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Portal Plasma Cutting System with 2 x plasma source Hypertherm HPR 260 ( 15A/86V-260A/184V ) Workspace: - Number of burner heads 2 - Cutting thickness in St37 max.: 35 mm - Number of tables 4 ( dimensions per table length 6500 mm x width 3000 mm ) Plasma equipment: - 2 x Hyperterm HPR 260 - Cutting area in structural steel: 3.0 mm - 35.0 mm - Cutting current max. 260 A Swivel range of the plasma torch (without cover): - Straight cut 90° - Angular cut 10°-45° Electrical connection: - Conne ...
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Portal Plasma Cutting System with 2 x plasma source Hypertherm HD 4070 ( 6A/85V - 200 A / 200V ) Workspace: - Number of burner heads 2 - Number of tables 4 ( dimensions per table length 6000 mm x width 2700 mm ) Electrical connection: - Connection voltage 400 V - Mains frequency 50 Hz Plasma torch: - Straight cut 90° Dimensions (LxWxH): 13.7 m x 8.7 m x 2.5 m Gweicht: unknown Visit in operation possible.
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1.900 €
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Big Bag Filling Plant (manual) 3.40 m x 1.55 m x 3.18 m (lxbxh) very stable substructure IP 100 steel beams very stable funnel construction made of sheet steel Forklift shoes for transport Filling nozzle with slider 150 mm diameter Height filling nozzle above ground: 1.78 m 8 stable haves, length can be varied through the double-hopper, the filling station can be connected to a large wheel loader can be filled without material falling on both sides
Número de artículo: 141820004
Kemper Superba Compact mobile on wheels with fixed completely clad in stainless steel Round wherker with 2 flour spreaders Actstraps are adjustable 06/2014 400V / 3 kW
Número de artículo: 141819978
4000 x 2000 mm, incl. rotary axis ( pipe cutting ), Dust filter, Bypos, cut control, Pallet table, Power on 43,800 beam on 23,200, all service is done, free January 2020
Número de artículo: 141819976
3000 x 1500, YLS 4000 w, power on 25080, cutting time 7150, Modules changed 2019-09-19 Can be inspected under power, delivery November 2019
Número de artículo: 141637413
Monoblock filling and capping for PET bottles, with plastic screw cap, with 28 filling valves and 10 capping heads with cap positioner included. Machine in very good condition.
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9.750 €
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Semi-automatic KEG internal cleaning and filling machine Type.: Micromat M 4-2, M+F Keg technique Lstg. 20-30 KEG p.h. Running direction: right - left Built: 1995 Siemens Simatic S 5 Control Furnished for flat fitting with the following additional equipment: -Counter-current method -Step display -Residual pressure test -automatic filling head cleaning -Cleaning agent tank with machine-internal piping and heating -Mixed water tank with machine-internal piping plant comes from a recently closed brewery  ...
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22.900 €
country-at AT
The Easy 120 is a high-performance recycling plant for the extraction of copper and aluminium from old and residual cables. The Easy 120 impresses with its small footprint, easy operation and low energy consumption. The system is a semi-contained system and can be used in one-man operation. With the Easy 120, pre-shredded cables or cables can be processed in its entirety. We offer suitable shredders for the pre-shredding of cables. The introduced electrical cables are homogeneously crushed in the rotor mill (by  ...
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suction filters from the site. Data and further information will be available from 07.10.2019.
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suction filters from the site. Data and further information will be available from 07.10.2019.
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We sell the above listed air separation stove (2 ways) Table width: 450 mm Table length: 1000 mm Fluidized bed generation: integrated pressure fan Drive fan: 3.0 kW Excenter Drive Motor: 0.37 kW Table inclination adjustable 7-11° Siets and air parts insertion are interchangeable EC declaration of conformity and manual. The control cabinet is part of the system. The system can be visited by appointment. The sale is made to the exclusion of the warranty.
