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Zwei Edelstahltanks mit Ablauf. Ca. 1500 l einzelnen verkauft war
item-No.: 148527659
9.500 GBP
country-uk UK
All-Fill semi-automatic single head volumetric auger powder filler. All stainless steel construction with 304L or 316L product contact parts. Mounted on a stand with a solid base. Comes with a 38 litre standard main hopper and additional lean-clean 56 litre split hopper fitted with Quantum II Controller. Last used with the product being fed via a hose (included) and vacuum powder transfer system (not included) from a container on the floor. Fill weight range 20mg – 50kg. Fill weight determined by the number ...
item-No.: 148527640
36.500 GBP
country-uk UK
Kalix fully automatic 12 pocket tube filler for plastic and laminate tubes equipped with a hot air Leister system (type 3300). Output up to 80 tubes per minute depending on tube size and product type/viscosity. Tube range: minimum 5mm to maximum 50mm diameter. All stainless steel construction with polished finish and 316 stainless steel product contact parts. Kalix auto-cassette bulk tube feeding system integrated into the machine with separate controls: on/off, emergency stop, auto/manual). Machine features:  ...
item-No.: 148527627
45.000 GBP
country-uk UK
Complete Masterfil 6 head filling line with 2.5ltr pistons. Last run on 500ml, 1000ml and 2000ml fill sizes with a 34mm screw cap. Double shot facility can fill up to 5ltr containers. The line consists of: Stainless Steel rotary infeed table; Stainless Steel through conveyor; Masterfil 6 head liquid filler with diving nozzles and gating system; Single head screw capper with cap elevator and sorter bowl; Sovereign front and back labeller with spacer wheel, top hold conveyor and wrap facility; Stainless S ...
item-No.: 148527611
Jenbacher BHKW 850 KW Otto Gasmotor mit Container und Transformator. Der Motor ist in Betrieb und kann besichtigt werden.
item-No.: 148527088
Automatic 12 track counter for packaging of tablets, caplets or soft/hard capsules. Speeds of 10 to 60 containers per minute, depending on materials and application.
item-No.: 148509441
Automatic bottle filling machine Description The filling machine was built in 2001 by RATIONATOR Maschinenbau GmbH. Since then, it has been used to produce bottles at a speed of 43 pcs/min, to automatically fill the product. Dimensions of the formats The system is built largely without formats. This translates into great time and cost advantages when switching to different container formats. Specifications of the holder The system has been used to fill the hair shampoo and has been cleaned and disinfect ...
item-No.: 148509409
BOSCH Type KLD 1041 Leak Test Machine for Ampoules and Vials Leak test machine for glass containers. Linear automatic machine for the inspection of ampoules, injection cylinders/cartridges and injection bottles/vials, which checks each container at four inspection points by means of high-voltage technology. The testing principle is based on the detection of the changing impedance of a container filled with an electrically conducting liquid. The containers are examined for: hairline fissures and pinholes ; insuffi ...
item-No.: 148509408
1 Stück gebrauchte Betonmischanlage Container-Modul-Turmanlage Hersteller: Schmidlin Schweiz Typ: Container-Modul Baujahr 1994 Leistung: 60-65 m³/h Zuschlagstofflager 6 Kammern / 300 m³ Gesamtkapazität Zuschlagstoffbeschickung: über Elevator / 100 cbm/h Mischer: Teka THZ 3000 Zementwaage: 1000 kg Wasserwaage: 500 kg Zusatzmittel: 5 / 25kg Zementsilos: 4 X 50 t 2 X 50 t Doppelkammersilo (2 X25) 2 X 50 t Einkammersilo Steuerung: RIEGER DIDO WIN Inklusive - Warmluftheizung mit Warmwasserberei ...
