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Kaeser used machine power: 37 KW volume flow: 5m3/min. pressure: 7,5 bar 1997 year
item-No.: 146466981
6.900 €
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Kaeser used machine power: 110 KW pressure: 12 bar 2001 year
item-No.: 146466960
70.000 €
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- Custom-built spray dryer, housed inside three shipping containers. This mobile unit could be set up as it is in a new location, or the dryer could be installed within an existing building/site - Fully automated and controlled via touch screen - Consists of product tank, spray tower, cyclone, bag filters, inlet and outlet fans, burner and control panels - All contact parts 316 SS, suitable for drying of food or pharmaceutical products - Spray tower height 4.5m, total height of containers: 7.5m, footprint: 12m ...
item-No.: 146453847
Perfecting 2/3 5/0 RCI: Remote Control Desk PPL (Semi-Automated Plate Changing ) Ink. Temperature Control Grapho Metronic Temp Control Airglide Delivery Grafix powder suction system Technotrans Cooling Device Roland Deltamatic Dampening Grafix Powder Device Kersten Antistatic Device on Feeder Steel plate on feeder and delivery Automatic Impression Cylinder Washing Device with Brush Automatic Blanket cylinder washing device Automatic Ink Roller wash up device CIP 3 Densitometer 225 Mill impressions  ...
item-No.: 146413975
Stapelbündler Heidelberg HSB 34; guter Zustand; gereinigt und geprüft; max.Format 34x23cm, min.14x8cm; max.Stapellänge ungepreßt 75cm; Bandbreite 12mm PP-Band; Druckluft erforderlich. Stacker bundler Heidelberg HSB 34; good condition; cleaned and checked; max.size 34x23cm, min.14x8cm; max.pile lenght unpressed 75cm; band width 12mm PP-band; need compressed air.
item-No.: 146400597
200 tons ENGEL 2-shot tie bar less injection moulding machine with rotary table on moving platen. Machine will be tested, repaired and checked and can be shown under power ! Description ENGEL tie/bar/less 200 tons two component. Year 2002. rotary table 900mm diameter. 2 core pullers in fix platt, Neumatic Valves, electronically mould flow meter Oni. 16 hot Chanel, 2 hydraulic sequential. Machine reconditioned in our workshop of Santander, you can see it working. Technical details WORKING HOURS 70.000 ...
item-No.: 146400588
KRAUSS-MAFFEI KM 350/1900 C1 , año 2000 . This machine will be delivered complete checked repaired and tested and can be shown under power ! Description Equipment: 6 core-pullers, robot interface. Technical details CLAMPING FORCE 3.500 kN YEAR OF BUILDING 2000 PLATEN SIZE 1.100 x 1.120 mm DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 710 x 710 mm MIN. MOULD HIGHT 530 - 1.450 mm TRAVEL OPENING 920 mm DAYLIGHT MAX 1.300 mm SCREW DIAMETER 60 mm INJECTION PRESSURE 2.420 bar INJECTION VOLUMEN 769 cm3 SHOTWEI ...
item-No.: 146386645
50.000 €
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Vertical machining center CNC DOOSAN DNM 4500 was produced in 2016. Technical data of the CNC milling machine: - CNC control: FANUC 0iMF - maximum feed, X axis: 800 mm - maximum feed, Y axis: 450 mm - maximum feed, Z axis: 510 mm - rapid traverse, X axis: 36 m / min. - rapid traverse, Y axis: 36 m / min. - rapid traverse, Z axis: 30 m / min. - servomotor, X and Y axis: 1.8 kW - servomotor, Z axis: 3.0 kW - spindle-table distance: 150-660 mm - table dimensions: 1000 x 450 mm - table load capacity: 600 ...
