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item-No.: 147954927
1 KUSTERS 2-bowl rolling calender type 212.70-3200, 3200 mm Working Width (3400 mm face roller width), year 1993, top bowl chromed steel (thermal oil heated) diameter 450 mm, bottom bowl Racolan (S-roll) diameter 500 mm, Pressure 300 Newton/mm = 96 tons, maximum speed 100 m/min., maximum heating temperature 250 ºC, entry with metal detector, ELECTROTEX seam detector with automatic seam passage, exit by A-frame contact winder max. 1800 mm diameter, blower for cooling the bottom roller, water ...
item-No.: 147954926
1 MONFORTS sanforizing machine type FK/SG, year 1982, roller width 200 cm, working width 180 cm, high entry with J-box, CEIA metal detector, ERHARD LEIMER type KF2064 selvedge guiders, wash box, pin tenter, sanforizing unit with rubber blanket, palmer cylinder dryer, J-box, ERHARD LEIMER type KF 2020 selvedge guiders, exit with A-frame winder or plaiter
item-No.: 147954921
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR continuous solvent scouring machine type NOVA 220/600 SP. Machine suitable for knitted and woven fabric containing elastomeric (spandex or elastane) yarns, year 1998 (fully renewed in 2015), roller width 2400 mm, working width 2200 mm, mechanical speed 5 – 50 m/min, solvent used: Perchlorethylene, primary distiller temp.: 121°C, secondary distiller temp.: 21 – 140°C, azeotrope with water: 15.8% H20. Installation composed of following components: entry, solvent scouring,  ...
item-No.: 147954919
1 RAMISCH laboratory 4-roll calander type RK 46P, face roller width 300 mm, working width 250 mm, calander indicated for following processes: rolling, glaze, friction, mate, Schreiner and embossing,  4 rollers with the following distribution (top to bottom):  steel diameter 120 mm, cotton diameter 240 mm, cotton diameter 240 mm, steel diameter 120 mm, both the steel rollers are electrically heated, linear speed adjustable up to 20 m/min., pressure adjustable up to 195 N/mm = 6 tons, unwinding  ...
item-No.: 142255826
1 TECNINOX / THIES high temperature HTHP rope dyeing machine, type ECOSOFT 140/1 PL, year 1999 machine with 1 tube, capacity up to 200 Kg, indicated for terry and bedspreads dyeing due to big nozzle diameter dyeing temperature up to 140 ºC, equipped with inside plaiter, SEDOMAT 3500 dye cycle controller,
item-No.: 142255824
1 LAMPERTI raising machine type GB, year 1988, wire with 230 cm, 36 raising rollers, can run open width or tubular, updated with inverter to the main motor
item-No.: 142255818
2 MEZZERA high temperature jiggers type Celsius 143, year 2003, roller width 200 cm, working width 180 cm, electronic jigger, maximum batch diameter 1150 mm, maximum dyeing temperature 140 ºC, SETEX 838 dye cycle controller, with 2 add vats (1 with mixer)
item-No.: 142255816
1 THEN sample high temperature jet dyeing machine, type EF-HT 15 , capacity 10 to 15 kg (according to the weight and composition of the fabrics) , year 1982 (overhauled in 2004), maximum dyeing temperature 140 ºC, machine equipped with filter, Then DCE dye cycle controller with PH-control, with addition vat
item-No.: 142255806
1 MONTI compacting and finishing calender type 900-E for tubular knitted fabric in ALL FIBERS (naturals, synthetic, elastic and mixed). ). It can also heatset the 100% synthetic fabric (polyester, etc.) year 2001, very very little use (only about 2 year work time) with 2 compacting cylinder diameter 350 mm, cylinders are chrome plated and with a mirror effect finishing, felts width 1750 mm, working width 1450 mm, exit with precision plaiter or roller winder
item-No.: 142255804
1 THIES high temperature sample dyeing machine type Mini-Soft 140/1, capacity up to 20 Kg year 1989 SEDO PC150V = THIES T5 controller, addition vessel, circulation and injection pump, equipped with filter, winch speed is inverter controlled
item-No.: 142255786
1 KUSTERS 2 bowl calender, type 212.50-2600, year 1992, 260 cm face roller width, 240 cm working width, upper bowl steel thermal oil heated diameter 400 mm, lower roll racolan S-roll diameter 435 mm,
item-No.: 142255774
1 BENZ laboratory jigger type LJ 250 TM, roller width 230 mm