item-No.: 148509398
Bosch MLF 3002 intermittent motion filling and closing machine for injectable vials. Includes rotaty table for empty vials, 4 rotary piston filling heads (currently filling 100ml), stoppering inserter with bowl feeder, and closing system for ALU caps with bowl feeder. 90 degree reject to the rear of the machine, and product discharge in line with product flow. Suitable for containers up to 55mm diameter and up to 185mm high (double index), inserts and caps up to 36mm diameter. Output approximately 6,000 contain ...
item-No.: 148509383
Diosna V400 The Universal Mixers V400 are designed as especially robust vertical mixers with a cylindrical container that is conical in the top area. A three-winged mixing tool is arranged on the bottom; a chopper is installed on the side. The shafts are equipped with low-wear air gap seals. Emptying takes place on the side through a large discharge valve with a locking piston that lines up precisely with the inner wall. The control via push-buttons and timers is installed in the switch cabinet on the machine. The ...
item-No.: 148509372
WSG series: Maximum efficiency for drying and granulation. The fluid bed ensures incredibly fast, smooth and even drying. Therefore, fluid bed dryers are often used in combination with high speed granulators (wet mixers). With the addition of a spray nozzle, the dryer becomes a granulator. Fluid bed granulations are known for their superior homogeneity. The properties of the granules (size, density, porosity) can be controlled in a wide range by setting different processing parameters. The PRO design for the W ...
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790 €
country-de DE
IBC Edelstahlcontainer, Schüttgutcontainer, Inhalt 900 Ltr. Inhalt: 900 Ltr. Betriebsdruck: drucklos Baujahr: Herst.: Waldner Material: Edelstahl 1.4301 Bauart: Rechteckbehälter, stapelbar, mit allen üblichen Flurförderfahrzeugen wie Stapler und Hubwagen befahrbar, Domdeckel 400 mm in Edelstahl, Ablass-Scheibenventil 195 mm mit Edelstahlklappe letzter Verwendungszweck: Lebensmittel Höhe: ca. 1.540 mm Breite/Tiefe: ca. 1.045 mm / ca. 1.045 mm
item-No.: 148509353
890 €
country-de DE
Edelstahl Silo-Container BSIF 550 Ltr. Inhalt: 550 Ltr. Betriebsdruck: drucklos Baujahr: unbekannt Herst.: Schäfer Material: Edelstahl 1.4301 Behälter, Gestell Eisen lackiert Bauart: Rechteckbehälter, stapelbar, mit allen üblichen Flurförderfahrzeugen wie Stapler und Hubwagen befahrbar, Domdeckel 400 mm, Ablass-Scheibenventil DN 150 in Edelstahl, sehr gepflegter Zustand, Entlüftungskappe im oberen Deckel, Edelstahlrohr DN 80 im Trichter, Trichterneigung 45° letzter Verwendungszweck: Granul ...
item-No.: 148509349
890 €
country-de DE
Edelstahl IBC-Container, Schüttgutcontainer, Inhalt 750 Liter Inhalt: 750 Ltr. Betriebsdruck: drucklos Baujahr: unbek. Herst.: unbek. Material: Edelstahl 1.4301 Bauart: Rechteckbehälter, stapelbar, mit allen üblichen Flurförderfahrzeugen wie Stapler und Hubwagen befahrbar, Domdeckel 400 mm mit Bajonetteverschluss in Edelstahl, Ablass-Scheibenventil DN 250 (250 mm) in Edelstah,l mit Handhebel, 1" Gewindeanschluss im oberen Boden letzter Verwendungszweck: Lebensmittel Höhe: ca. 1.450 mm Breit ...
