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item-No.: 152006719
1 POLYTEX pinking machine type ZH (Zigzag cutting) knife width 500 mm, serrated knife, stroke 50 mm, table size 505 x 945 mm, power driven swatch and sample cutting machine, precise and accurate thanks to right angle guide with millimeter graduation, exchange of knife is effortless and fast, motor 0,37 kW machine delivered with 2 new cutting boards (one to be used and one as spare)
item-No.: 147954918
1 SCHNEIDER automatic roll slitting machine, Machine used to obtain tapes of different widths, whether the fabric is wrapped "in line" or on the bias. Max. width of the carton tube 220 cm, max. cutting diameter with 320 mm (can be changed to 400 mm), manual cutting or automatic cutting with automatic movement up to 250 mm width each cut, Diameter of the roll holder bar: 45 mm (for carton tubes of inside diameter 46 mm and outside diameter 50 mm).
item-No.: 147954917
1 VIRGINO RIMOLDI roll slitting machine type TMF RN160AV. Machine used to obtain tapes of different widths, whether the fabric is wrapped "in line" or on the bias. Cutting system with motorized disc blade and manual feed. The fabric roll is supported by a shaft that enters the cardboard tube where the fabric is rolled on. The shaft is motorized and its rotation is synchronized with that of the disc blade, ensuring a clean and precise cut. Device for sharpening the disc blade. Width of the strips to cut: ...
item-No.: 142255808
1 SCHWEITER precision winder type KEK-PN, from cone to cone winding and rewinding machines for polyamide and polyester filament yarns, one sided machine with 16 winding heads, traverse 8" = 200 mm, conicity 3º 30, adjustable ceramic tensioners, yarn oiling system, machine suitable for 140 to 210 denier textured dyed or undyed polyamide and polyester yarn also suitable for winding soft dyeing packages
item-No.: 142255788
1 SAURER HD-Assembley Twister, year 1997, double sided, each side 20 spindles = total 40 spindles, assembles 2 cables in to 1 cilindrical bobbin traverse 10" for feeding SAURER Two For One Twisters type TRITEC, inverter controlled, with ELECTRO JET travelling blower 2 SAURER Two For One Twisters type TRITEC TT300 240 spindles each, year 2000, inverter controlled (no wheel change needed),
item-No.: 114541785
1 SUPERBA steaming and shrinking machine type UNIVAP year 2001 machine runs 10 independent conveyor bands through one central steaming chamber never commissined (0 running hours)
item-No.: 12183588
1 SUPERBA thermosetting line of synthetic carpet yarns and spun wool and blends, type TVP-2S, year 1997, 36 yarns, capacity about 12 ton / day
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