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We offer two used, factory-refurbished blowers with an output of 20,000 m3/h, 37 kw motor with V-belt drive
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country-nl NL
Verboom Pens Bank Street Consisting of: 1. Verboom PEN. 0. MAT II L -Year of Build 1988  -75 AMP -380V -3400KG 2. Automatic output 3. Verboom PEN. 0. MAT II L -Year of Build 1988  -75 AMP -380V -3400KG 4. Automatic output and turntable
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used Benier brotteig precursor with adjustable wits completely in stainless steel.The machine is immediately available in the warehouse in Bielefeld.Further used bakery machines please see the catalogue on the right we have more than 700 machines in stock in Stock. Built in 2002 400V / 50 Hz Stainless steel cladding with 2 blowers Scrapers are adjustable checked and cleaned Condition "good" Dimensions: Height: 150 cm Width: 220 cm Depth: 110 cm
Número de artículo: 140900973
350 €
country-de DE
Extractor hood Europe, complete in stainless steel, Length 140cm, width 90cm, with adjustable fan, lighting, Built 2011, connection 230 V, diameter exhaust pipe connection 250 mm Total dimensions LxWxH approx. 140x93x90cm, weight approx. 68kg, Very good used condition, fully functional.
Número de artículo: 140855204
used bakery machine Kegelrundwirker Werner & Pfleiderer type CCR 59 is suitable for partial weights from 300 grams. The cone round wirer is tested and cleaned. Ideal for bread and baguette. Cone round wirer is immediately available in the warehouse. Payment, delivery and set up on request. W&P Kegelrundwirker Cones and Wirkrinnen with Teflon with warm air completely overhauled on request with newly teflonized cone mobile on wheels with brake 380 Volt
Número de artículo: 140855202
Dough cone round wits Kemper type M2 with teflonized cone and swirls for rounding bread dough and other. Cone round era is fitted with oiling system and heating. with cone heating with oiling system Kegel is teflonized Hourly output: max. 4200 pieces. /h Weight range from 300 - 1700 gram Design is with air and oil injection analog control Speed adjustable via pot 400V/ 50Hz on rolls baker's condition Dimensions: Height: 170 cm Width: 120 cm Depth: 140 cm
Número de artículo: 140855193
Used PET filling line with Rinser KHS Consisting of: - Monoblock filling unit KHS, type: DRS -VF 50 PET - Rinser KHS, Type: FR-EM40 PET The system is in very good condition and is ready for immediate use.
Número de artículo: 140855191
Kemper Bread Intermediate Fermentation Cabinet Plant is 7-row A total of 196 fermentation baskets in good condition is completely ready for loading in stock Dimensions: Height: 2.60 cm Depth: 1.50 cm Width: 183 cm without switch box 232 cm with switch box
Número de artículo: 140855185
used cone round wherker Benier type Allround with adjustable angles for small and large weights.Kegelrundwiker is with heating and oiling.The cone round wherk is immediately available in the warehouse in Bielefeld. We will be happy to send you further pictures and details on request. Weight range from 100-1300 grams up to 4500 pieces / hrs ( depending on the dough weight) with leakconveyor belt with heating with oiling Built in 2005 Teflon coated cone and wire cara Dimensions: Height: 150 cm Wid ...
Número de artículo: 140855179
used bakery machine Kegelrundwirker Winkler type Konus V for small and large dough weights due to adjustable casters.Weight range from 90 grams of dough.The cone round wirer is outdated and the cone plus the casters is newly teflonized. Ideal for companies, the products of different weights round effect. Cone round wirer is immediately available in the warehouse. Payment, delivery and set up on request. with adjustable gutters for small and large dough weights with bemehler incl. hot air Kegel has been re-tef ...
Número de artículo: 140809120
OVERVIEW Brand: AMADA Model: F0M2 3015 MT Application Type: Laser Cutting Machine Type: Laser cutting machines Availability: Immediately Production Year: 2011 Location: Turkey Origin Country: France Production Hours: 18468 GENERAL DATA Machine weight: 9500 kg CONTROL UNIT Brand: Amada MAIN DRIVE Laser power: 4 kW See full technical specifications of this machine at: http://bit.ly/2lDMqae
Número de artículo: 140808990
for sale: Complet line Tetra Pak 1000 ml Square Prisma I will send more information on request.