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120.000 €
country-it IT
For sale by online auction roll handler and robotized painting truck for tunnels. 3 lots in total that can be seen in Cazzago San Martino (BS). The auction will start on Monday 23 September and will end on Monday 5 October. Lot n. 3: Make: SIMINTECH Model: TPNT6.5X010 Year: 2012 Robotized painting of road tunnels Complete with containers, final suction filters Painting diffusers - suction hoods Speaker rotation and movement system Control panel GTA hydraulic system and AIR COM compressor Th ...
item-No.: 148492998
Complete labeling system for PET bottles, capacity 39600 bph, with blocked Contiroll wrap around labeler and Sleevematic sleeve labeler delivered by Krones on 2017. System has also Checkmat label inspector, two dryers, steam and electrical heated shrink tunnel and conveyor system between the machines. This labeling system has been operated only around 9700 hours and is thus close to new like condition. Sleever is Krones latest model high capacity Sleevematic TS 1 version with Multireel S label feeding unit and new  ...
item-No.: 148383518
Meat grinder Wolfking C 250 UNI The Wolfking C 250 UNI wolf is an efficient meat grinder for cutting both frozen and fresh meat, fish and poultry. This machine is completely made of stainless steel. The container has a large capacity of 300L where standard wagons can be unloaded effortlessly. This industrial wolf is suitable for the medium and large processing companies. The stainless steel grinding housing is easy to disassemble into separate pieces, allowing for quick cleaning. Production capacity: 8000kg / h ...
item-No.: 148383517
Meat grinder Tec Maq Alimat 130 This corner wolf from Tec Maq is a versatile processing machine. The meat grinder has two worms. The feeding worm automatically feeds the product to the feeding worm. This means that the product does not have to be pressed manually. The container has a large capacity of 140L. The machine has two rotational speeds. This wolf is suitable for grinding both fresh and slightly frozen products such as meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit. The machine is completely made of stainless s ...
item-No.: 148383516
Meat grinder Tender Star TS52 This model can handle large amounts of meat, poultry and fish. Thanks to the powerful 7.5 kW grinding motor, this meat grinder is able to process frozen products. This meat grinder is equipped with wheels, making it easy to move. The machine is completely made of stainless steel. Production capacity: up to 3000kg / hour (depending on the product and cutting size) Container capacity: 80L Cutting plate diameter: 130mm Cutting system: Enterprise Voltage: 400V (3 + N, 50Hz) Power: 7 ...
item-No.: 148383515
Meat grinder Rex Duker SW114 This model can handle large amounts of meat, poultry and fish. An extra plus is that the stopwolf is easy to operate and clean. The wolf is easy to move due to the 4 swivel wheels. The Unger cutting system (3 plates, 2 knives) ensures a perfect cutting result. The powerful motor can also grind lightly frozen products. The machine is completely made of stainless steel Production capacity: up to 2000kg / hour (depending on the product and cutting size) Container capacity: 60L Cutting ...
item-No.: 148383514
Meat grinder Mado Optimo MEW 619 This meat grinder can process large quantities of meat, poultry and fish. An extra plus is that the stopwolf is easy to operate and clean. The Unger cutting system (3 plates, 2 knives) ensures a perfect and consistent cutting result. The meat grinder is completely made of stainless steel. Production capacity: up to 1000kg / hour (depending on the product and cutting size) Container capacity: 50L Cutting plate diameter: 98mm Cutting system: Unger Voltage: 400V (3 + N, 50Hz) Po ...
item-No.: 148383511
Meat grinder Bizerba FW N32T 2 The Bizerba FW N32T 2 grinds meat, poultry and fish in raw, cooked or smoked form. Food processors obtain perfect results and can clean the machine quickly and efficiently. The stand and castor wheels make the machine easy to move. This meat grinder is completely made of stainless steel. Production capacity: up to 1100kg / hour (depending on the product and cutting size) Diameter plate: 100mm Cutting system: Enterprise Container capacity: 50L Voltage: 400V (3 + N, 50Hz) Power: ...