item-No.: 142255756
1 COMET raizing machine type P8/2, width 260 cm, 28 raising rollers, machine equipped with PIV drives and frequency inverter to the main motor
item-No.: 142255754
1 MARIO CROSTA raising line composed of 2 raising machines type MC/50, year 1980, wire width 340 cm, each raising machine with 32 raising rollers = total 64 raising rollers
item-No.: 142255752
1 OSTHOFF SENGE singeing machine type PK97-VP-IK, year 1998, installed in 2000 roller width 300 cm, working width 280 cm, pre and after brushing, dezising and bleaching field
item-No.: 142255750
1 RAMISCH KLEINEWEFERS 2-bowl rolling smoothing and high glaze calender type NIPCO-I model RKK280, 2600 mm face roller width, 2400 mm working width, year 1987, top bowl steel chromed (electro hot water heated) diameter 360 mm, bottom bowl Racolan (NIPCO-roll original ESCHER WYSS) diameter 500 mm, electrical heated,
item-No.: 120190619
1 ZELTEX laboratory high temperature dyeing machine type Colorstar CS1-F/2L, SEDO PC1000 dye cycle controller, for 6 inch bobbins
item-No.: 114541783
1 LAFER fringing machine type FRV 3000 working width 300 cm year 2001 cloth speed 40 m/ min. with automatic device for threading of yarn into the fringes-binding needle installed power 4 kW
item-No.: 114541708
1 AHIBA laboratory high temperature dyeing machine type Turbocolor, SEDO PC1000 dye cycle controller
item-No.: 114540556
1 ALLIANCE sample high temperature jet dyeing machine, type Colora HT10 capacity 4 to 10 kg (according to the weight and composition of the fabrics)  year 1999 maximum dyeing temperature 140 ºC machine equipped with filter COMEUREG Microprog 40 dye cycle controller winch is ABB inverter controlled circulation pump is ABB inverter controlled with addition vat machine has worked very few hours and is in pristine condition
item-No.: 113580805
1 rimless hydro extractor made KRANTZ, type GLEITSCHWINGER 1500x700 Inside drum diameter 1.500 mm, inside drum height 700 mm Machine is special reinforced execution with round base support and 4 Gleitschwinger feet
item-No.: 17747145
Comerio Ercole SPA Calendar Year 1996 Made in Italy Working width 260cm 3 Rolls 2 steel rolls 500 mm dia 1 Racolan roll 700 mm dia Maximum working speed 50 m/min Maximum pressure per side ? 100 atmosphere Oil heated rolls (oil heating station comes with Calendar) Oil can be heated maximum up to 200C Machine is on floor and can be test run before shipment
item-No.: 9991451
1 AUTEFA loose stock/flock stampfing press type 6.62 for stamping lose flock into materila carriers for dyeing / bleaching machines, with 2 stampfing arms with motorized rotational carrier support . complete with electrical panel
item-No.: 8164071
1 THIES discontinuous tumbler type T150 year 1989, conveyor width 170 cm, steam heated, entry and exit at the same side
item-No.: 4451614
1 plate heat exchanger, API - SCHMIDT (Germany) type PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER SIGMA 85 This heat exchanger was used for heat recovery of a major dyeing plant. Heating source was hot drain water from the dyeing machines. This heat power source was used for heating up cold clean water for a new dyeing batch
item-No.: 2654522
1 rimless hydro extractor made KRANTZ, type GLEITSCHWINGER 1500 x 600 inside basket diameter 1.500 mm inside basket height 600 mm
item-No.: 2654521
1 rimless hydro extractor made KRANTZ, type GLEITSCHWINGER 1200 x 600 inside basket diameter 1.200 mm inside basket height 600 mm
item-No.: 163451
1 SUCKER MULLER tigering, polishing and shearing line for high pile fabrics, type POLICUT PPC-2, year 1991, composed of: - 1 MULLER table raising machine / tiger type PRN, roller width 225 cm, seam detector - 1 Syncronation J-box accumulator - 1 SUCKER MULLER polishing and shearing machine type PPC-2 with electrical heated polishing cylinder, shearing cylinder (spirals) width 180 cm, round shearing table for high pile fabrics, machine with SIEMENS SPS computer control, electrical motors with inverter control (LE ...
item-No.: 108293
Tiger brushing machine for blankets and high pile articles, made FRANZ MULLER, type PRN-32, rollers width 260 cm
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