Número de artículo: 140668190
as new isolated use for testing purposes (spice mixers)
Número de artículo: 140620732
adjustable 2/3, 5/0 CP-Tronic digital machine control Control position CPC 1-04 Center with remote control device for color zones, color ductors as well as circumferential, side and diagonal registers with light handle and Job Memory Card Alcolor film moisturizers with circulation and cooling Autoplate automatic plate change system Preset automatic format setting automatic paint roller washing device automatic blanket washing device Powder apparatus IR dryer High-stack delivery Series accessories
Número de artículo: 140620731
umstellbar 2/3, 5/0 CP-Tronic digitale Maschinensteuerung Steuerstand CPC 1-04 Center mit Fernsteuereinrichtung für Farbzonen, Farbduktoren sowie Umfang-, Seiten- und Diagonalregister mit Lichtgriffel und Job Memory Card Alcolor Filmfeuchtwerke mit Umwälzung und Kühlung Autoplate automatisches Plattenwechselsystem Preset automatische Formateinstellung automatische Farbwalzenwascheinrichtung automatische Gummituchwascheinrichtung Puderapparat IR-Trockner Hochstapelauslage Serienzubehör
Número de artículo: 140620490
Boiler Spaenekessel (840 kW) SMA-REF-5454 Category: Heating systems Manufacturer: White Type: WM 840 HW - 120° Built: 2002 Heating capacity: 840 kW Water capacity: 3,020 l Feed: 120° C Return: 70° C Heating medium: Wood shavings Chips Dust max. 227 kg/h Specifics: Cell wheel lock Stokers Sweep Transport snail Condition: decommissioned Location: Hessen Dimensions: Length: 3,500 mm Width: 1,700 mm Height: 1,370 mm Weight: 3 t Availability: instantly Terms of delivery: from the locatio ...
Número de artículo: 140620388
Laser Co2 Prima Power Platino 1530 4 kW, manufacturing year 2013 (X=3000mm, Y=1500mm, Z=150mm) -TOTAL hours 44198 main power see under  -Maintained regularly by Prima’s maintenance  Prima Electron CNC  Quick piercing  LPM piercing  NCeXpress software Automatic nozzle changing (12 nozzle) Compact tower  - Pallet changer (capacity 950 kg, max. thickness 25mm, max. height of the sheets 90mm)  - 9 raw material pallets (3000kg per pallet)  - Sheet size max. 15303040 mm
Número de artículo: 140524434
Fresh sour sourdough appliance Stainless steel can be used on wheels with drain tap 380 Volt
Número de artículo: 140522271
CNC plasma cutting machine SATO Type Satronik Built in 1999 Cutting range 4000x2000mm 1 piece of autogen burner 1 piece plasma torch Plasma Source Kjellberg Type PA-S45 W Filter system Sideros The offer is aimed exclusively at traders within the meaning of Section 14 of the German Civil Code (BGB) No sale to Private
Número de artículo: 140521537
CNC Portal Plasma Cutting Machine + Autogen Manufacturer: Messer Type: Omnimat L 5600 Built: 1999 CNC control: Omnicom Track width: 5,600 mm Career length: 25 m Working range: 4 x 22 m 1 plasma torch with hypertherm HD3070 power source 2 car-gene burners 1 powder marker Suction table Filter system Donaldson
Número de artículo: 140474161
CNC Portal Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer: Messer Type: Multitherm 4000 Built: 2017 CNC control: Global Control plus Track width: 4,000 mm Career length: 28 m Working range: 3 x 16 m 2 x Hypertherm HiFocus 360i power source Swing conveyor table Beuting size 3 x 25 m Filter system Beuting PFM4 16 BB incl. cross conveyor for removal approx. length 8 m >>> on the same track CNC Portal Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer: Messer Type: Multitherm 4000 Built: 2018 CNC control: Global ...
Número de artículo: 140372400
Filling and closing machine for nail polish with automatic feeding of balls.
Número de artículo: 140174858
Bread plant W&P Parta U CR59 The system consists of 4 machines 1x W&P Parta U dough divider 1x W&P Intermediate fermentation chamber 296 baskets 215x360cm and height 282cm 1x W&P CR59 Cone wiper 1x W&P long scooter
Número de artículo: 140174849
Ismar sourdough system with cooling consisting of 3 containers 1 container sourdough 1000 litres 1 container sourdough 500 litres 1 container of yeast dissolver including refrigeration machines
Número de artículo: 140174814
51.000 €
country-dk DK
J Kugler filling line, that has been dismantled about half a year ago from the production it has been running in. The machine is now dismantled and in our warehouse safely storaged. With this you get a complete filling line with a filling machine, a lid applicator, a capper and a label machine. The filling line has been running at Novartis in their German department, so all the machines are very well kept and serviced. Novartis have been running 1000 ml products with a lid”, a cap on the top and a label on th ...
