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Characteristics: Monoblock filling and capping for PET bottles, with plastic screw cap, with 28 filling valves and 10 capping heads with cap positioner included. Machine in very good condition.
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RINSER FOR CANS AND BOTTLES. SUITABLE FOR HEAVY PRODUCTS Speed: 12.000-15.000B/H Number: P5977 Year: 1999 Condition: VERY GOOD
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Triblock filling for water, soft drinks, isotonic. Electronic flowmeter filling system. In format from 0.33 to 3 liters, mouth 38, currently in rectangular 3-liter format. Tweezers system. Very little use time in perfect condition, line for 10,000-12,000 b / h.
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Complete line for beer composed of: Semi-automatic depalletizer 2-head Ghaham labeller Tribloc filling EuroStar MEC ISO DPS 20/28/6 Isobaric (double prevalence) Level inspector Heuf Domino Laser Encoder Handler of boxes Dalmec PMC Semi-automatic pallet wrapper Siat Line speed: 660ML 3600 B / h 500ML 4200 B / h 330 / 275ml . 4.800 B / h
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New machine was only used for the appropriate tests.
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Shrinkrapper only film brand SMI model LSK 30F new. The equipment was only used for the appropriate tests. Condition: New
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Characteristics: Shrinkwrapper film + pad or only film, printed or transparent film system in very good condition with formats for 0.5l, 1l, 1.25l, and 2 l PET bottles, and 0.2l glass bottles. Speed: 45 pack/minute Format: 3x2 Year: 2002 Condition: Very good
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Year: 2002 Condition: Very good Characteristics: Tatxa brand adhesive automatic labeling machine model ARS-8 with 6 labeling heads.
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Format: From 1/3 l to 5l Year: 2000 Condition: Very good Characteristics: PET bottle blower brand SIDEL SBO 1, with PLC brand SIEMENS, molds from 1 l, machine formats 1 / 3l, 0,5l, 1l, 1,5l and 5 liters.
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COMPLETE WATER LINE FOR 5 GALLONS PACKAGING Characteristics: Complete water line of the packaging of 5 gallons of 750 units/h composed of: Robot depalletizer of empty containers and pallets of RAC Make: FANUC Decapper Make: BARDI Plug and liquid inspector Make: FT System Pore controller Make: BARDI Rinser, Filler, Capper Make: UAT Universal AQUA Level and plug inspector Make: FT System Ink coder Make:VIDEO JET Robot palletizer for RAC and pallets Make: FANUC Arm stretchwrapper with top cove ...
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FUTURA hot glue labeling machine, new machine.
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Injection stretch blow moulding machines for PET bottles Working Hours : 60 000 +
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Linear filler for thick and sparkling products, detergents with a capacity of 1 l, can work with 12 or with 6 pistons.
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Characteristics: Semi-complete bottling line composed of the following equipment: Air Transport Bottle labeler hot glue Transport of bottles Shrinkwrapper equipment only fill SMI LSK 30F SMI handle applicator ACMI model 135 palletizer equipment Pack transport with accumulation TOSA automatic palletizer wrapping machine Level inspector Wijett ink coder New equipment used only for tests.
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50 MILLION UNITS/YEAR BOTTLING PLANT (WATER/ENERGY DRINKS/ICED TEA) The output yield or Capacity is 50,000,000 million units per annum on three lines. It capacity is for Ice Tea, energy drinks and mineral water. The bottling moulds is included with specific reference that the moulds must be changed”. It is a blow, pack and seal palletization combination. 1. Bottling Plants. A. Mineral Plant B. Energy Drink Plant C. Iced Tea Plant D. Small Plant E. Climate control room 2. Power Supply. A. 2 x  ...
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Krones Mixer Contiflow 30/2 type CF30 DA, carbonizer without syrup dosing possibility to mix two different waters in a 1: 4 ratio Capacity: 25 000 l/hour
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Composed by: Air conveyor Brand: POSIMAT Filling equipment Brand: Weight Pack Ultra Clean Bottle conveyor Bottle dryer Labeler Brand: Krones Contiroll Wrap Around box maker Brand: SAMOVI RICART NEWLY DISMANTLED LINE Complete line for the packaging of juices or derivatives in PET, with filling system by weight, double system rinsed with peracetic acid. Year: 2004 Speed of the line: 8.000 b/h Mouth of bottle 38"
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Nimco filler for juice milk and others. Also Hotfilling on demand VollUberhot 1000 packs hours performance
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Characteristics: Complete line for bottling water with only 5 months of use, composed by: Blower SIPA model SF L 6/6, machine with only 5 months of use, semi-new automatic, electronic servo with last generation engines. The current format of the blow system is for 3 liter bottles being compatible for 5 and 8 liters. The machine has great flexibility in the production of a wide range of bottles from 0.33 ml to 8l. Filing tribloc PROCOMAC model WILD PARMA electronic flowmeter filling system, in format from 0.3 ...
