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1 KAPPA pinking machine type 105 S knife width 1040 mm, serration gauge 4 mm machine equipped with precise hand lever feed mechanism, with laser cut indicator, motor power 3 kW, 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz, Machine with setting for 2 pattern dimensions (normally supplied with 1 only), machine delivered with 2 new cutting boards (one to be used and one as spare), with installed cutting knife plus spare cutting knife Machine in pristine condition. It was bought for a project and was never really used. Delivered secur ...
item-No.: 158914235
1 MENSCHNER doubling / folding and measuring machine type RW 24/59 D, year 2001, folds article up to 300 cm in half it's width, with meter counter, with automatic selvedge control and overlaying device, entry with contact A-frame unwinder, mall roll or folded article, exit in roll of folded article, machine's motors are fully inverter controlled, with SIEMENS PLC type S7
item-No.: 158914231
1 MARGASA textile waste cutting machine type CMT 600 rotary cutter, year 1996, working width 600 mm, cutting blade width 610 mm, feeding conveyor 250 cm long, exit conveyor 190 cm long, supplied with blade sharpening table and spare blade
item-No.: 158914227
1 BRUCKNER relax dryer, type WITRO 2-28/3, roller width 300 cm, working width 280 cm, 3 fields, 2 pass (entry and exit on same site of the machine), thermal oil heating, year 1998, vertical pin chain entry BRÜCKNER type VN28 with 7,5 m long chain field, TANDEMATIC spreaders, selvedge cutters, alternatively high entry with MAHLO spreading centering device, overfeeding, EBELT BT15 controller, fully inverter control, plaiter exit
item-No.: 158914224
1 POLYTEX pinking machine type ZO-30, cutting width 300 mm, machine supplied with 2 cutting knives: 1 new serrated knife with 4 mm serration gauge, 1 flat straight knife table size 605 mm x 315 mm, manual actuation
item-No.: 158914223
1 HOZA (Germany) pinking machine type ZEN 80 (Zigzag cutting), knife width 820 mm, working width up to 800 mm, new serrated knife with 6 mm serration gauge, machine equipped with precise hand lever feed mechanism, feed mechanism settable for 2 measures between 0-320 mm, with security light guards, 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz
item-No.: 158914222
1 POLYTEX "Waterfall Sample" Mounting Machine type FC semi-automatic "Waterfall" sample mounting machine of modern design for "Waterfall" sample strips. Electronic power traction feed with programmable logic controller (PLC). sample size width infinitely variable up to 450 mm, unlimited length, output single ply up to 800 stripes per hour, output two-ply up to 400 stripes per hour, electronic traction feed
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SEWMAQ MOD. SW-4510H-25? CONDICIÓN.: Usado Máquina tipo Juki de triple arrastre de 1 aguja de puente largo de 25"" (63,5cm). Equipada con garfio horizontal de gran capacidad, longitud máxima de puntada 9mm y dial superior para regular el salto del prénsatelas inferior.
item-No.: 158866326
El GERBERcutter® DCS 3600 contínuo es ideal para fabricantes y proveedores en los sectores de Composites, Moda, Mueble, Tapizado, Tejidos Técnicos, Alfombras y Moquetas. Este sistema combina alta velocidad, flexibilidad de ventana de corte, y lo más avanzado en tecnología de visión para una máxima productividad.
item-No.: 147954929
1 MONTI ANTONIO continuous belt press for knitted fabric ironing/finishing, with steaming upper plate type 205
item-No.: 142580051
1 MCS hydraulic dyeing jigger type Maxi Jigger 3400, roller width 340 cm, working width 320 cm, maximal winding diameter 1400 mm, year 1989, maximal dyeing temperature 98 ºC, dye cycle controller TERMOELETTRONICA type JTronix JP70tc,
item-No.: 142307711
1 ALLIANCE sample high temperature jet dyeing machine, type Baby Jet, capacity 4 to 10 kg (according to the weight and composition of the fabrics), year 1996, maximum dyeing temperature 140 ºC, machine equipped with filter, TCA 200 dye cycle controller, winch is inverter controlled (OMRON), with addition vat, Machine delivered fully erected ready to connect to media (no cables and no pneumatic pipes a disconnected for the transport
item-No.: 142255840
1 JAMES HEAL Elmatear tear tester for accurately testing textiles, nonwovens, and a wide variety of similar materials, including paper, board, and plastic
item-No.: 142255828
1 PIMATEX type MTFC020 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 20 Kg, year 2004 carrier with 6 swords and each sword carries 4 cones gauge 6" = 24 cones each batch 1 PIMATEX type MTFC030 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 30 Kg, year 2001 carrier with 9 swords and each sword carries 4 cones gauge 6" = 36 cones each batch 1 PIMATEX type MTFC050 high temperature yarn dyeing machine vertical type, capacity 50 Kg, year 2001 carrier with 16 swords and each sword ...
item-No.: 142255814
1 AUTIMAK folding and bagging machine type M-300, year 2011 (machine has never been intensively used and is like new), Compact machine for folding and bagging of textile garments like t-shirts, shirts, scarves, heads, carves, towels, cleaning cloths, etc... Size adjustable from children to adult sizes. It uses standard bags with flap for heat-sealing. Otherwise it can use standard bags with self-adhesive on the flap. Possibility to use cardboard supports. Adjustable folding dimensions and bag size. The bag  ...
item-No.: 142255762
1 METTLER TOLEDO moister analyzer type LJ16
item-No.: 142255738
1 automatic drawing-in machine ELM type VEGA 4000, year 1997, working width 400 cm, 2 trolleys, machine automatically draws in droppers, wires and reed, 1 weft feeder
item-No.: 142255647
24 PICANOL PCB boards from PICANOL looms composed of: 3 x PICANOL AISQ-B/2C-1 ref. BE151623, 1 x PICANOL AISQ-B/4C-1 ref. BE151624, 4 x PICANOL GDLP-2 ref. BE152373, 1 x PICANOL J-1 ref. BE152379, 2 x PICANOL DTS-1 ref. BE153319, 4 x PICANOL AIS-C/HP/4C-4 ref. BE153947, 2 x PICANOL AISE/HPT280/TI/6C-4 ref. BE153951, 3 x PICANOL CPUE-3 ref. BE154114, 3 x PICANOL AUT-S/EP2C-3 ref. BE154180, 1 x PICANOL SUP-3 PH600S ref. BE205734
item-No.: 114541724
1 RAELMA roll packing machine year 1999 working width 280 cm max roll diameter 45 cm entry conveyor rotational packing longitudinal welding 2 x top welding exit conveyor
item-No.: 26978874
1 VOLLENWEIDER cleaning and shearing machine type SUPER DUPLO, width 210 cm
item-No.: 26978860
1 DETTIN hydroextractor for cones type BERTA 24 hydraulic type
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