item-No.: 148348417
11.300 €
country-de DE
Edelstahl-Behälter aufgerüstet für KZE-Betrieb, 33 m³, stehend, Material 1.4301, Dicke Boden 3,5 mm; Wanddicke Zylinder und Dach 3,0 mm. Mantelhöhe 6750 mm, Manteldurchmesser 2400 mm Fusshöhe 830 mm Deckelhöhe 500 mm Gesamthöhe 8080 mm Mannloch 450 x 350 mm Klarablauf DN40 Restablauf DN100 Dom DN65. CIP Reinigungsleitung mit Sprühkugel, KZE-Leitung und Armatur. 3 Profilfüße Stückpreis 11.300 EUR zzgl. USt.
item-No.: 148348393
Good condition and low operating hour 800 kWe / 400 V / 50 Hz combined heat and power (CHP) plant running on natural gas or biogas. The plant was delivered by MWM in 2011 and it is still running 2 days a week. Thermal energy is in form of hot water at 90°C and currently used for district heating purpose. It has a complete gas treatment and mixing system to utilize biogas which has 50 – 65 % of CH4. Power generators are installed in two soundproof containers, TEAM Evo WMW power plant control system and all electr ...
item-No.: 148321526
sale of 2 gas generators in container scania engine powers 295 kva year 2015 and 2016 service hours 14,000 and 28,000
item-No.: 148274018
Presscontainer Kiggen PD 731 Baujahr 1997 Inhalt: 20 m3 Presskraft: 34 ton Entladetur: Seide scharnierend Aufnahme: Haken+ Ketten Mit HKI (DIN)
item-No.: 148274016
Presscontainer Husmann SPB 10 AN-E Baujahr 2007 Inhalt: 10m3 Presskraft: 34 ton Entladetur: Top scharnierend Aufnahme: Portal
item-No.: 148273998
This adhesive labeling machine is suitable for a small containers, bottles, vials made of glass or plastic. Manufacturer: Bausch & Strobel GmbH ( Germany ) Type: ESF 1015 Year: 1990 Capacity: 10200 pcs / hr Power: 380 v., 50 Hz, 3 kW Container diameter: 16 mm - 80 mm Container height: 35 mm - 160 mm Container size at the moment: dia 17,5 mm x 35 mm / dia 22 mm x 35 mm Printer: Metronic hot printing unit Printing area: 30 mm x 50 mm Air: 6 - 8 bar Dimensions: L 3500 mm x D 1150 mm x H 1200 mm Weight ...
item-No.: 148273973
Make: Cummins Enclosed Container. Working hours: 918 only Model: QSX15-G8 Engine no: 79459142 Rated Power: 670 HP, 500 KW Assembled The USA Alternator Make: Stamford Serial Number: 0274512/003 KVA: 500 KW: 400 Hz: 50 RPM: 1500 Volts: 380 Phase: 3 Made in The UK.
item-No.: 148273967
CAT engine Year: 2014 (Brand new) Weight: 500 kg per unit Width: 600 mm Height: 800 mm Length: 800 mm Horsepower: 2 types 68.5kw or 82kw Total units: 50 units. About half of the 50 units are 68.5 kW, and about half of the 50 units are 82 kW engines For your reference, all 50 units can be put together into 40 containers.
