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90 Lfm Palettenregal Vöst Gebrauchtware, guter Zustand, siehe Bilder Höhe 5,4 m Tiefe 100 cm, Feldlast 12000 kg Trägerlänge 2,95 m Träger mit Auflast/Fach 2400 kg Rahmen & Träger grau Verfügbare Rahmenhöhen 3,6 m oder 5,4 m Verhandlungspreis: € 5.490,-- netto ab Lager Angebot besteht aus: + 31 St. Rahmen vormontiert, 12t Feldlast, Tiefe 100 cm, Höhe 5,4 m +180 St. Träger, Länge 2,95 m, 2400 kg Auflast/Fach +360 St. Einhängesicherungen + 62 St. Betonanker Belastungsschilder  ...
item-No.: 146546119
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120 Lfm Palettenregal BITO Gebrauchtware, siehe Bilder Höhe 2 m Tiefe 110 cm Trägerlänge 2,7 m Trägerlängen 1,8 m, 2,1 m, 2,4 m, 2,7 m und 3,1 m verfügbar Auflast/Fach 1800 kg Rahmen verzinkt Träger blau Verhandlungspreis: € 4.780,-- netto ab Lager Angebot besteht aus: + 44 St. Rahmen vormontiert, Tiefe 110 cm, Höhe 2 m + 172 St. Träger, Länge 2,7 m, 1800 kg Auflast/Fach + 344 St. Einhängesicherungen + 88 St. Betonanker Ware ist auf Lager. Transport und Montage auf Anfra ...
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Code: 0083 Brand: MARTIN - GERMANY Model: 40 Panel saw with tilting blade Heavy cast iron structure Carriage length mm 2500 Max blade diameter mm 400 Cutting height with blade 400 - mm 175 Blade inclination 0-45 degrees Blade motor Hp 10 Cutting width mm 1000 Double angle tilting guide device Parallelogram blade protection Overall dimensions : mm 2700 x 1700 x 1500 h Weight kg 1600
item-No.: 146466951
4.000 €
country-it IT
Code: 0077 Brand: SCM Model: MB 3T Automatic multiple boring machine with 2 heads for furniture, kitchens, panels and various Complete with: Pneumatic stop support rod: 2 lateral reference guides and 2 support rollers useful for long and heavy panels 5 drawback stops Max panel thickness mm 60 Boring depth mm 75 Chucks for quick change adaptors and bushes Horizontal group with 21 chucks Centre distance between spindles mm 32 Motor power Hp 2 Rotary vertical head from 0 to 90° with 21 drill  ...
item-No.: 146428530
Steuerung: konventionell, Digitalanzeige Fagor Drehlänge: 4500 mm Drehdurchmesser über Bett: 800 mm Drehdurchmesser über Support: 580 mm Spitzenhöhe über Bett: Ø 290 mm Spindelbohrung: Ø 105 mm Drehzahl: 3 Stufig siehe Tabelle Vorschub: siehe Tabelle Reitstockaufnahme: MK 5 Reitstockpinolenhub: 300 mm Gesamtleistungsbedarf: 15 kW Maschinengewicht ca.: 6010 kg Raumbedarf ca.: Breite 1,40 m x Länge 5,95 m Planscheibe, Lünetten Maschine kann in deutscher Produktion besichtigt werden. V ...
item-No.: 146428528
Steuerung: konventionell Arbeitsbereich: Drehdurchmesser über Bett 2000 mm Drehdurchmesser über Support 1600 mm Spitzenhöhe über dem Bett 1000 mm Werkstück Gewicht zwischen den Spitzen (ohne Setzstöcke) 50 Tonnen Bettbreite 2000 mm Drehmeißel Querschnitt 80x80 mm Spindelstock: Spindeldrehzahl Anzahl Stufen 24 Drehzahlbereich 1,4 + 280 U/min Spindelkegel metr. Kegeligkeit 1:10 120 mm Durchmesser der Planscheibe 1920 mm Drehmoment auf der Planscheibe 9000 kpm Support: Längsvorschübe ...