Número de artículo: 140174764
300 Tonnen holmloses IMM Baujahr 2008 mit CC 200 Steuerung, integrierter Engel Roboter ERC 33/2-F, Kran zur Formbefestigung (2tonnen), 16 Heißchanel, Akkumulator für schnelle Einspritzung und parallele Bewegungen. 2 Kernabzieher Fixplatte, Durchflussmesser, Transportband. Plastizising-Schraube bimetalisch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  ...
Número de artículo: 140174763
300 tons tie-bar-less IMM built in 2008 with CC 200 control, integrated Engel robot ERC 33/2-F, crane for mould fixing (2tons), 16 hot chanel, accumulator for fast injection and parallel movements. 2 core puller fix platen, flow meter, transport belt. Plastizising screw bimetalic. Technical details DAYLIGHT MAX 1.300 mm MIN. MOULD HIGHT 400 mm YEAR OF BUILDING 2008 WORKING HOURS 73506 INJECTION PRESSURE 1.616/2.053 bar INJECTION VOLUMEN 511 cm3 NOMINAL CAPACITY OF PUMP MOTOR 45 kW TRAVEL OPENING 900 m ...
Número de artículo: 140126472
Schuppenbogenanleger CP-Tronic digitale Maschinensteuerung CPC 1-02 Steuerstand mit Fernsteuereinrichtung für Farbzonen, Farbduktoren sowie Seiten- und Umfangregister und mit Lichtgriffel und Kassette Plattenschnellspannschienen Registersystem Puderapparat Tiefstapelauslage Serienzubehör max. 12'000 Bögen / Std.
Número de artículo: 140126473
Scale elbow feeder CP-Tronic digital machine control CPC 1-02 Control position with remote control device for color zones, color ductors as well as side and circumferential registers and with light handle and cassette Plate quick-release rails Register system Powder apparatus Low-stack delivery Series accessories max. 12,000 sheets / hrs
Número de artículo: 140126297
Fettbackstation / Berliner Backstation consisting of 4 fat pans 1x Donut Filler 1x large exhaust hood incl. fire extinguishing function
Número de artículo: 140125928
with 10 row-in fat pan Jam filling unit with exhaust hood incl. extinguishing function
Número de artículo: 139877733
Triblock filling for water, soft drinks, isotonic. Electronic flowmeter filling system. In format from 0.33 to 3 liters, mouth 38, currently in rectangular 3-liter format. Tweezers system. Very little use time in perfect condition, line for 10,000-12,000 b / h.
Número de artículo: 139876085
Complete line for beer composed of: Semi-automatic depalletizer 2-head Ghaham labeller Tribloc filling EuroStar MEC ISO DPS 20/28/6 Isobaric (double prevalence) Level inspector Heuf Domino Laser Encoder Handler of boxes Dalmec PMC Semi-automatic pallet wrapper Siat Line speed: 660ML 3600 B / h 500ML 4200 B / h 330 / 275ml . 4.800 B / h
Número de artículo: 139876077
Shrinkrapper only film brand SMI model LSK 30F new. The equipment was only used for the appropriate tests. Condition: New
Número de artículo: 139876071
Characteristics: Shrinkwrapper film + pad or only film, printed or transparent film system in very good condition with formats for 0.5l, 1l, 1.25l, and 2 l PET bottles, and 0.2l glass bottles. Speed: 45 pack/minute Format: 3x2 Year: 2002 Condition: Very good
Número de artículo: 139876065
Year: 2004 Condition: Very good Characteristics: Depalletizer of empty containers for plastic containers, in very good condition.
Número de artículo: 139876059
COMPLETE WATER LINE FOR 5 GALLONS PACKAGING Characteristics: Complete water line of the packaging of 5 gallons of 750 units/h composed of: Robot depalletizer of empty containers and pallets of RAC Make: FANUC Decapper Make: BARDI Plug and liquid inspector Make: FT System Pore controller Make: BARDI Rinser, Filler, Capper Make: UAT Universal AQUA Level and plug inspector Make: FT System Ink coder Make:VIDEO JET Robot palletizer for RAC and pallets Make: FANUC Arm stretchwrapper with top cove ...
Número de artículo: 139875186
Linear filler for thick and sparkling products, detergents with a capacity of 1 l, can work with 12 or with 6 pistons.
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