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item-No.: 146373597
20.000 €
country-pt PT
Automatic Continuous baking oven – for fully automatic production of wafer sheets (refurbished) - 18 cooking plates/baking tongs - Plates dimension: 230 mm x 290 mm - Baking plate. It is possible to produce simultaneously a wafer with grid 5.0 x 0.8 mm and a wafer with grid 7.0 x 1.0 mm; - Main drive with frequency- controlled three phase drive system - 2 burners (Krom Schroder model ZKIH) with complete piping (forced fresh air and gas), cutting and mixing valves, gas inlet Krom Schroder with all accessor ...
item-No.: 146358858
2 Colors Size 52 x 74 cm Pneumatic model Conventional dampening 12.000 sh Bacher register clamps Chromed impression cylinders 59 mill. Impressions Free of damages or repairs Very well maintained In full working conditions
item-No.: 146358856
4 Colors (straight) IPC system (Integrated Press Control) API II Control Console SEMI APC (semi automatic plate change) IR DRIER BALDWIN Automatic rollers wash up device FASTWASH Automatic impression wash up device Automatic Blanket wash up device Speed 16.000 sh INK TEMP. ROLLERS CONTROL MITSUBISHI DIAMOND DAMPENING SYSTEM GRAFIX MEGATRONIC S Original ONLY 115 mll turns (first owner) CIP 3 PRESET Electronic doble sheet control Chromed cylinders NON STOP feeder and delivery TECHNOTRANS BETA C AIR ...
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The vertical machining center HAAS VF 3SS was produced in 2016, while it was launched in 2018. Machine technical data: - X axis travel: 1016 mm - Y axis travel: 508 mm - Z axis travel: 635 mm - distance between table surface and spindle: 102-737 mm - table surface X x Y: 1219 x 457 mm - maximum table load: 794 kg - table design: T-slots T - groove width: 16 mm - distance between grooves: 80 mm - mounting cone: 40 ISO - maximum speed: 12,000 rpm. - type of drive: direct - maximum torque / at 2000 rpm ...
item-No.: 146286280
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The horizontal machining center Mazak H 415 of the Japanese company Yamazaki Mazak was produced in 1998. Technical specifications: - cnc control: Mazatrol M Plus - overall dimensions of the machine: 3630 x 2870 x 2665 mm - machine weight: 4700 kg Table-palette: - number of pallets: 2 pcs - pallet dimensions: 400 x 400 mm - maximum workpiece weight: 400 kg - maximum workpiece diameter: 610 mm - maximum workpiece height: 600 mm - centering hole: 50 mm - H7 - pallet rotation range: 360 degrees every 1  ...
item-No.: 146190712
6.700 €
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Variable speed drive. Volume flow 1,0 - 5.84 m3/min. at 7,0 bar. With built-in compressed air refrigerant dryer. Refrigerant R 410a.
item-No.: 146190682
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CNC machining center DUGARD EAGLE 850 was produced in 2012. The machine is offered with equipment. Technical data of the milling machine CNC : - CNC control system: Fanuc 0iMD - table dimensions: 1000 x 510 mm - maximum table load: 500 kg - T-groove, quantity x size x spacing: 5 x 18 x 100 mm - X axis travels: 850 mm - Y axis travels: 530 mm - Z axis travels: 510 mm - distance of the spindle tip to the table axis: 150-660 mm - distance between spindle axis and column: 585 mm - spindle taper: ISO 40 -  ...
item-No.: 146092683
Label- and album gluing machine Manufacturer: HAWID AKA Model: 115,5 Year: 1988 Connection: 5 kW electrical and compressed air Available: now Price: on request
item-No.: 146092676
Atlas Copco used machine power: 50 KW volume flow: 9,18 pressure: 13 bar 2004 year
item-No.: 146092668
Atlas Copco used machine power: 45 KW volume flow: 7,2 m3/min. pressure: 9,8 bar 2006 year
item-No.: 146092663
Atlas Copco used machine power: 55 KW volume flow: 9,72 m3/min. pressure: 12,8 bar 2006 year
item-No.: 146008558
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COMPACTOR ROTATIV PENTRU CARTON, PLASTIC SI LAZI SAU CUTII DE CARTON Valpak ROTARY COMPACTOR FOR CARDBOARD, PLASTIC AND BOXES OR CARDBOARDS Valpak Brand/Marca TECHVAL Type/Model// Tip/Model VALPAK Putere/Power 4 kW Year of manufacture/an fabricatie 2003 Acustic pressure/nivel de zgomot 59 db (A) Supply voltage/alimentare 380 V triple phase Protection/protectie 16A curve D Sizes/Dimensiuni in cm Coil Weight – Al fins 140x210x280 cm (LxWxH) 1200 kg Amount in stock/pe stoc 1 pc/buc 1 sac rotund de dese ...
