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Model HAK 30 40 20 Total size 5,965 x 2,495 x 930 mm Internal dimensions 4,060 x 2,005 x 130 mm Total weight 3,000 kg Payload 2,312 kg Tires 10 inches Standard 2V-zugde dye diving bath hot-dip galvanized Chassis and frame dip bath hot-dip galvanized 13-pin plug and reversing headlight the prosthesis possibilities on the lateral hole embossing and the Stand rails Tilting bridge via shock absorber can be mechanically tiled deep-adjustable winch with winch and pull rope Automatic support wheel Illustr ...
item-No.: 142353253
Make: Hyundai Model: WIA LM1800TTSY CNC Multi Axis Turning Centre Year: 2018 Condition: Used Machine type: Other Location of machine: Spain Machine Details Year of manufacture: 2018 (installed 2019), Control: Fanuc 3ti-MODEL B. Maximum turning diameter: 230mm. Maximum turning length: 673mm. Spindle speed: 5000 rpm. Travels:- X1-Axis: 165mm, X2-Axis: 195mm, Z1-Axis: 700mm, Z2-Axis: 720mm, 2 x Y-Axis: 100mm. 2 x turrets. Sub Spindle. Hainbuch Collets. Iemca magazine bar loader. Less than 1 y ...
item-No.: 142307711
1 ALLIANCE sample high temperature jet dyeing machine, type Baby Jet, capacity 4 to 10 kg (according to the weight and composition of the fabrics), year 1996, maximum dyeing temperature 140 ºC, machine equipped with filter, TCA 200 dye cycle controller, winch is inverter controlled (OMRON), with addition vat, Machine delivered fully erected ready to connect to media (no cables and no pneumatic pipes a disconnected for the transport
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1 JAMES HEAL Elmatear tear tester for accurately testing textiles, nonwovens, and a wide variety of similar materials, including paper, board, and plastic
item-No.: 142255828
1 PIMATEX type MTFC020 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 20 Kg, year 2004 carrier with 6 swords and each sword carries 4 cones gauge 6" = 24 cones each batch 1 PIMATEX type MTFC030 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 30 Kg, year 2001 carrier with 9 swords and each sword carries 4 cones gauge 6" = 36 cones each batch 1 PIMATEX type MTFC050 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 50 Kg, year 2001 carrier with 16 swords and each sword ...
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1 AUTIMAK folding and bagging machine type M-300, year 2011 (machine has never been intensively used and is like new), Compact machine for folding and bagging of textile garments like t-shirts, shirts, scarves, heads, carves, towels, cleaning cloths, etc... Size adjustable from children to adult sizes. It uses standard bags with flap for heat-sealing. Otherwise it can use standard bags with self-adhesive on the flap. Possibility to use cardboard supports. Adjustable folding dimensions and bag size. The bag  ...
item-No.: 142255796
1 BREITENBACH continuous ribbon dyeing and finishing line type BB87/2, year 1988, composed of: - feeding creel for 16 narrow fabric beams diameter 300 mm, - impregnation vat with 2-roller squeezing foulard width 300 mm, - horizontal Infrared pre-dryer with 180 cm length, - electrically heated drum dryer with 2 vertical drums diameter 800 mm and 400 mm width, - water cooled c ...
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1 INSTRON tensile testing machine type 5544, year 1996
item-No.: 142255764
1 laboratory foulard, pneumatic pressure with adjustment, horizontal bowls, bowls width 410 mm, bowls diameter 150 mm
item-No.: 142255762
1 METTLER TOLEDO moister analyzer type LJ16
item-No.: 142255645
1 THIES high pressure dryer for cones/bobbins, type Drucktrockner, year 1988, inside vessel diameter for 1600 mm diameter carriers, SETEX type 838 control
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First registration: 03 / 2006 HU: 06 / 2019 Ab. Total weight: 18,000 kg Kerb weight: 2.930 Kg Payload: 15,070 Kg Condition: 30-60% Sale without BDF change case, only the lafette! Price plus 19% VAT from location 73450 Neresheim Errors and intermediate sale reserved
item-No.: 141994194
LAROCHE FIBER RECOVER PLANT WORKING WIDTH 1000mm (40”) YEAR 1983 COMPLETE MACHINE ON FLOOR WITH BAILING PRESS Specification and equipment details 1-Incline apron with magnetic pulley and sorter 1- Conveyor apron with metal detector 1-Electric cabinet 1-Static filter 3 dia 600 1-Static filter 3 dia 600 1-Condenser Vent Piping 1-Condenser Vent Piping 1-Condenser model 71 – GF 888 1-Transport piping 2-Shredder 1-Intermediate chimney 1-Transport piping 1-Condenser model 71 – GF 891 1-Baffle mag ...
