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Only used for the appropriate tests. Condition: New
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Weight approx.: 300 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 5840 x 610 x 2280 mmDescription: â?¢ Automatic strapping machine â?¢ Serial number 89416300 â?¢ Voltage 380 V â?¢ Total installed power 0.85 kw â?¢ Max. width passage approx. 1250 mm â?¢ Max. height passage approx. 600 mm â?¢ Table length 600 mm â?¢ Maximum polypropylene strap width approx. 12 mm â?¢ Adjustable strengh of the strap â?¢ Portable with wheels â?¢ 2 roller transfers with useful dimensions of 2040 x 690 mm and 2000 x 700 mm are  ...
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Weight approx.: 800 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1330 x 900 x 2150 mmDescription: â?¢ Lot of white polypropylene strapping â?¢ 60 coils x 3000 mtr each, coils diameter 200 mm â?¢ Strapping width 12 mm
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Characteristics: Designed for the mobility of film, paper or other material coils requiring a careful position. Condition: Very Good
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Weight approx.: 70 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 600 x 800 x 1100 mmDescription: Maximum coil capacity 400 mm
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Metal detector Mettle Toledo model Safeline with arc size 300 mm x 65 mm. Further information please contact.
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Weight approx.: 70 kgDimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 900 x 600 x 600 mmDescription: UNICAIR Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
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Retractable manual. Brand: ITALDIBIPACK Model: ES5040BDN 220/380V 4kw NO. 222 Year: 1998 Ribbon dimensions: 380mm width, 500mm length, 190mm high. Overall dimensions: width 800mm, 1900mm length 1350mm high.
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film wrapping machine; dimensions of the machine (without additional equipment): 1150x1235x1580 mm; work field: max. insertion length 300mm - max. Insertion width 540mm - max. Insertion height 250mm; Weight: 380 Kg; color of parts painted normally "Ral 1013"; compressed air inlets: inlet pressure min. 6.0 bar and max. 12.0 bar; General machine dimensions: 2800x2500x2000 mm; with boxing machine that adds curved transport band with 3000 mm length and 160 mm width; 3X380 V + N + PE 50 Hz; 5.5 bar; DBP: 2 623 907.
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1 EBNER automatic pallet wrapping machine type Optronic with rotational dish
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Indicated machine cistal wine bottle 1 liter. This machine distributes caps and shrink-wrapped. Then the bottle passes the labeling area. It has 3 stations sticker. Finally encodes the bottle. 380 volt voltage supply, 50Hz Speed: 1.500 BPH
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