item-No.: 146386636
Work piece max. diam. above bed, mm 2000 Work piece max. diam. above support, mm 1600 Work length, mm 18000 Work piece maximum weight, kg 63.000 Engine power, kW 100 Weight of the machine tool, kg 200000
item-No.: 146259630
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country-it IT
Code: 0061 Brand: ROBOPAC Model: SPIROR HP 300 - CE Standard Wrapping machine for wrapping, protecting and stabilizing long-shaped products with small cross section - CE Standard Use of film spool 250 mm wide or 125 mm Heavy duty ball bearing rotating unit driven by a flat belt Maximum rotation speed 300 rpm controlled by frequency converter Plc control panel Installed power 2,5 Kw Operating pressure 6 bar Incoming roller conveyor Overall dimensions: mm 2400 x 1200 x 1400 h
item-No.: 146259125
DATEN ZUR MASCHINE Maschinentyp: Palettenregale / Lagerbühne / Regale Hersteller: Meta und andere Modell: 4 Meter / 3 Meter Zustand: einsatzbereit (gebraucht) Standort Warstein , Deutschland Referenznummer MV-REG-0420 BESCHREIBUNG Wir bieten Ihnen an, einen grossen Posten Palettenregale, Schwerlastregale, Kragarmregal für Schwerlast und Fachbodenregale. Ein Komplettabnahme würden wir bevorzugen. Besichtigung der Regale nähe Soest möglich. Unser Angebot richtet sich an gewerbetreibe ...
item-No.: 145989601
Stahl - T32/2-US Machine information: This professional 32 cm high speed folder (flat pile loader, vacuum feeder wheel, 2 pockets, counter) folds paper or other sheet materials in one handling job up to 42.500 sh/hr. The sheets will be transported from the flat pile feeder with a vacuum feeder wheel system to the folding machine and can be programmed to be (batch-) counted automatically. Air separation blowers on the feedertable. Specifications: Min. size: 105 x 145 mms Max. size: 320 x 450 mms Min. fold: 5 ...
item-No.: 145963239
Wir haben auf Lager verschiedene Mittelscherölbrenner mit Vorwärmer Leistung : 130-230kW 220-430kW 325-625kW
item-No.: 145836783
EVATRONIX EVIXSCAN HEAVY DUTY QUADRO 3D scanner was manufactured in 2015 in Poland. The 3D scanner is used to measure the accuracy of made details. The scanner is offered together with a rotary table and software for analyzing the accuracy of the workpiece (with a control computer), which is used instead of the CMM and measuring arm. It is a 3D scanner that is widely used. It can be used on production lines, in steel mills, foundries and even underground, etc. The scanner works perfectly with the EVERRICHO ER VMC 1 ...
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wir bieten: Laufrad Stützrad Schwerlastrad Rad für Hubwagen Vogeloder ähnlich siehe Foto Zustand: unbenutz siehe Foto Hersteller: Räder Vogel Durchmesseer: 150 mm Breite: 50 mm Welle: 20 mm Weitere Ersatzteil von Kommissionierern JH wie. - Notausschalter - Schalteinheit Magnetschalter Jungheinrich 24V 150/300 A - Fahrschalter Fahr Regler Jungheinrich 50144100 aus EC 20 G - Lagerrolle mit Nadellager und Lagerrollenaufnahme - 3 Hydraulikzylinder, 1 Magnetendschalterr und 2 Halter aus Jungheinr ...
item-No.: 145721906
Qty. 1 Second-hand hydraulic extrusion press with piercer Mfc.: LZP Built: 1956 Typ: CXT-3000 – Hydr. press - Piercer Revamped by ZAMET 2005 Pressure force: 30 MN Billet dia.: 205, 250 & 300 m Dia. of the containers: 210, 255 & 306 mm Billet length: 300 – 900 mm Hydraulic station: Mfc.: Hydromet Operation pressure: 250 ATM Pump Type: PZ3E -25 Motor: 13 kW Material: Copper, Brass Form: Round and square Dia. of light products – tubes and profiles: 30 – 90 mm Max. length: 16 m Spee ...