item-No.: 145974513
Crease and Folder Horizon CRF-362 Air Suction Feed Belt Sheet Size (W x L): Max. 364 x 865 mm / Min. 105 x 180 mm (However, the sheet length is limited depending on the fold pattern). Sheet Weight Range (Normal Paper): 80 to 350 gsm (with Folding) / 80 to 400 gsm (without Folding) Max. Feeder Stack Height: 150 mm Max. Number of Impact Crease Lines: 10 Creasing Lines Production Speed: 4,500 sheets per hour (A4 / one creasing line and fold)
item-No.: 145957751
Kaeser used machine power: 90 KW volume flow: 13 m3/min pressure: 8,5 bar year 1997
item-No.: 145957518
Alup Allegro 26 new machine power: 26KW volume flow:4,20 m3/min Pressure: 7-13 bar 2019 year
item-No.: 145957516
Kaeser used machine power: 200 KW volume flow: 36,52 m3/min pressure: 7,5KW 1997 year
item-No.: 145957514
Atlas Copco used machine power: 75KW volume flow: 15,09 pressure: 13 bar
item-No.: 145822277
Line for elastic folders and small cases with snap fasteners Automatic line for assembling folders with straight and criss-cross elastic band having two rounded metal tags. Technical features Materials: Coated board, Fiber board or similar, Polypropylene, Round elastic band Cardboard thickness: from 1 mm to 3,5 mm Capacity: up to 12 pieces/minute Electrical power req.: 11 Kw Compressed air: 350 NL/min. (pressure 7 bar) Overall dimensions: L=5000mm P=3800mm H=1800mm
item-No.: 145782075
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Creemers RCB11/500 CDFG used machine power: 11KW volume flo: 1,4 m3/min. pressure: 10 bar 2011 year
item-No.: 145781877
Worthington new machine power:11 KW volume flow: 1,43 m3/min. pressure: 10 bar year: 2015
item-No.: 145781866
Atlas Copco new machine power: 22 KW volume flow: 3,49 m3/min. pressure: 8,5 bar 2018 year
item-No.: 145781862
Atlas Copco used machine power: 15 KW volume flow: 2,18 m3/min. pressure: 9,8 bar 2008 year
item-No.: 145781485
Boge used machine power: 37 KW volume flow: 2,3 - 7,16 pressure: 8 bar 2014 year
item-No.: 145781483
Kaeser used machine power: 45 KW volume flow: 8,26 m3/min. pressure: 8 bar
item-No.: 145765938
Automatic laminating machine A540 Max size: 540 x 780 mm Min size: 210 x 290 mm Paper thickness: 105 -500 grms Speed: 0-30 mts/min Weight: 1400 kg Dimensions: 3200 x 1250 x 1620 mm Flat Pile feeder with suction head Hydraulic pressure Automatic overlap Touch screen Air shaft expandable Large Diameter Induction Heated Cylinder Automatic separator Delivery with vibration
item-No.: 145677412
Tommy Nielsen 301FSX universal semi-automatic blister packaging machine, 2 heating plates with dimensions of 200 x 400 mm, blister depth max. 120 mm, 380V, 2.5 kW, 7 bar compressed air, working height (table height) approx. 760 mm, floor space approx. 1100 x 1200 mm, machine height approx. 1300 mm
item-No.: 145677379
6.900 €
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With built-in compressed air refrigerant dryer. Refrigerant R 404a.