item-No.: 148109521
Presscontainer AJK 20N Baujahr: rev. 2010 Inhalt: 20 m3 Presskraft: 34 ton Entladetur: Oben scharnierend Aufnahme: Haken Mit HKI
item-No.: 148109519
Absauganlage AL-KO (Stationäre) -mit Spänecontainer -Durchblasfilter - Hersteller AL-CO - Typ- ECO-JET 130/4 - Filterfläche 59,4 m² - Automatische Abrüttlung - Feuerlöschleitung - Schaltschrank - L/B/H- 2,6 x 1,0 x 4,6 m - Absaugventilator -12.200 m³/st,11 Kw - Transportventilator - Automatische Abrütlung - Neue Filter Säcke - Betriebsanleitung mit CE Konformitätserklärung
item-No.: 148109518
Presscontainer Husmann SPB 16 SEL-E Baujahr 2005 Inhalt: 16 m3 Presskraft: 34 ton Entladetur: Seide scharnierend Aufnahme: Haken Mit Abfallbehälter fegen
item-No.: 148109517
Presscontainer Husmann SPB 18 SEL-E Baujahr 2012 Inhalt: 18 m3 Presskraft: 34 ton Entladetur: Seide scharnierend Aufnahme: Haken Mit Abfallbehälter fegen
item-No.: 148108846
This laber printer-applicator was made by Weber in 2017. It has very low operating hours, approx. 100-150 and in very good, almost new-like condition. The labels are text based and are applied with contactless tamp-blow method. Transfer of system parameters is possible via USB, the machine is RFID ready and provides high precision with eletronic vacuum and pressure measurement with Festo pneumatics. Make: Weber Packing Solutions, Ireland Model: Legi-Air 4050 E Year: 2017 Capacity: 400 mm/sec, up to 1 ...
item-No.: 148108838
Filteranlage für Ofen- und Gießstrecke 19.500 Bm³/h Leistung: 30 kW Technische Daten: Volumenstrom: 19.500 Bm³ / h Druck: 140 daPa Rohgastemperatur: 20°C max. Filterfläche: 210 m² Anzahl der Filter: 100 Stück Filterdim .: 500 x 2.100 mm Material: NF 500 gr Abmessungen: Oberteil: 1.840 x 2.980, 3.560 mm hoch Unterteil: 1.840 x 2.450/250 x 170, 1.895 mm hoch Rohgasanschlussstück: 500 x 400 mm Rohgasunterstützung: 325 x 1.840 mm Zubehör: Staubablass mit Motor und Adapter 200 mm ...
item-No.: 148056244
Main characteristis: Delivered by KHS GmbH Delivery year 2017 Product Beer Capacity 200 kph KEG Non-Refillable Classic 30 litres Pentainer PET Fitting G-Type Control PLC Siemens Simatic S7 series This complete 30 litres non-refillable PET filling line was delivered by KHS in year 2017 and it has been operated only less than 100 hours. Line operation is fully automatic and it includes all machinery from PET preform feeding to PET KEG carton boxing and own CIP line for cleaning. Line is designed to be ...
item-No.: 148030417
Prozessbehälter neu Hersteller Becomix Typ MV 250 Baujahr 2015 noch nie im Einsatz Inhalt Nutzvolumen 250 l Vakuum und druckfest -1/+2 bar Betriebstemperatur 20-134 °C Heizraum Druckfest 0-4 bar Betriebstemperatur 20-152 °C
item-No.: 147954922
1 MATHIS paste evacuating device type LPE. This machine is used for evacuating air by means of a vacuum pump with a time switch. An overflow of the paste under vacuum can be avoided by means of an infinitely variable stirrer. The evacuating process can be observed through the glass container. 1 liter capacity, Rotation stirrer 50 - 1500 rpm controlled by LENZE inverter, Vacuum 99.5%, Dimensions 515 x 300 x 585 mm (W x D x H), Machine is in an immaculate condition. It worked only 776 hours which is eq ...
item-No.: 147881911
Condition: used Content : 2000 ltr Isolation: yes Agitator: yes Cip compatible: yes Manhole: yes Outlet nozzle: yes
item-No.: 147880326
PRP-Leistung: 680 kVA / 544 kW LTP-Leistung: 748 kVA / 598 kW Generator. Mecc Alte ECN 40-LB/4 Bauart: Container schallgedämmt, Schalt- und Motorraum getrennt Maschinensatz und Innenausrüstung wie neu, Zustand ausgezeichnet
item-No.: 147679919
60.000 €
country-it IT
Jenbacher J 420 GENERATING SET - OUTPUT: 1412 KW - YEAR OF MANUFACTURE: 2005 - Manufacturer: Jenbacher | Model: JGS 420 GS-L.L Output: 1412 kW ENGINE Running hours: 54342 h total. ALTERNATOR - Manufacturer: Newage Stamford - Output: 1412 50Hz 400 V AC Phase 3 COMPLETE GENSET (NO CONTAINER) - Generator (alternator, engine and motor PLC) - Oil Cooling System (heat exchanger + complete pump) - Starting System - Control Panels generator (DIANE) - Electrical control panel acces ...