item-No.: 145678466
250 Ton x 5100mm Over Bed CNC Press Brake. Admitting 4500mm Between Side Frames. 3000mm Long Heavy Duty Back Gauge. Including Cybelec DNC 800 8 axis control. (Y1, Y2, X1, X2, Z1, Z2, R1, R2) Auto Crowing. Infra-Red Operator Guards. Hydraulic Top Tool Clamping. Side & Rear Safety Fences. Tooling Carousel. S/No 97P288. New 1997
item-No.: 145621419
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country-uk UK
Machine specifications Engine: 81Kw (109hp) 95a turbo-charged intercooled JCB diesel engine T4 Final 3CX Contractor Advanced EasyControl Gearbox: 40Kph 4WD powershift Pump: 165 Lpm (36 gpm) Excavator end: 14' heavy lift ext. dipper Excavator controls: ISO + Advanced EasyControl Loader: Std 3 spool float/reset Mainframe: 7'8" 2WS sideshift 6-In-1 shovel, direct mount, 2,350mm 3/4 Hammer Pipework Sitemaster Easy Control Excludes excavator bucket LiveLink GPS tracking Key immobiliser Drive controls for p ...
item-No.: 145621274
These transformers were made by ABB / Trasfor S.A Switzerland in 2015. They were never installed, and are today in their original factory package and in new-like condition. They are water-cooled, three phase power step-down transformers with enclosures, originally for mobile off-shore application of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The voltage transformation is from 6.6 kV to 690 V and frequency is 60 Hz. Total of eight transformers are available, two of each power ranges. The transformers can be sold unit by unit and th ...
item-No.: 145571711
We are pleased to offer: Ibico EPK 21 Heavy duty comb binder Semi-professional highly durable binding machine ideal for high volume users. With an all metal punch and binding mechanism for high durability, this machine binds up to A4 size documents with a punch capacity of up to 25 sheets of 80gsm paper & a binding capacity of 500 sheets. Binds up to A4. Punch capacity: 25 sheets (80gsm paper). Binding capacity: 500 sheets (51mm diameter combs). Electric foot pedal enables rapid punching. Margin adjustment ...
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country-pl PL
Vertical machining center EVERRICHO ER VMC 1680 LB was built in 2015. The price includes an additional tilt and rotary table (additional 4th and 5th axis). The net price of the new center (without the compressor) is PLN 694,000. This machine was started in December 2015 and operated occasionally until January 2019. Before each start-up, the machine was warmed up at low feeds and low revolutions for about 40 min (total time for warming up without load: approx. 800 hours). Total machine operation time: approx. 3300 h ...
item-No.: 145425547
CNC machine center Morbidelli Author 330 the year 2007 3 axis routing unit independent unit for lock and hinges working area 3050 x 1300 mm desk divided into 2 work areas 1450 x 1300 mm max piece thickness of 180 mm Milling unit 7.5 kW, HSK-63 tool changer 12 positions Horizontal milling unit 2 outputs for milling cutter Drilling unit 12 vertical drills 2+2 horizontal 1 + 1 horizontal drills in x-direction sawing unit bar table, 6 pcs TVN beams, length 1300 mm 4 lift ...
item-No.: 145425356
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Dugard Eagle 660 VMC Fanuc Oi-MC Control X Axis Traverse 660mm Y Axis Traverse 520mm Z Axis Traverse 510mm Table Size 810 x 510mm Maximum Table Load 500Kg Spindle Nose Line to Table Surface 150 – 660mm Spindle C/Line to Column 585 x 76mm Maximum Feed Rate 7.5m/min. Rapid Traverse Rates 30/30/24m/min. Speed Range 80 – 8,000rpm Spindle Power 11kW Spindle Taper CAT40 Bi-Directional Auto Tool Changer 24 Station Twin Arm Machine Weight 5,000Kg Heavy Duty High Quality Cast Iron Frame Counterbal ...
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country-ua UA
Max diameter of the processed product in mm: over bed 1250 over caliper 900 Distance between centers in mm 16300 The greatest weight of the installed product in kg 15000 Number of spindle speeds 3 Spindle speed limits in minutes 3.15-200 Number of innings: longitudinal 18 transverse 18 Feed limits in mm / rev: longitudinal 0.16-8 transverse 0.1-5 Number of calipers 2 The angle of rotation of the upper part of the caliper in degrees ± 90 The number of lunettes on the machine: open, with a diameter of  ...