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MS Ink-Jet printing machine, mod. MS JPK EVO 320 with the dryer MS - POWERDRY, Made in Italy working width 3200 mm. Year of production 2014. Max. speed (double CMYK)1410 sqm/hInd production speed (double CMYK)700 sqm/h Max. speed (8 single colors)1140 sqm/hInd. production speed (8 single colors)575 sqm/h Printing resolution Up to 1200 dpi Graylevels16 Drop Size From 4 to 72pl Features - Open ink system - Open software system - Embedded remote diagnostic - Embedded web server for cost report Print ...
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DECKEL S 11 Universal Tool Grinding Machine Center height universal dividing head 170 mm, center height tailstock 120 mm, center height tailstock with interim storage 170 mm, workpiece diameter between the centers max. 338 (120) mm, workpiece diameter with flying clamp max. 600 mm, length between centers max. 950 (250) mm, interior cone dividing head spindle MK 4 or SK 40, T-slot machine stand 12 mm, T-slots all other parts 8 mm, duty stroke grinding stroke 190 mm, duty stroke cross adjustment tool carrier 100 m ...
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STRATASYS FORTUS 450mc 3D PRODUCTION SYSTEM -YOM: 07/2015 -Installed new in 2016 -Working hours: 3730 h. Product description: High performance FDM system. It allows to build precise and repeatable parts at high speed using a large part of the standard thermoplastics that are used in traditional manufacturing processes. It produces fasteners, fixings, factory tools and end-user parts as well as functional prototypes capable of passing more demanding tests. With four layer thicknesses to choose from, ...
item-No.: 139876087
Characteristics: High production maker (up to 25 boxes / minute) automatically forms cardboard boxes,by a new system of bilateral positive opening "patented system", which ensures the perfect opening and squared of the boxes, eliminating the friction between the flaps and thus guaranteeing, a totally safe opening of the box even in square boxes formats (same length and width), no need to make cuts in the angles of the inner flaps of the boxes, unlike other forming systems that do not allow these square formats to  ...
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Only used for the appropriate tests. Condition: New
item-No.: 139876079
Machine used only for timely tests. Condition: New
item-No.: 139470277
Loader SA-L8800 CTP R8600 Development machine Kodak Stacker work station, Rip
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3-part exhibition stand, exhibition pavilion for snack, dair kbis or stall with trailer for storage and transport Built in 1979 Renovated with great effort in 2016 The complete stand consists of three parts, a large main pavilion and two smaller side pavilions, see picture 2 The entire 3-part exhibition stand has a sales counter estimated. 30 running meters Ideal for Oktoberfests, folk festivals and large fairs Sales take place WITHOUT the devices visible in the background (chicken grills,  ...
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Refurbished Faymonville low-bed semi-deep loader with detachable gooseneck. With special conversion of FB AG Burkau. Gradually extendable up to 4100mm. Loading area dimensions: Low bed area=6400 to 10500mm. Loading area in the rear (with excavator handle) = 4300x2550mm. Loading area on gooseneck= 3100x2450mm. 3 meter package. BPW axles with hydraulic forced steering, drum brakes. For this purpose, radio remote control for interlanes and external steering, e.g. on construction sites On-board 24V  ...
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Heavy-duty transport truck platform trailer A very well-preserved used heavy-duty trailer is offered here for in-house transport traffic with reciprocal train drawbar and two steering axles. Data: Manufacturer: Kampa Model: PFA-VRA Built: 2011 Loading area: 6000 x 2500 mm (L x W ) Charging height: 650mm Total length with drawbar:ca 7500mm Drawbar length: 1500mm (usable on both sides) Payload: 10,000kg 6 Km/h Steering: all axles Accessories / Optional equipment: The platform car is reinforced in the  ...
item-No.: 138658345
Heavy-duty trailers, industrial trailers, platform trailers 5 tonners All-wheel drive Width:150cm Height: 45cm Length:300cm Good condition fully functional can be visited on site and tried out. Shipping also abroad. Visit: Basically, I would like to point out to you that, in order to avoid misunderstandings, the article can be visited before purchase and tested under electricity. Please ask questions before purchasing to avoid ambiguity. In case of general questions or an appointment for a visit,  ...