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Characteristics: Capper of 6 heads for pilfer and cork cap.
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Characteristics: Spiral box elevator for optimal protection of the product. The main features are: -economical and practical, cost-effective, modular combination, easy to transport and assemble, reliable operation, low noise and safety. -transport between plants, reduces space, adjustable speed, large load capacity, lightweight design, fast installation. The spiral rail of the conveyor is the key to its unique compact construction that saves valuable floor space. With its small size of 1760 mm in diameter, th ...
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Characteristics: Equipment for clean and pure steam Avoiding the risk of contamination through many industries has increased the need for quality in steam clean, pure steam and water for injection (WFI). So that the products are suitable for these high systems Purity must be designed and manufactured with the highest levels of quality to ensure that they meet the rising needs of regulations for the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The extensive range of products of 'high purity 'of Spirax Sarco co ...
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Capper with 4 heads for canisters of 5 and 8 liters Capper in very good condition, with stainless steel structure, for plastic canisters of 5 and 8 liters, plugging system for plastic caps, with speed 4000 b/h,in good condition.
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Characteristics: Descaling equipment used for the removal of hardness in water (calcium and magnesium). This treatment allows to protect the facilities and equipment against scale incrustations. Very good condition.
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Characteristics: The Waterfall elevator allows to store, choice the orientation and transport the capsules at high speeds using a single equipment, since it replaces the elevator-distributor duo. Waterfall lifters can work with flat capsules as well as sport or sports capsules. Very good condition
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Characteristics: Adaptable to various sizes of bottle necks Capsule dispenser Bottle neck centering Capsule magazine with a capacity of 2000 capsules Thermo-shrinking turret and pneumatic pre-pleating Crimping turret Speed: 10.000 B/H Condition: Good
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Characteristics: Equipment for clean and pure steam Avoiding the risk of contamination through many industries has increased the need for quality in steam clean, pure steam and water for injection (WFI). So that the products are suitable for these high systems Purity must be designed and manufactured with the highest levels of quality to ensure that they meet the rising needs of regulations for the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The extensive range of products of 'high purity 'of Spirax Sarco co ...
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Characteristics: Arol eagle capper with 1 head for aluminum pilfer cap. The automatic single-head fillers are state-of-the-art machines adapted for the closing of bottles for the wine, oil, food and pharmaceutical industry. They are built with first quality materials (stainless steel AISI-304 and food materials) and protected with a cabin according to EEC standards, with automatic machine stop in case of doors opening to perform an intervention. The pilfer machines are also valid for stelvin or guala wit ...
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Labeling equipment for the application of a label and / or back label in cylindrical containers. Economic labeller taking into account its high performance. Equipped with two heads, adaptable in production and speed to any packaging line. Speed: 30000b/h
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Double head capper for plastic pressure caps and screw caps.
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LINEAR FILLER WITH 6 VALVESCharacteristics:6-valve linear filler for non-carbonated drinks.Volumetric filling system with dosing cups and filling taps with perfect opening and closing. The dosing devices are driven by a servomotor. The maneuvering of the machine is carried out by the accumulation of containers, the detection and stop elements being adjustable for different formats.Tank, liquid inlet pipes and taps are constructed in stainless steel.Protection cabin in methacrylate according to CEE safety regulation ...
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Tribloc filling EuroStar MEC ISO Isobaric DPS 20/28/6 (double pre-evacuation) 20 heads of rinsing 28 heads of filling plug 6 heads Crown Cap elevator Eurostar Magnetic Dosage of Peracetic acid during the night inline filter cartridge feeding conveyor line Line speed: bottles of 660ml - 3600 bottles/h bottles of 500ml - 4200 bottles/h 300 bottles / 275ml - 4800 bottles/h
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2 labelling stations labeling (label and against) Feeding conveyor Output conveyor
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Filling machine with two heads, automatic and equipped with an electronic meter. The ECOFILL HT2 is a bottler of last generation, fast, accurate and easy handling with boot, unplugging, empty air, filling, nitrogen injection, capping and automatic expulsion. The operator position holding a bag and the packaging machine thanks to their detectors and safety bars will know that it is charged and automatically start the packaging cycle, while the first head is filling the operator will charge the second head of so that ...
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Features: Automatic machine for adhesive handles application packages. Compact, single-lane, machine adaptable to most sizes of products. The handle transportation applied on top of the products. Technical specifications: Application system: rotating paddle. Maximum speed: 42 handles / minute. Integrated conveyor sorting and separation. End of reel detection cell. End of stock for label detection cell. Tape width: 25 mm. Reel of tape length: 5000 m. Machine dimensions: Length: 1 ...
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PET labelling machine Formats: Aseptic bottles 0,25 l; 0,5 l; 1,5 l Speed: 36.000 bph on 0,25 and 0,5 l - 18,000 bph on 1,5 l Label material Polypropilen
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Plug in the bottles, presence detector Emergency doors starwheels Systems of safety on Star and augers and hoisting system of thermal heads if the line stops.
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