item-No.: 145340357
39.999 €
country-ua UA
Work piece maximum weight kg 25000 Work piece maximum diameter above support mm 900 Work piece maximum diameter above bed mm 1250 Number of feeds 12 Work piece length: mm 10000 Spindle speed rpm 1,6 - 200 Main electric motor power kW 90 Dimensions of the machine: mm - length 14800 - width 2400 - height 2070 Machine weight:46.4T
item-No.: 145340342
HEAVY LATHE MORANDO PR 75 6000 mm.lenght 1600 mm. diameter
item-No.: 145278578
700.000 USD
country-jp JP
Unused Gas Turbine Generator 3,200kW x 16 units Condition: Unused Make: Kawasaki(Japan) Manufacturing year: 2008 Quantity: 16units Electric output: 3200Kw(4000kV) Frequency: 60hz Voltage: 6600V Fuel: Natural Gas/Liquid (Turbine) Model:MIT-23 Output: 3457kW Fuel Type: Gas /Liquid Gas consumption: 1270Nm3/h(LHV:40605Kj/m3h) Liquid consumption: 1465liter/h(LHV:43116Kj/kg) Turbine Speed: 22000 rpm Output Speed 1800 Heavy-duty, simple open cycle 2- stage compre ...
item-No.: 145158054
YOM is approx. 1985 Model 1a665 machines are designed for roughing and finishing of cast iron and steel parts. On the machine, you can grind the outer cylindrical surfaces in the centers, the faceplate of the headstock and the center of the tailstock; grind the conical surfaces by moving the upper longitudinal sled turned at an angle equal to half the angle of the cone of the workpiece, or by using the combined feed method; cut metric and inch threads. The largest diameter of the product processed above: t ...
item-No.: 145086192
CRAVEN HEAVY DUTY LATHE --------------------------------- Between centres 8000 mm. Swing over bed 1320 mm. Swing over saddle 1040 mm. Spindle speeds 0.96-250 rpm. Screwcutting 1/20"-4.0" Width across bed 1000 mm. 4-jaw chuck diameter 1016 mm. Drive motor 37 kW AC Tailstock barrel dia 178 mm. Spindle bore dia 108 mm. Spindle bearing type - roller/thrust. Dimensions 12800 x 2130 mm. MAX WEIGHT WORKPIECE: Between centres : 20,000 kg With steady : 38,000 kg
item-No.: 145003350
We are pleased to offer: Soag Automatic Heavy Duty Paper Drill. Automatic heavy duty paper drill. Will drill up to 22 positions. Soag Auto drill Motor stop start Size of workable table 18” deep x 26” wide Largest sheet size 16” deep x 26” wide Max distance of holes apart 22” Max distance from Lay edge 4 ½” Min distance apart ½” Max thickness With drill 1/8” =1” With drill 5/32” = 1 1/8” With drill 3/16” = 1 ½” With drill 7/32” = 1 ¾” With drill ¼” -1/2” = 2 ...
item-No.: 144925149
We are pleased to offer: Digifold Automated Crease Fold Paper Folder Print finishing 120-00-01 Handles output from digital color printing systems and heavy cross-grained stocks printed by conventional litho. Fully automated, compacted and easy to use, the suction-fed DigiFold is the only automated folder using a creasing rule and matrix with the ability to crease material prior to folding Prevents cracking during the folding process Helps to reduce the possibility of marking or scratching of the  ...
item-No.: 144912746
Unwind Section Slitting/ Draw Roll Section Rewind Section Control and Drive Section Shaftless Unwind Stand Upgrade to US50B Shaftless Unwind Stand Roll dia. 1270mm; Rollwidh 1500mm; Roll Weight 1800kg Chuck for 8 inch Steel cores Walk Plate Assembly Integral Splice Table Driven Unwind System - 2 x 20 HP Position Regulated Dancer for Driven unwind Heavy Duty unwind Upgrade 1500mm dia, 3000 kg Anti telescoping units Gates around Unwind Slitting tooling: Shear knif shafts, Femal Shaer knives (90mm ID) ...
item-No.: 144892545
OERLIKON DM 6 CNC Schwerdrehmaschine Kompletter Umbau in 2013, gemäß UVV (Sicherheitsabsperrung und Lichtschranken) Neue Elektrik, neue Elektronik, neue Motoren, neue Antriebe, Steuerung SIEMENS 840 D mit HR im geschützten Bedienstand Drehdurchmesser max = 1.580 mm 4 Backenfutter – Planscheibe Durchmesser = 1.650 mm Maximale Drehzahl = 130 1/min Max Umdrehung Sonderbetriebsart = 4,4 1/min Spitzenweite = 6.000 mm Max. Werkstückgewicht = 10.000 kg Reitstock mit Zentrierspitzen Bohrvorrichtung S ...