item-No.: 145662479
Year 2002 - Complete of: CP2000 Feeder Preset Feeder Non-Stop feeder Steel plate in feeder Units Number of printing unit(s): 5 Straight machine Autoplate Alcolor dampening Automatic inking roller washing device Automatic blanket washing device Automatic impression cylinder washing device Dampening system: Technotrans CombiStar Ink temperature control Coating Number of coating units: 1 Water base coating: chambered ductor system Make Tresu Drying IR drying system in delivery Delivery Non Sto ...
item-No.: 145607431
160 €
country-de DE
Wir bieten aus einer Geschäftsauflösung (War in Anlage eingebaut - hat bis zur Einstellung funktioniert) Ventilantrieb EL-O-Matic PE15 mit Kugelhahn Druckluftansteuerung Druckminderer 1. Ventilantrieb Stellantrieb EL-O-Matic Typ: PE15 Nr. 2319064 Bj: 6/85 2. Kugelhahn MECAFRANCE DN 40 A PN 40 BSPL A 105 3. Druckluftmagnetventil HERION (Ex G4) Typ: BTF111BB/E21121 Nr. 404928 Anschluß: 220V 50Hz 15 W 4 Druckminderer mit Ölauffang P max = 16 bar Zustand: war in Anlage eingebaut - hat ...
item-No.: 145570897
CO2 Purification and Liquifying Plant Union Engineering RBU 1500 kg Gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) is fed from the fermentation process through the foam separator where fermentation foam is removed and gas is pumped to the intermediate 50 m3 CO2 buffer storage balloon (NOTE: Foam separator is not included in this equipment) From this intermediate storage gas is fed into the scrubber where designed to clean the CO2 from ethanol and other impurities are washed away with a clean water flow in counter current scrub ...
item-No.: 145570896
Oil Free Air Compressor Atlas Copco ZR 160 VSD with FD 380 dryer The compressor is water cooled and oil free two stage screw compressor with inter- and after coolers. This compressor has been manufactured by Atlas Copco Belgium in year 2001. The package includes also a separate dryer for out let air side. The equipment is a sound canopy and it is controlled with advanced Eletronikon control system. The unit is still installed and in excellent condition. Technical data Manufactured by:  ...
item-No.: 145570893
Air Compressor Atlas Copco ZR 315 VSD with FD 860 Dryer The compressor is water cooled and totally oil free two stage screw compressor with inter- and after coolers. This compressor has energy saving speed control (VSD) for airflow airflow and it has been manufactured by Atlas Copco Belgium in year 2006 . The package includes also a separate dryer for out let air side. The equipment is a sound canopy and it is controlled with advanced Eletronikon 4 control system. The unit is still installed and in excellent  ...
item-No.: 145554967
Cremers used machine power: 5,5 KW volume flow: 0,6m3/min. pressure: 10 bar
item-No.: 145554966
Cremers used machine power: 5,5 KW volume flow: 0,6m3/min. pressure: 10 bar
item-No.: 145554960
Cremers used machine power: 11 KW volume flow: 1,4 m3/min. pressure: 10 bar
item-No.: 145554958
Cremers used machine power: 11 KW volume flow: 1,43m3/min. pressure: 10 bar
item-No.: 145554955
Cremers used machine power: 15 KW wolume flow: 1,48m3/min. pressure: 7-13 bar
item-No.: 145554948
Cremers used machine power: 7,5 KW volume flow: 1m3/min. pressure: 10 bar
item-No.: 145554945
Cremers used machine power: 2,2 KW volume flow.:0,24m3/min. pressure: 10 bar 2012 year
item-No.: 145540729
Abac used machine volume flow: 21 m3/min pressure: 13 bar
item-No.: 145526147
33.800 €
country-pl PL
Cleaner DOZAMET OWT 400A made in Poland in 1988. The cleaner is offered with a filter chamber. A few years ago, the machine was thoroughly refurbished. Technical specifications: - useful capacity of the working chamber: 0.35 m3 - minimal dimensions of castings: min. 25 x 25 x 25 mm - maximum dimensions of castings: 400 x 400 x 400 mm - minimum wall thickness: 5 mm - minimum unit weight of cleaned castings: 40 kg - maximum casting load weight: 400 kg - cleaning time for one load of iron castings: 3-6 min.  ...
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