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Model TMZ H142 Format 100x140 cm. Year 1999 Available immediately
item-No.: 137431787
Stamping Heildelberg cylinder 56 x 77 Model SBG 56x77 cm Cavomit hot stamping machine with 3 motors Programming cabinet Available immediately
item-No.: 137245553
SLICER LINE CASTELLVALL 620 FROM 2011 Heavy duty construction made of AISI-304 stainless steel. Machine made according to the European Directive 2006/42/CE. The CASTELLVALL slicer is ideal for cutting and stacking cured, cooked and raw meats as well as cheese. Portioner conveyor-belt of 250mm length, separator conveyor-belt of 500mm length with automatic vertical tilt up to 70mm high. Automatic and pneumatic clamp grip of product with product sensor. Vertical and lateral pneumatic pusher-plates with pressur ...
item-No.: 136406394
Heavy load â platform transport trailer for long-haul Technical data: -Carrying capacity approx. 5000 kg -Full rubber tire 300 x 90 x 203 -Platform length approx. 3000 mm -Platform width approx. 1500 mm -Platform height approx. 430 mm -Leveable length 2300 mm -Total length with train dLkey approx. 5600 mm -Weight approx. 800 kg
item-No.: 136222859
Heavy load-platform transport trailer Technical data: -Carrying capacity 8000 kg -Both axes steerable/all-wheel axle thigh steering -Train dike can be on the front or back Be used -Full rubber tire 425/150-305 -Platform length approx. 2500 mm -Platform width approx. 1250 mm -Platform height approx. 690 mm -Total length without train dLength 3300 -Total length with train dLkey approx. 4400 mm -Weight approx. 800 kg
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item-No.: 135839489
Technical data: -Carrying capacity 8000 kg -Both axes steerable/all-wheel axle thigh steering -Train dike can be on the front or back -to be used -Full rubber tire 425/150-305 -Platform length approx. 2500 mm -Platform width approx. 1250 mm -Platform height approx. 690 mm -Total length without train dLength 3300 -Total length with train dLkey approx. 4400 mm -Weight approx. 800 kg
item-No.: 135803455
GASTRO PAVILLION FESTZELT ZELT HALLE APRES SKI BAR STAHLHALLE GASTRO-PAVILLION Apres-Ski Bar/Beach Bar/Golf Course Cafe Contained, heated, complete with furnishings BJ: 2004 new price â?¬240,000 MASSE OF THE GREAT EVERY: LÃ?NGE: 12.60 m BREITE: 12.20m HÃ?HE eaves: 2.90 m HÃ?HE spire: 6.50 m NUTZFLÃ?CHE: About 100 m ² BESTUHLUNG: About 100 seats Construction: -Anodised steel structure galvanized/screwed Ground: -Steel frame construction g ...
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First approval: 03/2006 HU: 06/2019 Ab. Total weight: 18,000 kg Empty weight: 2,930 kg Payload: 15.070 kg Tage state: 30-60% Sale without BDF change suitcases, just the Lafette! Price plus 19% VAT from location near Augsburg Errors and interim sales reserved
item-No.: 134368948
Gepflegte Stahlbau-Lagerhalle mit einer BGF von ca. 280 qm, welche demnächst abgebaut werden soll. Gemäß Bau-Unterlagen wurde die Stahlhalle in 2005 geplant/ errichtet. Die bisher für Lagerzwecke genutzte Kalthalle befindet sich in einem guten Zustand. Mögliche Nutzung: Gewerbehalle, Handwerker-/ Werkstatthalle, Künstler-Atelier u.v.a.m. ABMESSUNGEN gemäß Übersichts-Zeichnung: Grundflaeche: ca.282,60 qm; Hallenlaenge: ca. 28,07 m AK Wandbekleidung; Laengsraster: ca. 5,60 m Rahmenabstand/ Stützen ...
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Hemco hydraulic tracing lathe Hopper feed very good condition...$8,900 obo Contact Fred (716) 433 4224 (12:00 noon is best time to call)
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10.500 USD
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Lmacchia Barley twist lathe- model012/FE Spiral/rope turning lathe Barley twist with automatic indexing 67" max. length 8" max. working diameter as new condition...$10,500 obo Contact Fred (716) 433 4224 (12:00 noon is best time to call)
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LOCATELLI- model BIG-ARIETE- Hi production- automatic copy lathe fully hydraulic cycles and tooling advances: automatic hopper feeds squares or round blanks Station #1...blank is advanced...first trim knife trims to blank to fit thru hollow chuck Station #2...(1) roughing knife follows template...to rough to basic shape Station #3...(1) finishing knife makes the first finish cut Station #4...(1) finishing knife (set slightly deeper) makes finish cut Station #5 & #6 end boring or shaping the ou ...