item-No.: 144880598
NILPETER FB3300 13” 8 COLOUR UV FLEXO PRESS YEAR 2008 MOTOR & DRIVE 15 horse power motor and drive with overload protection and solid state, regulated speed control. Controlled acceleration and deceleration. Pre-set idle and jog rates. Mechanical press speed of 750 FPM (228.6 m/min) UNWIND Heavy duty dual arm 40" (1016 mm) unwind with roll lifter, electronic web guide and pneumatic splicing platform. Roll end shut-off with by-pass feature. Maximum roll weight of 500 Lbs (226 kg). 3 HP AC Vector constant te ...
item-No.: 144880234
Diesel Generator Power Plant 119 MW with Wartsila 7x18V46 HFO This 119 MW power plant (ISO Condition) was delivered by Wartsila in year 2002, operation started in 2003 and it has 7 x 18V46 diesel engines running on heavy fuel oil (HFO) at 500 rpm coupled with ABB made brushless synchronous 11 kV / 50 Hz alternators. I has been in operated under PPA and engines have been operated around 60 000 hours in base load power production. This power plant is designed and build by Wartsila utilizing their highly standardiz ...
item-No.: 144844102
KARL MAYER RS-3-MSUS-V RS MSUS-V High-performance warp-knitting machine with course-oriented weft insertion for the production of heavyweight fabrics and composite fabrics GEO-TEXTILE FABRIC 540CM 6 gauge Year 2007 Serial number 96700 Running condition (Currently producing fabric for bullet proof jackets) Product features • Production of grid structures or closed fabrics • Combination with substrate fabric according to the product application • Strong knitting elements and yarn feeding guides fo ...
item-No.: 144842663
Diesel Generator Power Plant 106 MW with Wartsila 7x18V46 HFO This 106 MW power plant was delivered by Wartsila in year 2000, operation started in 2001 and it has 7 x 18V46 diesel engines running on heavy fuel oil (HFO) at 500 rpm coupled with ABB made brushless synchronous 11 kV / 50 Hz alternators. I has been in operated under PPA and engines have been operated from 50700 to 69000 hours in base load power production This power plant is designed and build by Wartsila utilizing their highly standardized functio ...
item-No.: 144831333
SUPER CHIK stretch film wrapper Automatic stretch film wrapper for product packaging in preformed trays. High performance level. Specially developed for supermarkets and packaging centers (meat, poultry, fish and produce). A high performance wrapping machine, specially developed for the wrapping of trays in central processing facilities (meat, poultry, fish, produce, ...), and high volume supermarkets. A large range of models for customer requirements. Its strength, reliability, ease of operation, and automa ...
item-No.: 144831064
15.500 €
country-it IT
Code: 0014 Brand: SCM Model: M3 - CE Standard Automatic multi rip saw - CE Standard - Year 2009 Heavy cast iron structure Motor power Hp 35 Carpet width mm 300 Cutting height mm 110 Min cutting lenght mm 390 Max blades diameter mm 350 Carpet feed speed mt/min 6/48 Blades bore diameter mm 70 Suction ports diameter mm 200 Overall dimensions: mm 2000 x 1800 x 1600 h Weight kg. 1800
item-No.: 144781410
17.850 €
country-de DE
Spezielles Palettenregal, 5m Fachbreite, 2m Tiefe, 1 Tonne pro Fach – gebraucht - : Preis ab Standort: nur 17.850.-€ (netto), demontiert und verladen! Regalanlage wurde zur Einlagerung von Fahrzeugkarossen auf Transportskids konzipiert-> 5m Fachbreite, 2m Tiefe, Tiefenträger mit verstellbaren Anschlagswinkel, Belastbarkeit / Fach 1 Tonne, Bj. 2017, Regalanlage SL100, Sonderanfertigung Regaltiefe 2000 mm 2 x Einzel-Regalzeile mit einer Länge von je 56,2 mtr. 1 x Doppel-Regalzeile mit einer L ...
