6.4 mm ( Steel) Working size 2500x1250 mm Control Unit Trumpf Machine working Hours 14.000 h Can be inspected under power
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Cycle-controlled CNC lathe Fabr. HAMLET of type E 50/2 Year of construction 1998 Technical data: Cycle lathe; Hamlet E50; Year of construction 1998 Control Sinumerik 805T Swing over bed 570 mm, support 340 mm Top width 2000 mm Speed range (1/min) level 1: 1-625, level 2: 4-2500 Spindle bore 66 mm Live recording MK 5 Quick change Toolpost (System ready) Coolant system 3 - jaw Chuck D 315 mm Chip tray Chip protection hood used, 17 000 hours with lots of accessories
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Waterjet - cutting machine, year 2017 as new Milling spindle, 2 heads, changing tables 3,800 bar - for cutting foams, plastics, textile, leather, cardboard, etc. Make: Expert systems technology / Thyssen UHDE Type: cutEXPERT variojet Year of constr.: 2017 Work area: 2,000 x 1.600 mm Max material thickness: 100 mm Rapid traverse Max: 60 m / min Cutting nozzle diameter: 0.08 - 0.20 mm high pressure pump Make: UHDE ThyssenKrupp Type: HPS 4022 Pressure Max: 3,800 bar Power: 22 kW Milling spindle  ...
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We are pleased to offer: Total Number of Impressions / Hours: 38,037hrs Max Speed Rating (Sheets / Hr) 5,000 Sheet size / Print size (Max / Min) 1260 x 840mm max, 500 x 350mm min Platen Force Generated – Tonne 500 tonnes Substrate types (Paper / Board / Corrugate) Board Substrate handling devices and type: Non-Stop Feeder / Delivery: Yes, but no nonstop swords available Pile Height (With / Without Non-stop) - Feeder Pile Height (With / Without Non-stop) - Delivery Sheet slow-down device Yes  ...
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Technical data: Brand: Elb Type: SW 4 HA Grinding length: 400 mm Grinding width: 200 mm Workpiece height: 450 mm Clamping surface: 915 x 255 mm
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Technical data: Brand: Kunzmann Type: UF 6 N Year: 1979 x trail 450 mm y way 500 mm z-way 200 mm Speed range - horizontal 30-1280 RPM Speed range - vertical 50-2150 RPM Head swivel +/-90 ° ISO 30 spindle adaptor Table size 865 x 265 mm
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Automatic labelling machine ECA Is designed for sticking one label on cylindrical packaging, for example. bottles, cans, jars, etc. Gluing can be done on the part of or around the perimeter. Labeling machine works with paper labels. The glue is applied stripes on the entire length of the label. The machine uses mainly stainless materials. Labelling machine ECA is intended to automatically place a single paper labels on cylindrical or square packaging such as bottles, jars, cans, plastic, etc., in a wide range o ...
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Stephan UM40 universal machine second-hand two-speed 1440/2890 R/min incl. Blade Assembly Machine tilt for the removal of the processed medium Bowl made of stainless steel, 40 litres capacity for up to 30 litre batches Machine has problems in the course of starting as a period would be missing when switching In 1st and 2nd gear the engine runs then, until on the clatter of lid and crank, normal Machine must be thoroughly cleaned prior to use. well-kept condition Viedo on test run and more pictures availa ...
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Cap. max. 300 kN, machine weight 800 kg, stroke 300 mm DE: Horizontal-Richt- und Biegemaschine, Fabr. Stierli Bieger, Typ 300 HE/CE, Bj. 2009, Ser.-Nr. A655, Arbeitsdruck max. 300 kN, Maschinengewicht 800 kg, Hublänge 300 m
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Max Größe 52 x 72 CmSPC automatische Teller ChargerOlivermatic DampeningSegmented KnifesAutomatic WashersAutomatic RegisterHigh Haufen delivery
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Max size 52 x 72 cm SPC Automatic plate charger Olivermatic dampening Segmented knifes Automatic washers Automatic register High pile delivery
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ROTIERENDE Feeder (neue Gürtel) Digital counter4 Taschen erste Einheit (komplette neue Rollen) 4 Taschen zweite Einheit (komplette neue Rollen) 2 Taschen dritte Einheit (komplette neue Rollen) Shingle Gürtel DeliveryVery gute conditionsComplete gereinigt, vorbereitet und geprüft, bereit für TestAvailable immediately
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ROTARY Feeder ( new belts) Digital counter 4 POCKETS FIRST UNIT (complete new rollers) 4 POCKETS SECOND UNIT (complete new rollers) 2 POCKETS THIRD UNIT (complete new rollers) Shingle belt delivery Very good conditions Complete cleaned, prepared and checked, ready for test Available immediately
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Cup & cool device from WMF, model: 03.9019, year: 2008. Off glass and stainless steel with marbled base (refrigerator for milk. Top 2 Anblagen for the coffee cups or mugs. 134a refrigerant. Suitable for 4 litres of milk. SER. No.: 02235 Dimensions: 270x520x620mm, elek. Voltage: 230V, elek. Power: 105W. the mismatch? We resolve our camp and have very many, cheap deals for devices from the fields of gastro, restaurant and canteen kitchens, just make a request.
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Gr. Grinding length: 700 mm gr. Grinding width: 550 mm table size: 450 x 1100 mm grinding wheel dimensions: 300 x 100 x 127 mm grinding wheel rpm: 1400/2800 RPM elect. Supply: 380 V, approx. 11 kVA kW
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Fully automatic bread slicer HERLITZIUS Type: SHOP Technical data: Rundmesserschnitt-bread slicer oil-free cutting also of warm breads Cut thickness selectable: 3-16 mm Bread round: L 320 x H 110 X 150 mm Bread hook suitable for all types of bread with bread tray to the bag for maximum safety during the cutting operation with sight glass cover 400 v / 50 Hz / 1,5 kW Size: H110 x B100 x T72 cm Mobile on 4 pulleys with 2 brakes Year of construction: 2 ...
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