item-No.: 147635450
120.000 €
country-it IT
Jenbacher J416 Containerized Good condition. GENERATING SET - OUTPUT: 975 KW - YEAR OF MANUFACTURE: 2007 - Manufacturer: Jenbacher | Model: JGS 416 GS-B.L Output: 975 kW ENGINE Running hours: 46780 h total. ALTERNATOR - Manufacturer: Newage Stamford - Output: 975 kW 1219 kVA 50Hz 400 V AC Phase 3 COMPLETE CONTAINERIZED GENSET - Generator (alternator, engine and motor PLC) - Gas train - Water cooling system (heat exchanger + complete pump) - Oil Cooling System (heat exc ...
item-No.: 147635445
For sale tanks: 30.000 liters 20.000 liters 15.000 liters 13.500 liters 10.000 liters 8.000 liters 5.000 liters 3.200 liters 1.700 liters 1.000 liters
item-No.: 147622047
49.370 €
country-de DE
Wir bieten eine Position Peri Trio 270 mit 65% Rabatt auf Neupreis komplett mit Zubehör 264,708 m² Zum Sonder-Paketpreis von 49.370,00 € Netto = 187,00€/m² Rahmen+ Schalhaut top Zustand/Mietlagerqualität, Rahmen mit Zinkphosphatfarbe grundiert und lackiert. SB2/3 problemlos möglich 24 Element TR 270 x 240 8 Element TR 270 x 90 6 Element TRA 270 x 90 20 Element TR 270 x 72 6 Element TR 270 x 60 14 Element TR 270 x 30 8 Ecke TE 270-2 4 Wanddickenausgleich WDA-2 270 x 5 4 Wanddickenausgle ...
item-No.: 147608234
Bottle Dryer Krones Linadry S with 3 modules, 70 000 container / hour This Krones modular, standalone bottle dryer has three separated compartments for efficient high capacity drying of cans, glass and PET bottles. Modules contains various adjustable air blowing nozzles, automatic blowing power regulation depending on ambient conditions with frequency-controlled air fans. Each module have they own touch screen control panel for easy change of drying parameters according to filling temperature, ambient tempera ...
item-No.: 147608233
Aseptic Filling Line for juices and dairy products ELOPAK 8100 cartons / hour There are two identical lines built and commissioned by ELOPAK in year 2008. They are designed for aseptic filling of low PH (4.5) products, like fruit juices with or without pulp, nectars and other non-carbonated fruit containing beverages in to 500 ml, 750ml and 1000 ml barrier board containers at ambient temperature and further package containers on carton box for distribution. For these products the shelf life is the same as Tetr ...
item-No.: 147605078
Kippbarer Spänekübel Hersteller: Emunds + Staudinger Innenmaße 1012 x 1018 x 750 mm hoch Außenmaße 1240 x 1160 x 940 mm Kippvorrichtung
item-No.: 147592719
Malt house equipment for 2 million hl beer brewery Complete malt house equipment for a brewery with 2 million hl annual capacity. Malt house was delivered by German Seeger in year 2002 and is the following main equipment: 2 pcs Screw conveyor length 5 m, capacity 17 t/h 1 pc Chain conveyor length 5m capacity 17 t/h 1 pc Screw conveyor, length 4.5 m, capacity 17 t/h 2 pcs Chain-bucket conveyors, vertical, height 15 m, capacity 17 t/h 1 pc Automatic scales Q=17,5 t 1 pc Automatic scal ...
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