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39.000 USD
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LOCATELLI-DISHMATIK- bowl/dish lathe does bowls and face plate work (5) hydraulic tracing stations They make multiple passes on all three axis with varying depth drops vacuum chucking complete with (2) Levigatrice pedestal sanders and vacuum pump condition (as new)less than 80 hours on lathe (new cost was ($123,000+)…..Price-$39,000
item-No.: 133597935
Automatic Folder-gluer machine Pneumatic Max size 710 mm Min size 125 mm Max speed 100 mt/min HOT MELT with electronic system NORSON GLUER PRO BLUE 7 4 Guns NORDSON ECLIPSE SERIES EPC 30 Touch screen digital program Several molds CD device Folder device Immaculate conditions Free of damages Very well maintain, onw owner from new Ready for test, UNDER POWER Available immediately
item-No.: 133337304
item-No.: 133000773
Nimco filler for juice milk and others. Also Hotfilling on demand VollUberhot 1000 packs hours performance
item-No.: 132672724
Mining Vehicle Fleet Washing Station New Surplus New Surplus Vehicle fleet washing station. Complete washing station never assembled. This station is designed for all of your mining vehicles. Available due to a cancelled project. Type Specifications 1) Electricity 3 Phase, Neutral, 400V AC, 50 Hz connection up to Distribution Panel (Double Compression Gland suitable for 3 core x 400 sq. mm Armoured cable. Outer Dia Ø to be confirmed) 2) Water 3” Pipe ANSI Flange (150 lb Standard) connected up to Water Meter ...
item-No.: 132672704
Renault 8 x 8 Rigid Lube Truck New Surplus New Surplus Renault Lube Truck 8x8 Rigid Truck Chassis with Lube System Equipment Included: 6 Oil tanks 1 Cooling Fluid tank 1 Grease tank Air Compressor The truck is available due to a cancelled project. Truck was never shipped to site, located in warehouse. All documentation, purchase invoice and details available. The truck is being sold well below purchase price of new.
item-No.: 132487278
VACUUM DRYER MOLDRUP-SSV PLANT FOR DRYING WITH SUPERHEATED STEAM UNDER VACUUM Vacuum autoclave Diameter 2.300 mm Length 18.000 mm Wood volume: app. 10 - 12 m3 per charge (50 mm thickness) Working pressure: 0 - 1 bar (abs) Working temperature: 39 - 100 C Material: 6 mm AISI 304 stainless steel plate Wood pack size: max 1,20 m x 1,35 m x 11,00 m Wood sticks: min. 19 mm Door: 1 mechanical rapid closure door Complete with internal rails for the trolleys Insulated with 80 mm super-wool and covered by a 0,6 ...
item-No.: 132332526
Combined Mercerizing and Washing Line made of : Pozzi 36 cylinder Mercerizing, Roller Width 1800 mm, YOC 1989. With 1 Washing Unit BABCOCK 2000 mm Roller Width YOC 1995 with Elcetrical Cabinet completely renewed in 2011 with Siemens control. Washing Line made of 3 Washing Unit Babcock Model Traflotex with intermediate padders , Roller Width 2000 mm YOC 1980
item-No.: 132061445
Characteristics: Complete line for bottling water with only 5 months of use, composed by: Blower SIPA model SF L 6/6, machine with only 5 months of use, semi-new automatic, electronic servo with last generation engines. The current format of the blow system is for 3 liter bottles being compatible for 5 and 8 liters. The machine has great flexibility in the production of a wide range of bottles from 0.33 ml to 8l. Filing tribloc PROCOMAC model WILD PARMA electronic flowmeter filling system, in format from 0.3 ...
item-No.: 132025905
Encoder Willet. No. series: 020901018971 Voltage: 110-230V. 1ph. 50-60 Hz. 2A. 160W. Dimensions: width 480 mm, length 300 mm, high foot 1,050 mm.
item-No.: 131942924
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MAX- Combo -30" disk and spindle sander-model 30DVS-($15,945-new) Disc Sander 30-D has tilting table and has rise and fall vertical movement. Table working surface 15" x 38.5"- Disc Motor Drive 5 hp.- Spindle Sander model VS-1 with Oscillating Spindle and Tilt Table- Table working surface 24" x 24" Tilts 10° up and 45° down Spindle motor 1 hp. 220/440V. $4,500
item-No.: 131911669
12.900 US
country-us US
ZUCKERMAN CHALLENGER- auto copy lathe and sander, capacity - ( mills 10" dia.by a max. of 120" long) mills using cup cutters- followed by (1) sanding station, unit has hopper feeder, mills & sands one part at a time, does parts like: boat oars, shovel handles, gunstocks, chair legs, ect. Price-$12,900
item-No.: 131839545
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country-ch CH
Work trailer / tool trailer of Ettinger W-1-250-80 Circulation 28.01.2002 Weight 390 kg Payload 460 kg Total weight 850 kg L x W x H: 250 x 110 x 110 cm without tools The trailer is in good condition, ready to use. Spare parts/service MATEC CH-4952 Eriswil/DE-79618 Rheinfelden Subject to changes, errors, and intermediate sale! MATEC systems + technology GmbH Mechanical engineering Mill mat 4 CH-4952 Eriswil/Switzerland Tel. 0041 62 966 18 32 Fax 0041 62 966 21 12
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