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item-No.: 146008567
5 DOUBLING – TWISTING MACHINES Type KDT-5 Made in JAPAN by KAKINOKI CORP. Specification of twisting machine: - two-sided, one stepped machine; - quantity of spindles – 120 (both sides) - ring dia. 95mm - electric supplement - 7,5 kW electric engine. - twisting range - 50-1500 twisting per meter; - traverse's lift - 185 mm - spindle step - 145 mm - type of spindle - SKF, HC 44C embedded. - spindles diameter- 32 mm - applicable diameter - 95 mm - rotation speed - 4000-9000 rpm. - spindles belt - ...
item-No.: 143113811
4 Lines of 3 process drawing for Ring spinning or OE plant. 1995/97/99/2000 year 1st pass RSB951, 2nd pass SB951, 3rd pass (finisher) D30, 3lines. 2 other lines RSB951 finishers.
item-No.: 142255812
4 ALDES duct fire damper type VRFI, duct diameter 315 mm, with thermal and manual trigger, these 2 fire dampers were installed in ducts of a blow room and their utility is to close and isolate ducts in case of fire
item-No.: 142255808
1 SCHWEITER precision winder type KEK-PN, from cone to cone winding and rewinding machines for polyamide and polyester filament yarns, one sided machine with 16 winding heads, traverse 8" = 200 mm, conicity 3º 30, adjustable ceramic tensioners, yarn oiling system, machine suitable for 140 to 210 denier textured dyed or undyed polyamide and polyester yarn also suitable for winding soft dyeing packages
item-No.: 142255790
1 SCHLAFORST open end type AUTOCORO, transformed originally by SCHLAFHORST from SE8 to SE11, 216 spindles, USTER Quantum clearers, with SCHLAFHORST Informator
item-No.: 142255788
1 SAURER HD-Assembley Twister, year 1997, double sided, each side 20 spindles = total 40 spindles, assembles 2 cables in to 1 cilindrical bobbin traverse 10" for feeding SAURER Two For One Twisters type TRITEC, inverter controlled, with ELECTRO JET travelling blower 2 SAURER Two For One Twisters type TRITEC TT300 240 spindles each, year 2000, inverter controlled (no wheel change needed),
item-No.: 140793431
USTER Evenness Tester, Type TESTER 3 Comprising Sensor Type H Tensioner Type D Sensor Type B Conveyor Absorber Type B Complete with Hairiness device This Uster tester is fully serviced, tested and certified by Uster engineer
item-No.: 136109641
16 X 48 FINISHER, 16 X 42 FINISHER, DRAG CREEL The machines were converted from 42" height to 48" height, and you can run either height.
item-No.: 136109639
24 X 48 Breaker Drawframe, drag creel. 951 & 851 Breaker and intermediate
item-No.: 134312679
item-No.: 133790843
Schlafhorst ACO288 Piecers, 8 available, good condition
item-No.: 114541785
1 SUPERBA steaming and shrinking machine type UNIVAP year 2001 machine runs 10 independent conveyor bands through one central steaming chamber never commissined (0 running hours)
item-No.: 114541744
1 SAVIO type RRS Volufil for continuous shrinkage and bulking of acrylic yarns year 1993 36 spindles exit traverse 6"
item-No.: 114540708
1 MURATA rest cone winding machine type MACH MINI 7R2 year 1988 15 spindles revolver feeding, 12 positions each diameter 110 mm exit traverse 6" = 150 mm, conicity 5º57' with auto doffer type 7D3 length measuring on each spindle KEINAN KE1000-B PEYER type PI-150 yarn clearers on each spindle air splicer on each of the 15 spindles
item-No.: 94498730
TRUTZSCHLER blow room line year 1995-1998Consists of:1 Bale opener Blendomat1 Multi mixer MPM-81 Cleanomat Cotton Cleaner CVT-3 / 1200BS1 Cleaner AXI-FLOW1 Dust cleaner DX-3851 Feeder MS 1000 3 Condenser LVSA1 Silo MS 10001 Control panel EGS380V 50Hz Price: On request
item-No.: 33019415
Hacoba Bobbin Winder Year 1976 4 Spindles In working condition, test run possible before shipment
item-No.: 26978904
1 SUPERBA thermosetting line year 1987 consisting of: - creel 12 yarns + 12 reserve yarns with yarn break detector - prefeeder - coiling head DAV - 1 pre-steamer HEP (3 + 3 m) - 1 cooling unit - 1 heat setting tunnel 12 m - 1 cooling unit - 1 accumulator MAT-2S year 1998 - 1 winder B3, take-up 10"
item-No.: 12183588
1 SUPERBA thermosetting line of synthetic carpet yarns and spun wool and blends, type TVP-2S, year 1997, 36 yarns, capacity about 12 ton / day
item-No.: 10072451
2 Trutzschler Blow Room Lines available subject to prior sale: TRUTZSCHLER BLOW-ROOM YEAR 1992-93 Trutzschler Blendomat bale opener Trutzschler FSK Fire protection Trap Trutzschler VTW metal detector valve ? 2 pcs. Trutzschler HWK interchange box Trutzschler FLK valve with time meter Trutzschler EMA metal separator Trutzschler Bale Opener Model: -1200 Trutzschler AXI-FLO cleaner Trutzschler PWK flock distributor Trutzschler Multi Mixer Model MPM-10/1400 Trutzschler ASTA-800 heavy particle separator  ...
item-No.: 520383
Rotor dia. 54 mm Combing roller wire OK 40 Machines are in excellent running condition
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