item-No.: 144714763
A fantastic heavy duty 2 color offset printing machine from Solna, A format, standard dampening, Baldwin sheet decurler, all serial tools, extra delivery wagons, all manuals, hard chromed impression cilinders. Available immediately, can ship worldwide.
item-No.: 144503201
Brand: Fomet and B.Z. Model: RM 6/4 Year: 1998 Plant composition: 1. Electric induction furnace, brand FOMET, year 1998: a. Capacity: 6,5 tons; b. Electrical characteristics: i. Power: max 360 kW (modulable in 6 stages, from a minimum of 30 kW, up to 360 kW); ii. 550 V, 50 Hz; c. Productivity: 1,5 ton /h; d. Suitable for alloys: brass, copper, bronze. Complete with PLC control cabin, transformation and straightening cabin, suction hood, island deck for protection, mechanical  ...
item-No.: 144501252
Schwerlastregale mit 17 Säulen und 34 Traversen. Farbe: Blau Säulen: Höhe: 4500 mm Traversen: Länge: 1200 mm
item-No.: 144501248
item-No.: 144500682
Schwerlastregale mit 17 Säulen und 64 Traversen. Farbe: gelb Säulen: Höhe: 4000 mm Traversen: Länge: 1500 mm
item-No.: 144458507
item-No.: 144403557
8.500 €
country-de DE
Palettenregal, SSI Schäfer, 800kg/Palette, 3,60m Traversen, max. 784 Stellplätze – gebraucht - : Preis ab Standort: 9.850.-€ (netto), demontiert und verladen! Sonderpreis ab Baustelle bei Komplettabnahme: nur 8.500.-€ (netto) Hersteller: SSI Schäfer Typ: PR600 Baujahr: 2006 Regalhöhe: 6.900/6.000mm (oberste Auflage) Regaltiefe (Rahmentiefe): 1.050mm Regalständer: 68 Stück Anz. Lagerebenen: 4 Untere Fachhöhe: 2.000mm Stützenprofil: P96 Lichte Feldweite: 3,60m Anzahl Traversen: 318 ...
item-No.: 144403550
Krantraverse Schwerlasttraverse Hubtraverse Hersteller Karl Stahl Traglast Maximal 120 Tonnen Bj. 2008 Länge ca 3000 mm Höhe 2500 mm Stärke 450mm Eigengewicht 13600 Kg Maximale arbeitsbreite Mitte Mitte Querträger 2500 mm Zustand:Siehe Bilder
item-No.: 144403548
Krantraverse Schwerlasttraverse Hubtraverse Hersteller Antras Traglast Maximal 30 Tonnen Bj. 2007 Umbau der Traverse 2013 durch Antras Länge 5200 mm Höhe 850 mm Stärke 750 mm Eigengewicht 2335 Kg 13 Verstellbereiche pro Seite Verstellbereich 2000 - 5040 mm Zustand:Siehe Bilder
item-No.: 144403546
Krantraverse Schwerlasttraverse Hubtraverse Hersteller Antras Traglast Maximal 80 Tonnen Bj. 2014 Länge 2060 mm Höhe 1050 mm Stärke 380 mm Eigengewicht 1300 Kg 4 Verstellbereiche pro Seite Verstellbereich 1080 - 1850 mm Zustand:Siehe Bilder
item-No.: 144403544
Krantraverse Schwerlasttraverse Hubtraverse Hersteller Antras Traglast Maximal 80 Tonnen Bj. 2014 Länge 4460 mm Höhe 1270 mm Stärke 380 mm Eigengewicht 3500 Kg 10 Verstellbereiche pro Seite Verstellbereich 1940 - 4300 mm Zustand:Siehe Bilder
item-No.: 144325325
DUAL SHAFT HEAVY DUTY SHREDDER 15-40 T/h Specific for AL scraps Replaceable knives made in special steel for a unique strength to grant excellent performances and low maintenance costs. Low n.of turns for tough material with a throughput rate from 15 to 40 T/h depending on material. 4-6 rpm Shredding chamber 1.800 X 1.600 mm. N.2 rotating shaft 1.800 mm long with independent motor and gearbox N.4 motors x 110 kw N.12 knives 150 mm thick Programmable inversion Bearings outside shredding chamber Automati ...
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