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CR ELECTRONIC HD 62-25 (year 2000) Plasma cutter In operation. Technical parameters: – Power source: Hypertherm HT 2000 LHF – Working area: 6200 x 2500 mm. – Table size: 8500 x 3500 mm. – Software: Cad/CaM – Material thickness: this machine is cutting iron up to 20 mm thick.
item-No.: 148082945
Control: MSX-711IV (Fanuc) / MAPPS IV Axes Turning length mm: 1.542 Turning diameter f. Tool spindle mm: 660 Turning diameter f. lower turret mm: 350 Bar work capacity mm: 80 Rapid traverse tool spindle X, Y, Z,, m / min: 50,30,50 Rapid traverse lower revolver: X, Z m / min .: 30 Rapid traverse counter spindle m / min .: 30 Tool spindle Tool spindle full indexing specifications X travel mm: 750 Y travel mm: ± 210 Z travel mm: 1,550 B-travel degree: ± 120 (indexing increment 1º index) Tool syst ...
item-No.: 146273687
In operation. Maintenance carried out by the official service of Prima Industrie. Very compact and versatile. Resonator working hours: 54,162 Work area: X axis: 3000 mm. Y axis: 1530 mm. Z axis: 150mm Maximum speed: 100m / sec (combined moving 140m / min) Maximum cutting thickness: Pickled steel: 16 mm. Stainless steel: 8 mm. Maximum acceleration: 1.2 sec (sigle axis) Linear axis resolution: 0.001 mm. Laser Power: 2500W Accuracy: Positioning: 0.03mm. - Repeatability (Ps): 0.03 ...
item-No.: 145047635
Installation, Inbetriebnahme, Schulung: inklusive Konfiguration: - Edelstahl (AISI 304) Wasserbecken für hohe Beständigkeit - KMT – 4.000 bar Hochdruckpumpe SL-VI, Schneidkopf und Hochdruckkomponenten - Öl/Wasser-Kühlung mit geschlossenem Kreislauf für Hochdruckpumpe - TCI HIDROSYSTEM 2.0 – Wasserenthärter zur Schonung der Hochdruckkomponenten - LANTEK – CAD/CAM Software 2D Expert - LANTEK – CAD/CAM Software Modul für Schrägschnitt - TCI 5X DD 4.0 – Schneidkopf für Schrägschnitte (2,5D)  ...
item-No.: 141333232
MS Ink-Jet printing machine, mod. MS JPK EVO 320 with the dryer MS - POWER DRY Made in Italy working width 3200 mm. Year of production 2014. Max. speed (double CMYK)1410 sqm/hInd production speed (double CMYK)700 sqm/h Max. speed (8 single colors)1140 sqm/hInd. production speed (8 single colors)575 sqm/h Printing resolution Up to 1200 dpi Graylevels16 Drop Size From 4 to 72pl Features - Open ink system - Open software system - Embedded remote diagnostic - Embedded web server for cost report Printi ...
item-No.: 140175440
STRATASYS FORTUS 450mc 3D PRODUCTION SYSTEM -YOM: 07/2015 -Installed new in 2016 -Working hours: 3730 h. Product description: High performance FDM system. It allows to build precise and repeatable parts at high speed using a large part of the standard thermoplastics that are used in traditional manufacturing processes. It produces fasteners, fixings, factory tools and end-user parts as well as functional prototypes capable of passing more demanding tests. With four layer thicknesses to choose from, ...
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Dual High Resolution 1k x 1k, 16" (41 cm) Square Monitors Touchscreen System Control Tri-Mode 12/9/6 Inch Image Intensifier 400 Image Storage High Resolution 1k x 1k CCD Camera Last Image Hold Edge Enhancement Gamma Correction Digital Windowing MARS-Motion Artifact Reduction Patient Annotation Keyboard DICOM Zoom and roam function Image annotation Measurement software 15 FPS
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Performix Pro VCT 100 Tube (ball bearing) with 40 million mAs Software: VCT-85kW-Power (upgrade 2011) VolumeViewer CardIQSnapShot SmartPrep AutoFilter-and-Transfer Patient-64-slice NeuroFilter DynamicZ-axisTracking EKGViewer NoiseReductionFilter Direct-3D AutomA 3000ImageSeries ConnectPro Direct-MPR ExamSplit DataExport CopyComposer
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The I-Cut 36 is one of Marel’s high-speed, high-precision PortionCutter range and is ideal for cutting products to a fixed weight and/or length. The high accuracy of the machine results in minimal giveaway, thereby providing excellent profit opportunities. The I-Cut 36 operates at high speed, with a top performance of up to 1000 cuts per minute. The I-Cut 36 is extremely flexible, with features that include a 45-degree cutting angle, ensuring that the cut products look natural. The I-Cut 36 can be integrat ...
item-No.: 114541781
4 MECMOR circular knitting machines type VARITEX 1800J diameter 42 gauge 10 1170 needles 3 machines year 2000 and 1 machine year 2001 24 systems up to 4 colours on each system - 96 IRO type SFT feeders WINMECAD graphical software
item-No.: 15925296
Used CNC coordinate measuring machine DEA EPSILON 2305. software PCDMIS CAD (2009). recently callibrated. Travels: X 2540 mm, Y 1375 mm, Z 970 mm. HEAD PH10 + TP20, 6 position point changer, annual calibrations (CALIBRATION ENAC + AGLQR). The machine can work automatically. Very good working condition !
item-No.: 11471987
Krauss Maffei KM 500 2700 C 2 2002, Hydraulic pump work hours : 67007 hoursClamping force 500 Tons, Size of mould platens HXV 1270x1200 mm, Clearance between tie bars HXV 900x800 mm, mould opening strokre 1170 mm. Max, daylight 1650 mm, Mould hight min-max 480 mm. Dry cycle time Euromap 6 sec. Injection unit: Screw diameter 70 mm L/D 23. Injection pressure 2389 bar. Max shot volumen 1097 cm3, Shot weight PS 998 g. Injection rate 473 cm3/sc,Screw speed maximum 1/min, Plasticising rate max PS 83 g/sec. Heating cap ...
item-No.: 3098519
Laser cutting machine TRUMPF L4050, Working range 4000 x 2000 mm. Max. cutting capacity: Plate \normal/black\ = 25 mm Inox = 20 mm. Aluminium = 12 mm. Good working condition!. Doeas not include software.
item-No.: 1267926
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